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  1. Patty-T

    Just noticed something.

    That's cool. I wonder if that article was inspiration for Catalina's appearance in GTA SA or if it was just by coincidince that they included her in it, without realizing their previous hint.
  2. Patty-T

    Petition Rockstar!

    I doubt that there's anything more to Epsilon than what you already know. It's just supposed to be a mysterious cult. Kifflom.
  3. Patty-T

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    As mentioned by FiGro a couple posts back, people living in a safehouse with you. It wouldn't require anything too complicated, you'd just go to your safehouse and your GF or buddy could be watching TV, or you could challenge them to pool or video games. eg. if this were present in GTA SA, then at Madd Dogg's crib, Sweet would sometimes be seen playing basketball in the gym, and Rosenberg would be sitting and working in the office, Maccer and Kent Paul working in the studio etc....
  4. Patty-T

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    The police presence needs to be toned WAY down. Obviously if you start shooting people down in the street in the middle of the day, the cops will come and chase you, shoot you etc. But if you fire a gun in a dark alley, or shoot a homeless man on an abandoned beach, the police shouldn't show up, atleast not for a long time. Also, the helicopters shouldn't be able to shoot at you until AT LEAST 6 stars. The chopper should be there to keep track of where you are so cops can come on foot or in cars, it shouldn't be able to attack you. There's times in GTA IV where it would be SO fun to just sit on a roof and snipe cops, but then the chopper comes and ruins the fun because I have to constantly take out the gunmen until they eventually kill me. The gangs on the street need to be the REAL enemy, not the police.
  5. Patty-T

    TLAD coming to GTA IV PC? Looks like it...

    I wouldn't say no hope. I'm still holding out. As long as Episodes From Liberty City is a video game, and as long as the PS3 is a game console, I'd say that there's still some hope that we'll get it....someday....
  6. You could do the territory glitch, which involves flying out into the ocean for a long period of time, then dying. When you re-spawn there should be new territories.
  7. Patty-T

    Three Word Story

    to the mall.
  8. Patty-T

    The Ballad of Gay Tony Soundtrack Details

    HA. Vice City FM. That's SO cool. It's good to have Fernando back.
  9. Patty-T

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    The ability to buy safehouses and possibly businesses. But not too many safehouses, like in San Andreas. I liked the way it was in Vice City, where each savehouse was unique and had it's own name. And of course all savehouses should be enterable with there own unique interior. I also really want a shootout in a mansion style mission, like Keep Your Friends Close, only with all new gameplay. A sense of urgency in the storyline. The main character should have a goal from the start that he HAS to complete ASAP. Not like Niko or CJ who took there sweet time and did alot of pointless work along the way. More like Tommy who was ambushed, and HAD to find out who took his merchandise.
  10. Patty-T

    How big are YOUR breasts?

    I like how in the topic title, YOUR is capitalized. Just incase we start talking about other people's breasts, it reminds us to talk about OUR breasts. Seriously though, they're comparable in depth (at their deepest point) to a notepad.
  11. I spent a week in Collingwood, Ontario recently. While I was there I visited a candy store. I was both surprised and pleased to see this... [/url][/img] There was also alot of licenced Nintendo candy and products. I wish Rockstar would release some official stuff like this. I'd love to be able to buy a real can of Sprunk!
  12. Patty-T

    GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony fan trailer

    That's awesome! When's the conversation about Luis between Niko and Roman? I don't remember hearing it. Do you have to call Roman after a certain mission?
  13. Patty-T

    Hey what's the story

    Niko Bellic fought in the Bosnian war in 1998. His troop was ambushed and only three people survived. They were Niko, Florian Crevic and Darko Brevic. Niko knew that either Florian or Darko betrayed his troop and told the enemy where they were. Niko heard that Florian was living in Liberty City, so Niko went there to ask Florian if it was him who set them up. Niko gets help from different people in order to find Florian. When he finds him, he learns that Florian didn't betray the troop, it must have been Darko. Niko gets the Liberty Paper to help him find Darko. They find him and bring him back to Liberty City. Niko gets his revenge on the man who betrayed the troop.
  14. Patty-T

    What do you see in this picture?

    The wings don't seem that demonic. They're just dark. But it's still pretty creepy.
  15. Patty-T

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    They've reimagined a city with GTA IV. I'd like to see them reimagine some characters. I'd LOVE to see a new and improved Colonial Juan Garcia Cortez. And WAY more easter eggs!!!
  16. Although I doubt it will be, it would be pretty cool if Packie was the protaginist. Some of the missions would be exactly the same except you'd be playing as Packie with Niko being your backup. That would be fun. Although I guess it doesn't really matter to me since I have a PS3....
  17. Wealthy mob boss, Salvatore Leone, has been found murdered at his mansion in Liberty City! Six likely suspects have been rounded up. The question is: who done it, with what, and where? My obsession with the board game Clue (AKA Cluedo) and my love of Grand Theft Auto has led me to create this boxart for a GTA III edition of Clue. I was thinking of making a box for a GTA Clue that features characters, objects and locations from all of the GTA III era games, but that would leave out SO many great things, so I just made one for a GTA III edition. Characters: Phil The One Armed Bandit- Colonial Mustard Luigi- Mr. Green Kenji Kasen- Proffesor Plum Maria Latore- Miss. Scarlet Misty- Mrs. White Asuka Kasen- Mrs. Peacock Are there any characters that you think would have been better in the Clue character's roles? And if I, or anyone else, were to make other editions (Vice City, San Andreas, etc.) who do you think should appear in them?
  18. Patty-T

    What game made you nervous/scared?

    All of the weird cult and dream levels in Max Payne freaked me out. And black and blue hell is GTA SA are pretty scary too.
  19. Ha. That's great. South Park needs to make more GTA refrences.
  20. Patty-T

    when you see niko

    It would be pretty cool if they could atleast make it so that Niko is wearing the clothes he has on in the last GTA IV savegame.
  21. Patty-T

    GTACW... Flash Game?

    Cool. I wish I could actually use it though. My DS doesn't work with my Wi-Fi...
  22. Patty-T

    Into Something

    It was made just for LCS, but I'm sure you could download in from limewire or somewhere.
  23. Patty-T

    GTA Theme you loved the most.

    It's hard to choose. Although I do like the SA and III themes, I had to go for LCS.
  24. Patty-T

    Worth it?

    Definitly. It's an awesome game.
  25. Patty-T

    Next Grand Theft Auto Announced!

    I actually hope that the next GTA is like this. I really like the name "GTA: Vice".