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  1. If this is true then we're really screwed. I can't imagine living without cold weather! An ocean rise of 25m will cover most of the area I grow up in!
  2. Get a faster hard drive and some better RAM. Then GTA will load faster I never had that much of a problem, I only crashed into invisible things a few times and then I upgraded my PC and it ran fine.
  3. That's just plain stupid, you should poit out evrytime that the teacher yawns then...
  4. Add-on packs like the downloadable content for XBox 360
  5. My aunt is also called Toni, but apart from that he was just too much of an ass kissing lapdog suckup.
  6. Here's what's for certain about the XBox content: Get it for XBox
  7. http://www.google.com/intl/xx-hacker/ 600673 1И #@X0Я! Comments?
  8. Yes there's a reason for that...
  9. I got pissed off with him so I made a flame topic just for him in the warzone...
  10. This is the saddest thing I've seen in a while http://pictureserver.funnyjunk.com/moviefi...vaderviolin.wmv
  11. Hey Lord Voldemort I got something for you! Now stop wallowing in self-pity while you type messages that are both racist and hypocritical.
  12. We need more traffic to this topic!
  13. So me, JOYA and JustAFan are tied on the highest score anyone here has?
  14. I'm gonna spend my night with a pack of bubble-wrap! "I'm fluent in Javascript and Klingon"
  15. http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c....u=spot_the_pedo Post your score. This is disturbingly funny! I got C- EDIT: There I fixed it.
  16. Hell, grab your wallet, throw a couple bucks into the air and leg it! My brother got stabbed in the arm when he caught two people trying to break into his car, both of them had knives, he was un-armed and still got off reasonably ok.
  17. Actually I think it might, health violation and you can be sued for emotional damages, if they had to hire someone to figure out what the problem was they can sue you for that cost too.
  18. Wow, you're maturity is overwhelming. I don't see how it benefits you cause you have to do your missed work sooner or later.
  19. ^ I'm getting tired of this kid already.
  20. It's your ATI that's causing the problem. Get rid of it. It's that simple. My brother also has a radeon and he get's the exact same problem. He's been trying all sorts of different things and drivers to fix it but it's still not working.
  21. Finished Contest and right now I'm reading 'A Sparrow Falls' by Wilbur Smith, very interesting book. I also share names with one of the main characters, my mother named me after him.
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