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  1. We have one in Minnesota, but this thread title is more about Cass County the album Don Henley was supposed to release last year, about this time. Seems it's hard to locate, if it did release. but in my search, I uncovered this piece about estranged Eagles band mate Don Felder who has put out new solo material and is touring North America this summer, I'm hoping, God willing to see that appearance in my Home State. He has rarely traveled outside California the past 30 odd years! He speaks with humility I feel, about his treatment by Don Henley and Glenn Frey who have controlled the Eagles output for the better part of 30 plus years, beginning with tensions building mid-1970s. As I see it, like Kiss, the band I grew up fond of, the band cannot exist or have a legacy without all contributions by former members http://blogs.houstonpress.com/rocks/2014/05/ex-eagle_don_felder_surprised.php
  2. Here's a slightly recent article from respected IGN about the update/s http://www.ign.com/wikis/gta-5/High_Life_Update Spark some more discussion, let's hear back from YOU guys (and gals) about it....??
  3. Are you new to GTA gaming? Most people have found a way to get around set up guidelines and objectives within the open game World of GTA, in the case of that mission, I found beating the clock the most challenging so following tips from other players, they found clearing the workers who are threats before you start the countdown time, you have a lot more time to concentrate on the bomb dropping, but when you drop them, don't hover too high above the pedestals, also go up the staircases straight up if the stairwell allows, this cuts down time even if you have to guesstimate your available space. Save N' Play is something that I believe Demarest came up with, he was a major GTAForums player until things went bad on a personal level, I remember him well though, another shout-out to him, we were on good terms. Why we were both banned has to do with embroilment we got into with war of words postings with other members, they eventually answered with their ban hammers.
  4. According to, presumably Strauss Zelnick and specifically Take2 mentioned, EP Daily show that just ended it's broadcast today announced that Rockstar Games is bringing about a Next Gen title that may or may not get announced at E3, but should be available by this time NEXT YEAR, April 2015!! More news as we find out, I'll let you guys know what I find at GTAChronicles and this site. This is great news, but up for discussion, is there a new IP we don't have a good idea about, taking more advantage of what Next Gen means and offers? http://metro.co.uk/2014/05/14/next-gen-rockstar-game-due-before-april-2015-4727161/ As An Aside, Microsoft being reported as dropping KINECT from Xbox One in order to close in on target PS4 Playstation 4 from the news seems to be dealing a winning blow with sales that has Microsoft thinking a new SKU is required.
  5. Rockin out, Mom got a new laptop computer

  6. I was checking out a Rockstar Contest winner's YouTube vBlog and surprisingly was carried on someone else's channel! They were opening a 'care package' sent to them with assorted goodies, one of which I'd already seen issued long ago with GTA San An, the black and white bandana, must be overstock they have to unload. He seemed overtly excited to get a stuffed Chop dog too!! hahaha And those 'R' stickers, tons of them, he nearly had a heart attack over that! hahaha
  7. Probably more so in the past, However, YouTube's pretty safe and more and more people are supplying lyrics there, the traditional Go To would be sheet music, even for popular artists, and you have guitar magazines doing that these days, with a few select songs every month
  8. Appending new update.... Complete albums are a complete gas on YouTube, Hope you check more out!!
  9. Read a number of comments coming in some 11 hours after fans had been experiencing all it's glory aka Headaches and complaints a plenty. A few adamant that this is the worst DLC to date from Rockstar, that the game is bogged down with freezing and possible anti-griefing measures for more fair online playing is seemingly backfiring. The rooftop mission and perhaps another being a major letdown. I don't know of it first hand since I'm offline with my consoles still, but it seems the majority of feedback is mighty upset over this latest 'improvement' The only thing they seem to like is having more property, and in the same, more cars I suspect, though I didn't read a lot of comments thanking Rockstar. We'll see how they react if there's yet again a major backlash against GTAO as usual. It's such a massive task to make GTAO the main game, at the moment, Rockstar just seem to have bit off more then they can chew. Rockstar will say more tomorrow about the upcoming Weekend Event planned to exploit the new DLC, however, while I was there commenting and reading Newswire, the tone was rather ugly, and most vocal about reversing some of these changes, if not re-working them to better advantage
  10. I came upon Elmore Leonard in the mid 1980s when Glitz and 52 Pickup the MOVIE came out, based on his 1974 novel originally. Hard to believe it was so old based on the video and technology age that proceeded to follow the early 70s, (from 75 onward was the real explosion of computers and video) and the blackmail involved video evidence. It was breaking new ground in that regard, perhaps, as well. Elmore died summer 2013, but I'd just gotten through my own marathon of FX' TVs JUSTIFIED based on Elmore's Fire in The Hole as well as his own involvement in the series, up to his death http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/elmore-leonard-raylan-givens-3-book-collection-elmore-leonard/1108616326?ean=9780062207708 A chance for you to rediscover what makes his writings so ripe for adaptation, use a new fangled eReader, or pick up an original novel he penned. You'll likely see why even Stephen King showed his admiration, among others. He truly knows how to keep you turning pages! http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/glitz/ TV movie adaptation with Markie Post of Night Court fame and Jimmy Smits of LA Law fame, at the time. http://www.hachette.com.au/books/9780753819708/
