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  1. This is all I could find. This post clearly states that you don't think they should be able to adopt, in the bold area. If you didn't think they shouldn't adopt, you wouldn't have reasons for thinking it((because well, that just doesn't make sense)). However, underlined you state that they would make good parents. Just as good as any other couple. This, does not, make sense. If they can make good parents, why shouldn't they be allowed to be parents? If you aren't against them, why do you think they shouldn't adopt? Well the reason it doesn't make any sense is because you either don't remember or never read my previous post that explain my reasons. I didn't really want to repeat myself, but I guess I'm going to have to. I feel that gay couples have the same possible chance of being good parents as any other kind of couple out there. Although, just because they could be good parents doesn't necessarily mean they should be allowed to adopt. The reason I don't think they should be allowed to adopt is not based on them being homosexuals, but because of the effect their homosexuality could have on the children they adopt. Now depending on the way you look at it, it could mean it's because of their homosexuality or the sponge-like effect of the human brain. If the child of homosexual parents is exposed to homosexuality, there is a greater chance of them too becoming a homosexual. It really depends on how old the child is when they are adopted, how they're raised, what they're exposed, etc. Hypothetically, if this were to happen then that child won't grow up to reproduce. Then again, depending on the way you look at it, the child/children that could have been might have turned out to be the next Einstein or the next Hitler. As this spread worldwide then there is a possibility that the percent of homosexuals of our population would slowly shift, which could possibly cause problems thousands of years in the future. The idea is a little out there, but it's a possibility. Since the outcome could go either way, it brings the whole scenario down to a "Is the glass half empty or half full?" type of questions. Now don't get me wrong, I feel they should have the same rights as any other couple out there. I just feel that there could be risk, which is why I don't think they should, but again, it's not my life. I'm basically just putting my two cents in. There's really no point in trying to prove me wrong or anything because this is just a random thought I had a month or so ago that I don't necessarily stand by as much as some of my other views or beliefs, so I don't really care too much what you think of my opinion or what you think of me based on my opinion.
  2. I already explained my reasons a few pages back. (Read reply above) EDIT: I like how you assume that I'm against homosexuals even though I've sided with homosexuals(Not actual people in this topic) countless times in this topic.
  3. Well that just sucks. This will just give us a semi-fast answer as to if this thing is correct.
  4. My reasons for thinking gay couples shouldn't be allowed to adopt does not involve their parenting skills. In regards to that, I think gay couples could be just as good at parenting as any other kind of couple out there.
  5. Actually, that last couple wouldn't be able to adopt either. Each possible couple is reviewed before they're able to adopt a child. A couple with a shitty ass background like that would not be able to adopt a child...they shouldn't even be able to get a fucking gold fish.
  6. "Ronald Reagan. Yes doc, the actor."
  7. Then go get some Burger King. :P

  8. I won one my first year and then three or four last year...and then ZERO this year...hmmm, well that sucks. Congrats to everyone that won.
  9. Yeah, that's gay. Although, that was because of WMG, not UMG. WMG just had an all out bitch fest and got all their shit taken down, but it seems like UMG is letting us use all of their material or allowing only certain things, which is what I'm trying to figure out.
  10. I just have the forum bookmarked. When I was at CC I jumped on a computer and ended up on the homepage and noticed the new banner...not knowing how long it has been there. I think you should make the homepage a little more interesting, possibly. Instead of just news updates, photos and trailers, maybe you could have something else. Not sure exactly what though. I mainly come to TGTAP just for the forums. I barely come here for GTA related stuff anymore. I think it's mainly because GTA is more or less becoming a 360 title and I'm a PS3 owner. So I don't really care about GTA as much anymore.
  11. I once tried abec 13's (off craigslist for 40 dollars) on my shortboard and it was REALLY fast and quiet, but then it slid and I fell. I skated almost constantly until I got sortof good and then I quit. A big reason was because I totally lost interest, but also everybody at my school that skated were total posers or terrible emos. Back when I was skating, I swear the ABEC system didn't go above 9. Nine was like the closest to longboard bearings you could get. I had 5's, and was able to out-run a longboard. They look incredibly hard to use, but the makers claim they are incredibly easy to use. I've never tried riding one, but I want to. I think they're hard to ride, but I haven't tried riding one in a while. They're fun though. You could ride in any direction since the wheels swivel, which is cool, but it's also a bitch some times. I forget how much it was, but I think the price was why I didn't get one. If they were like $20...then I'd most likely buy one.
  12. The date doesn't matter, nothing has changed. This was just brought to my attention since the recent muting Youtube has been doing.
  13. "Internet hotspot YouTube has announced an agreement offering YouTube and its users access to thousands of videos on YouTube from Universal Music Group’s extensive roster of artists covering every genre of music. The agreement also allows users to incorporate music from UMG for videos they create for YouTube. YouTube and UMG have also agreed to a process to protect UMG copyrights using technology to filter out UMG content that is not authorized to appear on the YouTube service." SOURCE ??? Are they letting us use their music or what? I'm so confused.
  14. Come on, let's keep this topic ALIVE! [img=http://img113.imageshack.us/img113/1425/awesomeevolutionavatardz8.gif] [img=http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/7259/awesomeevolutionbt3.png] [img=http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/3981/awesomesquareavatarvq8.png] [img=http://img301.imageshack.us/img301/2673/imjustawesomeborderdq1.png]
  15. So what does everyone think of those "RipStiks"? I tried riding one in a sporting goods store, but the results were poor.
  16. No we can just dig. It'll be fine... It might be slightly easier to fly. Hell, even swimming would be easier than that.
  17. That's why it might be a good idea if we all try to decide where everyone would want to go, aside from their home town. Make an actual vacation out of it.
  18. I just love the "quote" you put in your sig. Yeah, I could always get a riser big enough to compensate for the tailbone, which wouldn't be much since the tailbones are usually an inch/inch and a half.
  19. Ok...that being said, why is everyone pissed off at the church then?
  20. DUH!!! If the date of the gathering would be some time during the summer, I'd probably be able to go anywhere. I think I'd have enough money saved up to do it. So if there's one in England...I COULD BE THERE!!11!!11! YAY!!! Wouldn't that be fun having to put up with me? I think it would be better just to set up in a hotel or some shitty ass motel so that there's no way of someone getting around paying their portion. I'd much rather go around causing havoc and pissing off the locals instead of staying in the hotel/motel room or house. Besides all of that...wouldn't it be better if we all just make a vacation out of it and go somewhere kick ass?
  21. Just as a little side note, you don't have to fill out where you live. Just fill out where you'd want to have the gathering, but I'm sure mostly everyone is gonna choose their own town. I mean...who wants to travel...that's no fun. Country: United States Territory/State: Pennsylvania City: Pittsburgh Yeah, that's right...I'm lazy.
  22. This has been discussed countless times around the forum, but I don't think there has been an actual topic made for it. A "TGTAP Gathering" probably won't ever happen, but why not discuss where one might take place. In this topic I basically want to find out where everyone would want the gathering to be. Simply copy this code (shown below) and paste it in a post, fill it out and leave any extra comments you want. [b]Country:[/b] [b]Territory/State:[/b] [b]City:[/b]
  23. That really depends on what you mean by "ban". If the church doesn't want to marry a gay couple...they don't have to. In fact, it's considered a sin to do so, a minor sin, but a sin nonetheless.
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