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  1. I never said all three of us had, but I played you and Raybob seperately.
  2. I got an old video taken down because of copy right issues with Take2.
  3. Yes I do. Don't you remember? We played once before.
  4. Well I'm glad to see that some members are still practicing. I'll be playing again towards the beginning of May.
  5. I've been checking for updates...and I've been waiting very patiently.
  6. Older games don't allow it. Skate 2 needed an update for it to work. So it's not really because of Sony right now because they made it possible to use. Right now it's because of the developers. I think Sony made it up to the developers to add it if they want music to play during their games.
  7. Harwood Butcher


    I actually find it pretty fun. I'm probably gonna buy it.
  8. Bold: Kind of, but if you're in a situation where you're in the middle of some sort of mission, competition or whatever it might be and you want to show someone a video on the spot, then it would be useful. Other than that it would be absolutely pointless aside from allowing us to be even more lazy. Italic: I downloaded it and it's awesome. I've been waiting for it for soooo long. The game reminds me of an arcade game, which I think is pretty bad ass. Sort of gets me away from the "realistic" games.
  9. I find it a little more funny that his parents didn't know about it for a year rather than the actual drawing. I think he should have taken more time drawing it. If he colored it in and shit...then it'd be a little more funny.
  10. You just want us to think that so that we fall for everything...you sneaky bastard.
  11. I don't know if I'm finding out old news, but I randomly decided to try and play a song while I was in game and it played...I'm playing Skate 2 and it had an update before I started...so that might have been in the update...not too sure. Videos don't work, but I could deal with that for now. I'm just glad they FINALLY added that to the game.
  12. Yeah, I hear ya. Seeing my grandpap that way didn't make it any better. I can't imagine what he went through or anyone in that situation. Seeing him hunched over her after she passed away just got me thinking about how at one point they were just starting their life, their family and now she's gone. It's so depressing. My grandma and grandpap were inseparable and now that she's gone my grandpap is just lost without her. I try to spend as much time as I can with him so he's not sitting in the living room alone when he would usually be sitting there with my grandma. How long has it been since your grandpa passed away?
  13. My grandma passed away February 7th after suffering a massive stroke on the 6th. I still can't really believe she's gone. This was the first time someone really close to me passed away. I've been living with her, my grandpap and my dad since mid August since I'm going to CC that's close to their place. I saw her the day before she had the stroke. I was at work on Friday for a little over an hour and my manager called me up to a section of the store and I figured a guest needed help with something, but when I got up there she told me to clock out and that my brother was waiting outside. As soon as she said that I started to panic and asked her why because she wouldn't just have me leave like that, but she said that I just had to go. So as I was going to clock out and grab my coat I just started to freak out and almost didn't want to go outside because I knew something bad had to have happened. Thoughts of my family members started to rush through my head as I tried thinking of what could have happened to who and it was all just extremely overwhelming. When I walked outside my sister was sitting in the car with my brother standing next to it having a smoke and even though my sister was trying to put on a happy act I still knew something was wrong and started to ask them what was going on. When they finally got me in the car they told me that my dad called (this is where I started to lose it) and they told me that my grandma suffered a massive stroke. Before they could even finish I was crying like a little baby. I've been dreading this day would come, that a loved one would pass, for so long. Everyone from my Dad's side of the family was at the hospital about an hour after I was told about it, aside from my cousins over in Europe. They began to leave around 12AM, some stayed till 3AM, but my grandpap, sister (including her boyfriend) and I stayed over night at the hospital. My grandpap slept in a chair next to my grandma and then I was sitting right by him at the foot of her bed. I didn't sleep at all and every time my grandpap fell asleep he woke up really fast because he kept having nightmares that my grandma passed away. I stayed up for over 24 hours straight after not much sleep from the night that I did get sleep. Around 5PM the day after her stroke we were all sitting around in the hospital room telling stories about my grandma and then my Dad (my grandma's baby boy) noticed that she stopped breathing, but couldn't say anything. When my aunt (first child) noticed my Dad just staring at my grandma, she looked over at her and noticed that she stopped breathing as well. She got up and started to walk around to the other side saying, "Dad, I think mum stopped breathing." My grandpap looked over at her and started to say, "No, no." Then the doctors came in and flashed a light in her eyes yelling, "Nora, Nora!". With no kind of response from my grandma he turned to my grandpap and before even saying anything my grandpap lost it. He leaned over her and started to say, "No, no, no, no." He could barely stand from the shock. It was the worst day of my life. The funeral was on the 12th, I was a paul bearer, one of the toughest things I had to go through. I miss her so much. R.I.P. Grandma.
  14. Well, for one thing, they did give a negative impression about chemicals... Ok, your interpretation of what they said is one thing, but depending on what they actually said could make a difference...not much of a difference though because those people could say whatever they want...you can't do shit. Have you ever seen an infomercial? Have you ever bought anything from them? If you answered yes to both of those, then there's over a 60% chance that one of the things the person selling the product said wasn't true about the product. Besides, they'd be talking about other products. They could make up as much shit as they want about other products and if someone feels like believing them...well that's their fault.
  15. Did they actually say medicine involving chemicals are bad? Chemical = "Chemically altered" Natural = "Naturally created" When it comes to products, I think that's what those words basically mean.
  16. *cough* 3 years *cough* Toni got some exercise around 1998, but after he became a made man he got lazy and just ate and shat all day long.
  17. Bold: That's why recycling bins come in handy. Overall it seems like a pretty nice sig. Are you going to make a matching avatar? What exactly did you do to make the sig? Did you edit the original picture at all besides resizing?
  18. The first game was basically the first movie with fill-ins and this next game will be the second movie with fill-ins. I was getting into the first one (before it was stolen), but then it started to consume too much of my time, so I stopped playing so I could focus on my classes and work.
  19. Oh shit, I guess I better start the second one before this comes out. I'm not even sure if I beat the first one, but I lost all of my saves when my PS3 blew up. I bought the second game NEW for around $3 from GameStop. I thought it was a good deal.
  20. They're pretty rare, did you get it from Amazon or something? When I get the cash, I probably will buy all the MGS games because I never fully understood the story of MGS4. Godfather II actually looks pretty good, only downside is the graphics and plot for me. Chris, you might not have it but I would definitely recommend Killzone 2. Superb game. Bold: I wanted to get that after I beat the first one, but then I found out one of my "friends" stole it...not sure which yet...but just you wait...I'll find out.
  21. Can a mod please change this topic to a poll, to see if people actually believe this is true? Yes, please. EDIT: You could probably get off easier just by looking at my sig.
  22. Everyone wants to have their way with Bianca. :D

  23. *Gnaws through the cat’s stomach to save mvi* I'm still tripping... "I just tripped on a slippery McDonald's floor." I must say, I'm impressed with myself that I was able to gnaw my way through that cat while falling.
  24. New game coming out this May that I think looks pretty damn good. I basically just found out about this game, which a lot of you may have known about for a while. I've never even heard about the first one, but you know...whatever. This one seems pretty bad ass, but I'm not entirely sure how it will all work out. The review that I watched makes the game seem like a free roaming war game...not sure if that's correct or not.
  25. I'm looking forward to Infamous. It looks like a pretty bad ass exclusive title. @Chris The way I look at purchasing stuff in PlayStation HOME is that if I spend less than $60 then I'm not wasting money.
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