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  1. As cool as the GTAIII series was, you just have to let it go. Those easter eggs were put there by Rockstar so the vets could have a few giggles and so that we could reminisce.
  2. I think I was banned from GTAF for fighting or something...pff...like I ever cause fights.
  3. Let me help you out with that. I've done some worse things with shit like that in the past. Everyone eventually does something like that at some point...if you didn't see my original post...I didn't even know how to turn the fucking PS3 on at first. Has anyone played Home recently?
  4. Always worked fine for me. Harwood, file names? Can you make a new folder with all undercase filenames with no special characters and drag them in maybe? There could be hidden ini files or something. I guess I could try that. (I'll have to do that after work cause I'm about to leave) I've tried that before and I get the same message. I thought that since they're "Read Only" that that might be causing it, but it doesn't allow me to change it to find out.
  5. Mine doesn't seem to be working either, but I think my connection has been bad.
  6. WooHoo! I actually got some people. I was gonna try to make the logo better...but I was running out of time. I put the link there hoping that some people would be too lazy to click it.
  7. I've been banned pretty much everywhere except for here.
  8. Sorry for your loss. How long did your Grandma have cancer? Was her death sudden or was she told she had a certain amount of time to live? Just curious, you don't have to answer, obviously. That's horrible, it must be a very hard thing to deal with. Was this recent?
  9. Korn - Freak On A Leash Favorite group of all time and I love this music video. Mudvayne - Not Falling I've been really into Mudvayne lately.
  10. If no one here knows what's going on then I'd suggest taking the game to a store and have them try it out to see if it's the disk or your console. If it's the disk then bitch up a storm with whoever sold it to you. If it's the console then take it to a store and have them try it. By the way, which PS3 do you have? 20GB, 40GB, 60GB or 80GB? If you're PS3 is hooked up to the internet then it should prompt you to update. If you're not then you'd have to find the download on the official PlayStation 3 website.
  11. I'm attempting to copy some files to DVDs as backups and when I copy them the following message comes up. I've never successfully copied files to a DVD before so I might be doing it wrong. If you know what's happening or know how to do it properly, it would be much appreciated if you could help me out.
  12. That's cool. Yeah, the only reason I took a print screen was because it said, "Gay". I'm wondering how many people here actually want it to stay. I'd have to say the majority of the people saying that they want it to stay are just going along with the crowd. At least that's what it seems.
  13. ^ Likes The Sopranos...I believe... You're absolutely right. I think everyone on the internet consist of males...because females are unable to use this insanely advanced technology.
  14. Good thing I took a print screen of it before they changed it.
  15. I was just searching through Rockstar's website and found a new site with a wallpaper download (shown above). The title is "Grand Theft Auto: Vice", but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll be Vice City, although it's very possible. Your thoughts?
  16. Of course not. Why would you think that? Do you realize how many more members this place will get with that layout?
  17. Awesome signature Chris! :D

  18. So if there is a virus...where did it come from? Do you get it through E-mail, pop-ups, in downloads...what?
  19. I'm glad I'm taking part in your PS obsession. Are you allowing me to make a logo? Thanks for the compliment! Yeah, I think I'm gonna use that sig after this one gets a little old. Maybe in a couple months or so. Practice makes perfect. Just try to experiment with every element that you can with which ever program you're using. I'm sure your signatures will turn out just fine.
  20. Me like. Thanks for including me. Now I feel special.
  21. Thanks you two. I've been trying to change my style up a little lately, but it's kind of hard for me to think of new ones.
  22. Here's some of the work I've done through the year(s). Comment, rate and request if interested. Current Signature (Avatar Included!) [update might be needed] Previous Signature (Avatar Included!) Some signatures that just didn't make the cut. (Complete with Avatars!!11!1!!!!!) Signature and Avatar set in consideration for use. Some old ass signatures. (Before I became obsessed with Bianca Beauchamp.) Here's one of my "Work in Progress" signatures. Last, but certainly not least, some AWESOME SIGS!!! If I find some more of my older signatures I will be sure to post them up.
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