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  1. I feel sooo left out. :'( Nice work though.
  2. Chris, you have to get Uncharted. One of the best games I have ever played. PlayStation HOME is sort of cool, but it could get boring real fast...at least right now with the beta. If you want to have a hang out for TGTAP then you could use your own living space or you could buy a club for $5, which at this point isn't worth it. You should definitely download Home, though...if you haven't already.
  3. The more I watch these videos the more I want to go out and buy a DS so I could get myself a copy.
  4. I shook you until you realized that your nose was still there. I just tripped on a slippery McDonald's floor.
  5. Bold: Well...no shit. That's something that doesn't need to be said. It's just a known fact. I eat like a fat person, yet I look like a white ethiopian. Fast metabolisms are awesome.
  6. Luckily I could eat whatever I want and I don't gain a pound...but I believe my arteries are very clogged. I'll probably have a heartattack when I'm 25...Possibly sooner. I don't know about anyone here, but when I hear the word cholesterol...I get really hungry.
  7. Uhhh, the site isn't working for me any more. Anyone else having problems?
  8. Huh? Wait...who commits suicide...the homophobes? It doesn't really matter, I wouldn't really want either one to commit suicide. Not sure why you'd assume I'd want either to commit suicide.
  9. Hmmm...not sure if anyone suggested this, but why don't we just make one big as B-day topic for all birthdays? Make a new one each year or something.
  10. What I find really annoying is when people make random ass topics. Those people could be users that just aren't signed in or they could be bots.
  11. Wow, that's soooo specific. I just got done eating reheated fries and onion rings from BK and then I munched on some brownies.
  12. That's exactly what gives homophobes the right to be homophobes.
  13. Well that's good because I KNOW that I'm superior to others. I get pissed off when I get pissed on.
  14. Unless the proper emoticon is used. Such as... , , or my personal favorite, Pretty much everyone on this forum knows that at least half of my post have sarcasm in them. Anyways, getting off track here. When daddy goes off to find a choirboy, that means he's a pedafile...which I feel is worse than being gay...I'd assume everyone here would agree with me.
  15. Yeah, I thought I saw this before. It's pretty good.
  16. Lol, you said the discussion is over and then you continue the same damn arguement. You're silly.
  17. You're confusing large piles of crap with awesome. LOL, I never said that you have to be a certain religion to enter a place of worship, but you're not going to see two jews get married in a church. It wouldn't be allowed.
  18. Aw, shame you'll never be able to marry, then. Uhh...were you calling him a woman? How would he not be able to marry unless he were gay...are you calling him gay? Me am confustered. I don't believe you were that specific the first time around... EXACTLY!!! Neither straight or gay couples should be allowed to marry. Only Asexual people should be able to marry themselves. If you lie, they'll know...they always know.
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