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  1. Why? This is a forum. If you wanted to say something that only certain people could respond to then why didn't you PM them? I wasn't really trying to argue with you, I just found what you said sort of funny. You want me to drop it after you called me a hypocrite...it's like you don't know me at all. Nice effects. EDIT: I actually did something kind of similar with a picture of me with the lightning, but I don't think I ever posted it.
  2. I stopped reading after the source. What kind of customization do you think it will have?
  3. NO! Chris is wrong! BAD CHRIS, BAD!!! The PS3 has had a trophy system for a while now...but is this some sort of thing you could use on forums?
  4. You're finally catching on. You could get married through the city or some shit, but if someone wants to get married in a church, they usually have to be what ever religion that church practices.
  5. You're not excited because you're a 360 fan-boy. I am like SUPER pumped!
  6. I think CN went downhill when they stopped showing those 10 minute long shows like Dexter's Labratory and the others of which I have forgotten.
  7. Yeah... I'm about to eat a freakin' pop-tart!
  8. Uh, no? I'm athiest and my husband is buddhist. Marriage has nothing to do with religion. It's two people who are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together and want to make it official with marriage. Two atheist can't get married in a Christian church.
  9. LOL, that's his reason though. You're just trying to get someone to the point where they say. "Me not know..." so you could say that they have no reason. You're basically telling them that their reason isn't good enough for you and your reason for gay marriage to be legal may not be good enough for them...so leave it at that....damn. Ehh...I don't know...that still seems like a religious view to me for some reason. ...I don't think there's a height requirement... Bold: Hmmm...but Jews believe in Christ... Who said they do? Ok then, we'll just delete "bum" and replace it with "American".
  10. LOL. If you were directing that at me, I pay my own bills and make awesome money. I have a bigger TV and more expensive clothes than he probably has. I have no reason to be jealous and of course I will gloat about it because I worked damn hard to get the money to buy all the things I have. I didn't have those things handed to me. What does his parents working hard to give him a nice life have to do with anything? No one said they didn't work hard but most kids who grow up with those luxuries often fail to give a crap about money and it's real value because they are given everything. Just look at Paris Hilton. Hopefully, he wont grow up to be a stuck up punk. He just looks like it in his pictures (no offence). You both need to relax. It wasn't a horrible jab and I wasn't trying to be mean. Bold: Why bring that up? Yes, he claimed you were jealous (possible sarcasm) and then you say that. I just find it kind of funny the way you just threw that out there. "I have a bigger TV and better clothes than a 13 year old has...HA!" Personally I don't understand why anyone cares whether or not someone knows the value of a dollar and basically everything else that was mentioned. Why get fussy over someone's life who you don't know personally? I just don't see the point. Me with my beloved bacon.
  11. H O L Y S H I T Those shows are old school. I love Beavis and Butthead. I have all three seasons on DVD and UMD. Pokemon was awesome, but once they past around 200 of them...I started to lose interest. All That was also awesome, but the newer ones sort of sucked big fat donkey balls. Some currently new shows that I've been watching are "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" and "Nitro Circus".
  12. June 21st will be the 5th annual "Go Skateboarding Day". Because of this, I have added a countdown ticker to this post as well as the front post of this topic. So if you're too lazy to mark it on your calendar, keep checking here as a reminder...if you manage to remember to check here... You might ask yourself, "Why is there a pink bear holding a heart with balloons in the ticker?" Well that's a pretty simple question to answer...there isn't a ticker out there for "Go Skateboarding Day", so this is what I decided to go with.
  13. I tried out all the GTA protagonist and he got Claude, Tommy, Carl, and Niko, but didn't get Tony or Vic. EDIT: He was able to get Sackboy from Little Big Planet, but not Tony or Vic.
  14. When are we able to suggest more themes? Just before it slips my mind...Saint Patrick's Day anyone?
  15. So has anyone been using PlayStation HOME? I was playing with it over the weekend and it's been getting a little addicting exploring all the different areas, but I really want the customization feature to come into effect. You're able to buy clubs already...but I'm not sure if you could buy anything else. A club cost $5...not sure if it's worth it...I'll do a quick search on the Youtubes and see if anyone was brave enough to buy one...searching...searching...searching... The video doesn't really start until about 1:15 because the guy has the loading portion in the video... It seems like you could do just about as much as you could do in your FREE housing unit...so I think it'd be best to wait before you go wasting spending your money on a club. I said this many times before, but I feel that PlayStation HOME isn't a waste of money unless you spend over $60 on virtual items because if it were an actual game, that's about how much you'd spend on it.
  16. Well for this semester of college I go over my grandparent's place on Sundays after work (latest 5PM) and then have classses on Monday from 2PM-9:10PM and then I'm free on Tuesdays. Then I have classes again on Wednesday from 2PM-9:40PM and then I go back to my Mom's on Thursday between 1PM and 4PM and work later that day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...provided that I get scheduled for those days. Then depending on when I work, I either hang out with my friends before or after work, assuming they're not busy with whatever they might be busy with. Then that all repeats over and over again...can't wait for spring break (4/2/09 - 4/13/09), although...I might not be doing too much...not sure yet. My grandmother recently passed away and I've been trying to spend a lot of time with my grandfather because he's been really taking it hard. :'(
  17. I got him on my first try with David Duchovny, but he got me with Johnny Knoxville and Rob Dyrdek.
  18. It's not technically saying that, but Sony is obviously still talking to Rockstar about future games for the PSP. That's not saying that there will be one any time soon.
  19. I just found out that there was such a place called Melbourne not even a week ago and now there's news of an Earthquake there. Coincidental in a way... So do any of TGTAP members live there...or live near there?
  20. Only an Elite member could make a topic that simply says "sup". I have no idea who you are and I doubt you know who I am, but welcome back.
  21. Bold: Yea, WAY over. One image from NASA showed over 10,000 galaxies and in every galaxy there could be millions of stars and around each of those stars could be a system of planets. That image was a very small portion of the sky, practically a little speck. That's pretty odd. I'm assuming you knew what he looked like from pictures you've seen of him. Bold: I feel the exact same way about it. We could barely account for what's in our own air space half the time let alone our ENTIRE UNIVERSE.
  22. It seems to me that you're pissed off because you got caught and no one else did.
  23. Do you know how Miami really is, though? The neon colors and palm trees are just a mask. I want to see the REAL Miami. Not that I don't want the neon colors and shit, but I want to see the gritty side. I want to see the drugs and the sex, murder, etc. Thats a good point but i would prefer neon lights and strip clubs to drunk people and whores He never said he wanted that to be gone, he just wants the storyline to be a little more in-depth into the crime and what not. I'd like to see a more in-depth storyline as well.
  24. Bigfoot - I'm sure someone out there looks like Bigfoot. Ghost - I believe in ghost. My whole family has seen the one at my grandparent's old house, including my older brother's one girl friend...she called her dad to come pick her up after she saw it. Aliens - I believe there are aliens out there, ones that are far more intelligent than us, but the real question is..."Have they been here before?" I think it's idiotic to think that we're the most intelligent life forms in the whole universe. The Universe is so vast that there has to be more life forms out there and there are probably a lot of different types of life forms that are more intelligent than us as well as a lot that are a lot less intelligent.
  25. Someone made that for a Woot shirt. Maybe a month ago...not too sure. I was thinking about buying one.

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