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  1. Maybe if your strong enough throw people at people! Also throwing shoes and sports equipment would be cool, you know how fast a proffesional cricket bowler throws.
  2. Like Righty says, I heard that vaseline and toothpaste also fill the scratches. The same thing happened to my VC discs but I only got one working again that way. Good thing I got an ISO for San Andreas, saved me R300 and I don't have to worry about scratching the disc.
  3. Click the mouse while falling with a parachute. Not sure how to do it on PS.
  4. I live in South Africa so we get people like that at all hours of the day. One guy even fell down in front of my moms car while he was crossing the road. This one guy where I live walks with a crutch because he once blacked out on a railroad track... His leg is weirdly bent but he still manages to limp around. They should make him Jack Daniels' cover model.
  5. Have you guys noticed that the highest ranking game is: a PC game! That's probably the only good sign (for me at least) I think. San Andreas is still a much better game, I got bored of warcraft.
  6. I can see why the US is helping them, they need a strong hold in Arabia with the way things are going right now. It's probably the only reason Israel exists and why they have nukes.
  7. I agree with sweyy, if you were given the opportunity to kill someone you didn't like in real life without consequences would you do it? Thats the line that seperates the normal from the violent. If you allow someone to do that in a video game then they will be more likely to do it in real life. Video games don't kill people but they do help people make the descision to. Don't call me a hypocrite for playing GTA, I would answer no to my previous question. As sweyy said it breaks down your moral and ethical codes, maybe not substantially but it does. Given time it could change a persons judgement for the worse. Besides Rockstar won't be able to release a game where you can kill kids, their in too much hot water right now after the hot coffee incident.
  8. I think not. Choosing from a few different characters would be OK but creating your own wouldn't be that fun and would ruin the characterisation that rockstar spends so much time on nowadays.
  9. LOL! Yeah, rockstar could get all the ideas for they're best game ever from us. If only they ran this site... Also in missions it would be cool to be able to pick whogoes along with you, and that could also affect the game later.
  10. ??I kinda mentioned that already dude.
  11. I own the PC version and I'd never think about getting a console. Rockstar better not make the next GTA X-Box and PS3 exclusive or alot of people will be pi$$ed.
  12. Anyway, higher max height in the game so you can sky-dive from really high up. More fighting styles/the ability to choose different moves and use them togetherlike having a karate kick but a kick boxing ground attack etc.
  13. Can't you just put a warning in the register page, you can give them a month or whatever to return.
  14. Anyway back to the topic, I have a question for admin, you do remove the inactive users don't you?
  15. You should push the button that makes him do stoppies, practice it alot, push down only enough so that he ducks down, if you tap rather than hold the key CJ will duck down. Remember: the lean forward button. It takes lots of practice but the PCJ is more than fast enough if you can do it well. I will admit though that it still took me at least 6 tries to get it right.
  16. You should also be able to aim from a car when you hold the aim button.
  17. I starked school the day before yesterday, (18th)
  18. If you have probs with getting on the plane, tap lean forward on the bike so that CJ ducks down slightly. And don't drive in the way of the rolling barrels until the last moment when you're right next to the ramp.
  19. ??I know how the game recreates ocean. I thought this idea up after I played gta3, I was thinkin of a more realistic way to not just have islands.
  20. Donno if anyone mentioned this but, When you look to the side for a drive-by and you have homies then they should aim and shoot with you.
  21. If it could use the radio them you could have it as an inventory item. You scroll to it and press fire to change channels.
  22. When you think about it this does kind of relate to the topic. Its partly people who come here to promote their sites that create so many inactive memberships.
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