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  1. Patty-T

    strip clubs

    You can't enter any strip clubs in GTA III.
  2. On PS3 people hardly ever even say anything.
  3. Patty-T

    GTA IV PC Trailer Released!

    That music is so perfect.
  4. Patty-T

    Who speaks French?

    I've got some French homework and I was wondering if anyone who speaks French could look at it, just to check that it makes sense. The assignment is to write about an ethnic food. I tried to make it a little bit funny, but in French class they don't teach us how to make french people laugh, and it would suck to try and be funny, only to realize that the "funny" thing you're saying doesn't make sense. ________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ Taco Je présente, le taco! Le taco est un met traditionnelle de Mexico. Les mexicains adore le taco! Le taco est fait avec poivrons, salsa, crème, fromage et boeuf haché, enveloppé dans un tortilla. Le taco est mangé avec les mains. Dans Mexico, le personne qui ne mange pas un taco, est le personne qui décède. Je ne sais pas qui inventé le taco. J’assume il été un mexicaine.
  5. Patty-T

    Who speaks French?

  6. Patty-T

    PS3 internet browsing slow?

    The in-game internet, or the PS3's browser?
  7. Patty-T

    Grand Theft Afthermath

    Claude- After GTA III he would have had too many enemies in Liberty City. He would have to leave. But where would he go? Anywhere. Or should I say Anywhere City, the setting of GTA2. At some point he would have been arrested, and sent to sub-zero rehabilitation. Frozen in time. Then in 2013, he would be given parole, free to roam the streets of Anywhere City. He would do jobs for anyone who was willing to pay. The Rednecks, the Yakuza, Zaibatsu, and the rest. While attempting to steal a locked car, he would have been shot three times in the back by a Zaibatsu hitman, killing him.
  8. Patty-T

    GTA IV PC details and screenshots emerge

    What's up with that picture of Niko in jail? The one where a guys in handcuffs in the background.
  9. Patty-T


    But calling it "the statue of liberty" because it's in liberty city, would be like saying "The Statue Of New York", if it was in New York.
  10. Is this the end of Jack Thompson? No. Jack Thompson shall live on. In the darkest alleys, and the deepest pits. Waiting for a time when he is strong enough to return, and wreak havoc once again.
  11. Patty-T

    Chinatown Wars Wishlist.

    You should be able to control armies of triads. Send them to where they're needed.
  12. Holy crap! This is seems so unreal.... I can hardly believe it. I never thought the day would come when I would actually want a DS. Well now I know what I want for christmas.....
  13. Patty-T

    Who's a Zombie?

    I'm a zombie. Don't know why. But I wish you could dress the zombie in clothes other than that yellow speedo, as great as it is.
  14. Patty-T

    Im sad.... Because of the ending

    I chose the revenge ending, and the thing that made the ending so unsatisfying for me was that it was a big chase after Pegarino. Pegarino didn't come into the game until late into the storyline, and he was never viewed as a "bad guy" until the last mission. I knew that sooner or later I was gonna have to kill him, but I never thought that it would be the final mission. I'll try to see the deal ending tonight. Hopefully killing Dmitri as a finale will be better (as apposed to killing him in just a regular mission, like you do in the revenge ending).
  15. I was recently playing the GTA Vice City mission "The Job", and I noticed something interesting about the song playing in the background during the cut scene. The words to the song were a bit muffled but it sounded alot like the song "Freaks Come Out At Night". At first I was unsure of whether or not this actually was the song, but at the end of the cutscene you can clearly hear the line, "You can know someone all their life and not know they're a freak till you see them at night." This confirmed that it was this song. Now, some of you may be saying, "So, there are alot of songs in GTA Vice City." but this song is ONLY heard in THIS cutscene. It's not on the radio. It does, however, appear on the radio in Vice City Stories. What does this all mean? Nothing. It's just interesting that a real song would be featured in a cutscene, but not on the radio, and then be featured on the radio in another game.
  16. Patty-T

    weapons you wish were in the game

    I think that a silenced pistol shoud've been in the game, or the option to silence your pistol. There's so many missions where the abiltiy to silently kill someone with a pistol would've been perfect.
  17. Patty-T


    Nice. I needed for a....ah..... school project.
  18. Patty-T

    Claude Unmasked (Part 1)

    It wasn't a high ranking Cartel member that the Columbians stole from the police. I thought it was for a long time, but it's actually Donald Love's elderly Orientel friend. They kidnapped him and held him for ransom, and Claude has to rescue him from the Cartel in one mission.
  19. Patty-T


    Could someone post a link to the SA girl picture? I need it for personal reasons.
  20. Patty-T


    I love the TV shows. I like how they have so many clips from SA and a few from Bully. But there only ever seems to be 2 shows on at a time.
  21. Patty-T

    Happiness Island sweater.

    Does anyone know of any other hidden clothing?
  22. Patty-T

    GTA IV v1.01 patch for PS3 arrives

    Nice. I just downloaded it.
  23. Patty-T

    Zombies appear in GTA IV multiplayer

    Ya. I just randomly unlocked it one day. Don't know what for. I've seen a few other people who are zombies.
  24. Patty-T

    The Green Sabre

    Ya. It was a couple of Ballas. Smoke and Ryder wouldn't have done it, because Sweet was still their good friend, even if they were trying to backstab him, they wouldn't have wanted to be the ones to kill him.