  11. Where do you stand on AMD versus Intel, and further query, what is your opinion on the state of GPU cards, ATI or nVidia? Let's do this poll every six months to a year and gauge user reaction from hardware offerings and purchases... And since I can't find an apropos link at the moment, anyone want to translate this YT video tackling the subject?? haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5e3rgkMXd34
  12. Oh so lonesome, I could die -Elvis

  13. What are your feelings as fans of car driving games, one can assume from your preoccupation with Grand Theft Auto. The state of affairs for General Motors in recent years has been hard for a GM fan to watch, and it continues to plague them in finding a way to restructure and rub the tarnish out. Become a World Leader in the Car manufacturing market once again. Near the turn of the Century, 1900, General Motors did so with Cadillac, LaSalle, and their dedicated and unique Design Studio, which had intended to do what specific Coach Builders did more exclusively for upscale clientele. Making custom design touches possible on a mass market car, using the assembly line. We know Henry Ford did this the best, but only because he said you can have any car you like, so long as it's black! hahaha
  14. Today, lets say. A topic similar found at GTAForums often gets more use then the Rate a Song Thread, which I've really liked over the years, had I found it sooner, I likely would have posted in that thread from day one, but what appeals to me is turning on people who love the licensing concept of GTA and other video games, because this more then most things, spreads awareness of bands and discographies to many more people then standard media outlets. It's a massive help to discovering new and old music, or NOS if you will! hahaha Whatever you've felt like listening to in this moment, or during the day, or week you post in here, let us know about it. Rediscovering my possible favorite from Randy, original Eagles member, bass player and singer
  15. For the record, I did see in my notice that one point, at least from what I can tell (an offence mark at GTAForums I suspect) expired in June, that I got the past week or two before the permanent one. I really think it should still be reversed, I mean a life long ban, I'm the senior member of just about everyone there, but do you think their dedication to gaming or GTA will be stronger then mine? I don't think so, I think at some point they'll lose interest in gaming, or they'll become something they seem to abhor, an older gamer with no life, like me! hahahaha I dedicate music that seems to encompass all I'm feeling about a situation or someone, and this one REALLY fits the bill in terms of those Holier Then thou moderators who make life hell, instead of fun..... And for blowin off some more steam, nuthin' beats the Misfits classic, though more about a female's 'attitude' if the shoe fits... HAHA
  16. So, maybe you've heard that Doctor Dre has decided, seemingly sell his company with Interscope Records Jimmy Iovine's partnership formerly with Monster Cable's Noel Lee and son, who spent over a million dollars and nearly 60 prototypes coming up with Beats headphone designs, now to APPLE, along with their music service it's believed most interests Apple with it's lucrative hands on iTunes marketplace saturation?? Well, I'd like you guys to sound off, so far, it's a laugh worthy argument talking about overpriced goods for 'looks' or status, and Apple's pricing policies. Keep in mind that Apple was going it alone in the PC market, forging new paths and kicking open doors. Both Dr Dre and Monster were originally looking at a Speaker marketing deal, but moving to headphones because of the supposed Hi Fi market for speakers seemingly tapped. I still think PC speakers or smaller surround solutions still have a market share to exploit. Surround is much more a part of everyone's life in terms of the tech making it all possible. Noel's idea at Monster was to propose a new surround audio solutions for product sales, but what I read didn't specifically suggest surround headphones, but there are only a few tapping this market as well. It's debateable how much there's a market for them, but I have interest rather recently based on a DAC I got that's paired to a cheaper 5.1 surround headset. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beats_Electronics
  17. Well the topic is a bit harsh, there was 10 years I spent there in total, but I can't fault anyone I got along with, those who never tried to cause mental anguish. I've been online with GTAO, RDR Online less then a year when it became available, so I know even those experiences were amazing, but just not the same these days. That's part of the reason I hope Rockstar don't sink all their time, people, money into Online, though I do think supporting it well at a bare minimum should be on the docket. That way you can take your time to explore the older games time and time again, if even for the first time in some cases. Adding things can't continue ad infinitum since that clearly stopped with regard to GTA 4 and the DLC Episodes. The original augmentation of Red Dead Redemption as well, 4 installments of DLC IIRC, but basically moving on with new IP endeavors. Some or most we've yet to find out about. I really wish they weren't so secretive trying to stay ahead of the Industry, I think it does pay off only in a minor way, other then keeping companies in the dark about their ideas for the future of gaming, assumed that ideas might be usurped. As for GTAForums, I think the reason for the massive viewing activity and active members is because they got in on the Name Game that makes GTAF feel like a tie in directly with Rockstar Games, though there's no tie there at all.
