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  1. Sorry for not posting here first guys. Anyway, my real name's Paul, I live in the West Highlands of Scotland and am a fan of a number of things, GTA being one of them. The other things include writing stories, professional wrestling, Metal Gear Solid, Music (Just about everything from the 80s and 90s) and Sci-Fi.
  2. I'd go with either three or four cities, as two huge ones the size of San Andreas each would be too big. Remember, the bigger the map/city, the further you have to go to get from A to B.
  3. I wouldn't mind the girlfriend option, as long as you can only have one out of a choice of maybe two or three and, most importantly, the girlfriend plays a role in the main story.
  4. What I want from the next GTA... * Create-A-Character option at beginning (Name, Gender, Ethnicity, Choice of voices etc - SEE: 'Ultimate GTA4 Poll'). * A city with the same 'Worst Place in America' atmosphere as GTA3s Liberty City. * Less empty spaces like in GTA San Andreas. * Having a similar status as 'Claude' in GTA3, rather than like Tommy Vercetti and Carl Johnson (i.e Low-level criminal rather than eventual gang leader/owner of businesses etc). * A Girlfriend that actually play a part in the story. * Only able to go out with ONE girlfriend out of a choice of three or four (See Above). * Safehouses that are sufficiently spread apart from each other. * Safehouses in places that make sense (Suburbs, Projects etc). * More interactive environment (eg Being able to pick things up and use them as weapons etc). * Slightly more real-time clock (e.g 10 seconds = 1 minute rather than 1 second = 1 minute). * Being able to choose whether to Dual Wield weapons or not, rather than being stuck with it once you get it. * More Fighting Styles (Boxing, Karate/Kung-Fu, Street Fighting, Judo, 'Dirty' etc). Maybe a simple combo system (No more than 3 buttons per move) and the ability to use a mixture of moves from the different styles. * Weapons (SEE: 'Weapons' thread). * Larger choice of Hairstyles and Tattoos. * The ability to reclaim your weapons after being killed/arrested.
  5. I went with 'Completely made-up City etc', though I hope they make a Liberty City like city in GTA4 (ie, Same atmosphere as GTA3). As for the 'Theme', I went with the 'Mafia/Gangster' option. For the character, I chose the 'Make your own character' ala the original GTA games. Personally, I think they should do something similar to the Smackdown VS Raw 2006 Create-A-Wrestler mode. This would mean choosing gender, then having a choice of about four or five different voices for each gender. Then you can do skin colour/ethnicity, height, etc, then choose a 'Standard' outfit and Hairstyle while leaving stuff like Muscle, other clothes etc to the game itself.
  6. Um... well, I'd probably be too busy being controlled to do anything. What would you do if you'd spent a shedload of cash on a concert ticket, but lost it the day before said concert?
  7. Oasis - "Some Might Say" Oh, and "White Wedding" is a Billy Idol song, just in case anyone was wondering.
  8. Let's see... PISTOLS Beretta M92FS - Standard Police-issue Pistol. Desert Eagle Colt Python Walther P5 or SIG-Sauer P232 - Smaller than the Beretta and possibly easier to conceal? Shotguns Remington 87 - Standard Shotgun Ithaca 37 'Stakeout' - Sawn-off Shotgun Combat Shotgun from GTA San Andreas SMGs Mini Uzi - i.e. GTA3 Uzi. MP5-K - Smaller than normal MP5 and used a lot by SWAT in real life. Tec-9 - Officially the most popular Sub-Machine Gun among American criminals Ingram MAC-10 FN P-90 Assault Rifles AKs-74u - Smaller and more compact version of the AK-74 M-16 or Colt M-4 FAMAS G2 M1927 Thompson ('Tommy Gun') Sniper Rifles Standard Sniper rifle PSG-1 or similar Heavy Weapons Flamethrower Bazooka (Stinger Missile launcher?) M79 Grenade Launcher RPG-7 Minigun Throwable Grenades Molotov Cocktails C-4 or similar detonatable explosive
  9. I've created the following characters for use in a series of GTA fanfics I'm writing based in Liberty City, Vice City and Los Santos respectively, all of them set in 2005. LIBERTY NAME: Sonny Antonio Sindacco AGE: 19/20 ETHNICITY: Italian-American VEHICLE OF CHOICE: BF-750 (Newer version of BF-400) HANDGUN OF CHOICE: Beretta 8000 'Cougar' (9mm, 15 rounds per clip) BACKGROUND: Son of Mike Sindacco (Killed around the time of Liberty City Stories by the Colombian Cartel.). The only Sindacco male left in Liberty City after the Sindacco family abandoned Liberty in 2000. Boyfriend of Alyssa Kasen, daughter of Yakuza boss, Surgen Kasen. APPEARANCE: Dark Brown, untidy hair. Almost shoulder length. Sometimes wears Sunglasses Dark Brown Leather Jacket Blue Jeans VICE NAME: Quentin Vance AGE: 18 ETHNICITY: African-American VEHICLE OF CHOICE: Flash (GTA: Vice City version of the Stinger) HANDGUN OF CHOICE: Browning High Power DA (9mm, 14 rounds per clip) - Dual Wielded. BACKGROUND: Illegitimate son of Lance Vance. Prominent member of street gang 'Black Power'. APPEARANCE: Shortish, black hair. Black Vest Faded Black Jeans LS NAME: Diego Mendez (No relation to T-Bone Mendez) AGE: 17/18 ETHNICITY: Hispanic-American VEHICLE OF CHOICE: BMX (Hijacks cars when required) HANDGUN OF CHOICE: Astra A-100 (9mm, 15 rounds per clip) BACKGROUND: Nephew of Cesar Vialpando. APPEARANCE: Dark Hair. Slightly curly. White T-Shirt Grey trousers Tattoo on inner lower left forearm
