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  1. Kids that think drinking alcohol is cool, even though it is. Just something the popped into my mind. It's just annoying seeing them drink while their agony caused by consuming the drink is practically dripping off their faces. Reality hurts, too, now and then.
  2. The bottom right one is quite pretty ^.^ Well, apart from the awkward smile though.
  3. Happy birthday from an old friend
  4. Uhm.. read the article and you'll know what they're talking about. Point is that it's a very, very small receiver. edit: very stupid mistake...
  5. Not going to pre-order. Seriously, why the hell pre-order an OS XD. MS is sure to have loads of copies availible. I'll get it together with a next hardware upgrade, as I'm sure to get the OEM versions, and they do bitch a bit when there are too many hardware changes (and I'm planning to change practically everything that an OS can 'see', so it would be a little stupid to buy it before the hardware. Home Premium by the way. Well, depends on MS's Europe prices. They were insane last time (550 EUR for a retail ultimate?! They must be joking). If it will be a little more near to those of the US, I might just go get Ultimate. Or perhaps my dad can get me their enterprise edition (are they even having that this time around?).
  6. Nothing special. Just that it's a little small for a 20 year old (for some reason thought you were in your twenties (and the 13 part of your name being something like bad luck)). But yeah, it's fine for a 13 year old. Nothing strange at all. So just ignore my comment
  7. I bought Wii Sports V2. MotionPlus is needed for the new Zelda anyway, so why not pick it up with Resorts. Pretty darn fun. Table Tennis is awesome and Golf finally works.
  8. Not really... I've never actually done multiplayer, but I just can't imagine it being any (more) fun than SP. Or am I wrong?
  9. Wowa! Seven pages filled with a pointless pizza fucking discussion Sort of weird that he's accepted the title of 'the pizza-fucker' though.. just doesn't seem right.
  10. At the right top corner of the screen you'll find a box for 'options' (same hight as topic title). Click that and select 'standard' for display mode. I think that's it. Edit: I'm sure that's it actually.
  11. Greatest. I've missed that one though ):
  12. Why is the camera in faggot mode? Go for cockpit view. Though I have to admit: you fly much steadier then I do.
  13. Well, I can't find the post in which he posted his setup. Anyway, yes, a bit of hacking will get your game to just dump all that shading, but what then? That's going to be ugly as fuck. The experience will be gone. Seriously this gameplay business is overrated. What makes HL2 so good? Certainly the idea of being part of the world. Seeing the citadel totally fuck up in Ep1 and start of Ep2 does add to the experience. You know how the sphere above the citadel are actually just two polygons? It's the shaders that make it look awesome. It's not to sell graphic cards, it's for the experience. And I do like digital eye candy. In fact, graphics give me a boner. I love it.
  14. I was about to make some nasty comment, but I just saw that you're 13. Guess that's normal. I think I had something like that when I was 13, but I've got no idea..
  15. You do realize a course like that would or any training would usually set you back at least 200 USD, right? I don't think anyone will give a crap about 1 USD. Don't think we've got anyone on these forums that can use Zmodeler either. I do use Autodesk 3ds Max, but I only use it to render models in the program itself, so I can use it for video editing. No idea how to use it for games..
  16. Tweakers.net Dutch tech-site, sort of. Used to be TGTAP actually.
  17. That's exactly what I was thinking. Like "Ah, fuck. I just faped. Well, I'm never going to use my hands again, let alone greet anyone with a handshake." lol
  18. I'd say boredom. Only then would I start thinking about bullshit like that. But it's a fase, you know.. At the time it grows, I'd assume one would be curious. Especially since at the time boys with a big penis used to brag about it at school (quite funny to think of it, haha).
  19. Pandora

    Best game OST?

    Still love Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's soundtrack.
  20. That's an overclocking cooler.. though it can be used for passive cooling, I'd go for a cooler that's actually designed for passive operation. Unless you want to OC and just want silent operation.
  21. In an attempt to discover any other life form that fucks pizza's, I found this [Link removed]. NSFW and all. Didn't watch the video. Stopped as soon as I saw his face, but it might be the real deal anyway. No idea if this is acceptable. Please notify me, or just remove the link if it's.. well.. not ok. I seriously don't have an idea as I haven't even looked. Edit: Nah, don't think it's ok.
  22. Oh, wow. Just as I thought we wouldn't sink any lower than the "Fuck a pizza instead of a girl! ('How to' included)" thread, I see this topic. Nevermind, it's amusing. Haven't measured for like a year or so.. a) I really don't give a crap anymore and have realized that lenght isn't all that interesting at all. And The ruler I've got lying in my room just goes to 6.4" (probably typed that wrong. We work with the metric system here. A year back, when I just turned 15 or around that time, it was just a little under 7", 6.8 - 6.9'ish or something like that I think. Not much difference now. Probably 7.1". Will probably stay that way though. Now lets hope nobody I know is ever going to find out I posted this.. To think of it, it really wouldn't make a difference. I don't care. Edit: Hurray, I've made my first topic in a very, very long time
  23. Dude... you do know what shaders are, right? Well, probably you don't.. Of course they aren't going to give an option for leaving everything unshaded. What next? Wireframe? Money driven.. yeah right bro. Come on, they aren't going to spend tens of millions for nothing. And tell me, what are the specs of your brothers setup? All hardware that wasn't EOL in february will be up to date. That of course doesn't mean a budget card will do much.. but they're all DX10 and shader model compliant. Onboard won't cut it though.
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