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  1. Sleep warmly WWYDI your p3n1s started shrinking daily
  2. S##T never mind, Welcome THEANDS. Look on Google for help with doing your own modding.
  3. Egg and toilet paper the building WWYDI your mom asked you out?
  4. Print screen does work, I tested it out a couple of times, you can't take screenshots of the loading screens though.
  5. I did this mission by planning everything, I'm not sure what you're talking about though with not being able to pass a certain point in the road though so please elaborate. If you need help catching up with the woman just make a U-turn, head through the construction site and turn left where there's a gap between the buildings into the road.
  6. LOL! Quite racy but still funny!
  7. ^ Also couldn't e more wrong < Got his teachers dancing badly on camera during tenth grade dance v Wishes he could also do that to get better marks
  8. ^ Needs to stop talking about pie < Has his tenth Grade dance coming up and is waiting to see the look on his friends face when he finds out he is taking his friends younger sister to it v Looks at Google Earth too much
  9. ^ Knows the dillemas of copyrighting < Is playing this game for the first time v Might comment on that
  10. CJ has diferent fighting styles and grows muscle. My money's on him.
  11. Maybe so Canary but the majority of them are 'girly'. Besides I doubt that the next GTA will have a female lead character.
  12. Or for 5-10 hours. Rockstar won't make prisons in the next GTA.
  13. I read on the news that Israel says they'll keep bombing Hizbola rocket positions even if the UN wants to sanction them. I personally agree with getting rid of Hizbola but not in the way the Israelis are going about it.
  14. My dad says we'll be getting a plasma in a month or two. Our main TV blew and he can't find the warranty slip.
  15. If you want to do it yourself... You have to get behind the plane for it to count. Turn before it reaches you because it takes forever to catch up with the Shamal.
  16. If you look at the billboard near doherty about the new Zip store going up you'll see it says 5? floors of Khakis but the 'is' is covered with paint so it says khak. Kak is also Afrikaans for 'sh1t'. The security company is called Chuff, in South Africa there is a security company called Chubb. Probably just coincidence but still cool for a South African to see.
  17. Well get a new disc. Or one of those CD cleaners.
  18. Not entirely true, Iran and Syria are backing them.
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