  10. Even though Vice City has Motorbikes and GTA3 doesn't, I still prefer GTA3 for a number of reasons. One reason is probably because it was such a huge leap from the original Grand Theft Auto to the 3D world of GTA3 which made it a more memorable experience. The main reason though is because GTA3s version of Liberty City is still my favourite GTA city, partly because of the atmosphere, which everyone else seems to hate for some reason. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't really like Vice City's sunny cheerful atmosphere. It just didn't make being a mean, nasty criminal seem right, whereas Liberty City's gloomy 'Worst Place in America' atmosphere was perfect for a GTA game. Also, the fact that you're playing as a low-level guy as opposed to a mob-boss/businessman like character like Tommy Vercetti was a more enjoyable experience for me, which is probably why 'Claude'/'Fido' is still my favourite playable character in some respects. Long story short, I would definitely reccomend GTA3, even if you've already played Vice City or San Andreas.
  11. Lips 106, Flashback 95.6 and Chatterbox, depending on when you ask me.
  12. Out of the two in the poll, I'd choose the Mafia Sentinel, though both the Diablo Stallion and the Cartel Cruiser are also favourites of mine.
  13. The Mini Uzi is my favourite for some reason (It is a Mini Uzi, or possibly a Micro Uzi, as it's too small to be a regular Uzi like the one in Vice City).
  14. For me, it's a tie between 'Fido'/Claude, Salvatore Leone and Toni Cipriani.
  15. The only things that bothered me about GTA3 at the time were the drowning and the inability to exit an about to explode vehicle unless it was completely stationary. The fact that there were no Motorbikes also bothered me as I love Motorbikes, which is why I looked forward to Vice City so much when I found out it had Motorbikes. That's also the reason why Liberty City Stories on PS2 is such good news for me, although I do hope they will add at least some of San Andreas's features to the PS2 version (Swimming mainly).
  16. I prefer the Full-Winged Dodo from San Andreas (The only GTA I have for PC is the original, so no mods for me), though to be honest, I was never really bothered with flying until San Andreas.
  17. In GTA3, my favourite car is the Kuruma (Really wish they'd kept it in the other games), closely followed by the Banshee.
  18. Not counting vehicles (i.e the Rhino), my two favourites would be the Colt Python and the Minigun.
  19. I'd have to go with Auntie Poulet, mainly because I thought it pointless doing those missions for her and killing all those Cubans, only for her to pull a Salvatore on you for no reason at all (At least it made sense for Salvatore Leone), after which every Haitian is out for your blood.
  20. Depends on which savegame I'm using (I play a GTA game twice - once as the character and again the way I would do things). 'CJ' character Cornrows 'Web' tattoo on Upper Right Arm 'Mary' tattoo on Lower Right Arm 'Grave' tattoo on Upper Left Arm 'Dagger' tattoo on both Lower Back and Left Chest 'Westside' tattoo on Upper Back White Vest Tweed Trousers Black Hi-tops (from Sub-Urban) Gold Crowex watch 'My Way' character (Currently in San Fierro stage of game) Jeri Curl 'Gun' tattoo on Lower Left Arm Combat Jacket Blue Jeans Grey Boots Pro-Laps Sunglasses Pro-Laps Black Watch
  21. GTA - Machine Gun GTA3 - Mini Uzi GTA Vice City - Tie between the Colt Python and the Minigun GTA San Andreas - Desert Eagle
  22. Too many options... GTA3 Toni Cipriani Salvatore Leone Ray Machowsky GTA Vice City Tommy Vercetti Umberto Robina Big Mitch Baker Ken Rosenberg Kent Paul Phil Cassidy GTA San Andreas Mike Toreno The Truth Cesar Vialpando Catalina Vialpando Big Smoke Ryder OG Loc Officer Frank Tenpenny Like I said, too many options.
  23. Both the FCR-900 and BF-400 (both without the windscreen) are my favourite bikes, so I voted FCR, though I too like the NRG-500.
  24. Are you sure it's not .357, in which case your guide means a .357 calibre handgun i.e. the Colt Python in LCS.
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