  18. I got a ton of updating on XBL and I suppose, PSN as well, been offline while paying for the service still... Not a move I would normally do, but as it stands, I forgot to bring my Wifi dongle for good ole' Xbox360. Wish they built that thing inside! haha
  19. The reason I feel bad about posting things like rants here is you guys don't like reading about feuds, I don't like being at the center of them, but the truth is as I see it, what I would or could do to appease their moderating staff, and as the saying goes, only takes a few bad apples to ruin the whole bunch. How in the Hell do you enjoy a game and it's associated fanbase forum discussion when there's relentless harassment as I suffered with?? I know there's problematic members, but if you can't tell them from me, you're in no position to moderate a damn thing!! hahaha The only offense really is difference of opinion over semantics, I don't see the little nuances they try and lay down as some sort of law. For many years beforehand, they would get some complaints from other members, and the staff response was that I hadn't actually broken any rules that would mandate a ban. I did some basic No-nos starting out, like not editing posts properly and being overtly impatient about responses, bumping old, OLD threads, etc... but the reality is still, No Harm No Foul, and this means no harm was instigating in these practices
  20. Look at Imagine by John Lennon, like the earlier comment about Beatles being more popular then Jesus, the point was being considered and voiced, yet in both instances, John Lennon took heat from expressing Religion in the context of something bad, like every human frailty however, it can be both bad and good. Expressed in the book Jacked, Rockstar's pushing of envelopes didn't go out no holds barred, there was fallout, and there will continue to be based just on the medium, demographic and production channel aspects impacting such decisions.
  21. JUST got permanently banned from ever taking part at GTAForums. So long, suckers!

  22. I was just perma-banned (again) from GTAForums by moderator Moonshield. This was a result of linking my last fresh made topic into where I thought it should have resided, possibly, not just to bring the issue to discussion, but to rant about how a great injustice continues to prevail, and Moonshield gave me an instant 1000 points, apparently the maximum to qualify for a ban, if not in excess?? Well, what this means is true to my name, and previous status, I'm Blacklisted Bill to you guys, and I will continue to support my interests here and abroad, supporting Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar. If you're curious about this great offence of mine, it was to try and create discussion about future Playstation support from Rockstar, including PS Vita and PS4 as well as GTA tie in exclusive, and to revive discussion about Agent.
  23. Borrowing a name of an LA newsprint magazine bands used to list for fellow musician searches (want ads) In this topic, my intent for it is to get you guys to talk about any tech toys you took in (from the trash, were donated or bought) I found two desktops just walking home, not even a block away, both loaded with old school AGP cards, one Socket A Athlon XP Biostar in case, the other a Dell Dimension 9300...AGP x8 in this later generation 478 P4 desktop, got a near top of the line at the time 6800GT graphics card, but as I was cleaning it, a capacitor up and fell off. Wasn't very firmly attached it seems! YIKES Thinking of keeping most of this, however, as time goes by it's harder to deal with the aging tech. What with XP's end of life term, it's interesting as well in that I got more COAs for the aging OS! hahaha So, comment on your own old gear as well, and what you use it for now, if you still do.
  24. Well, Trevor's actor Steven expressed in interview how kids, his own, should not be privy to such adult content. I was talking about and looking into the last movie I saw the other night for GTAForums Offtopic, that being the 1978 rape revenge film I Spit On Your Grave, originally titled, Day of the Woman. If you look into the details about it's origins, up to 1980, when the title was changed beyond the scope of the director and writer. Still a great title, but it brought to the table discussion about it's contents in a serious and thoughtful manner, rather then knee jerk reaction, and as Wikipedia points out, people who likely had never even seen it, they took up a vocal protest against it, advocating censorship. Wikipedia again cements my belief that it maybe the best source for movie data, even more then IMDB at times, since it talks about response to such films, offers trivia and production data, all very interesting to research
  25. Power board paid for off eBay, soon to fix free 47 inch TV!!!

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