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  1. Patty-T

    The random Hater

    Ya. That was very bizarre.
  2. Patty-T

    whos getting GTA 4 at midnight?

    Midnight tonight. I'll be purchasing GTA IV. Nice.
  3. Patty-T

    whos getting GTA 4 at midnight?

    I'm hoping that I can go get it at midnight tonight, but neither of my parents will be able to drive me. My sister said that she could drive me, but it's VERY possible that she was lying.
  4. Patty-T

    Got a call?

    Yep. EB games just called me to let me know aboot their midnight release. It was interesting that the guy who called to let me know was Chris, the same guy who I pre-ordered the game from.
  5. Patty-T

    GTASA Playa 4 Life?

    When I'm done with GTA IV (which is a LONG ways away) I'm sure I'll play Vice City and III again, because they seem like short games that I can beat in a few days. San Andreas, however, takes me alot longer to beat. So if I attempted to beat San Andreas' storyline, I'd probably get bored before I finished, and just go back to IV. However, I know that that someday, someday, I shall return to San Andreas.....
  6. Patty-T

    Less than 3 hours for IV...

    What time is it in Europe right now? Where I am it's only 5:15 and I still have another 7 hours before I can get some sweet GTA IV action.
  7. Patty-T

    I found something in Tommy's apartment room!

    I love that poster. I wish R* would release an actual one.
  8. Patty-T

    monster in iv?

    There might be a Monster, and there might not be a monster, but I definitly want to have it in GTA IV. It would be so fun driving through a big rush hour traffic jam in a Monster Truck.
  9. I know. I never said anything about the time periods of the games.
  10. I'm playing through the GTA series, but I'm geoing through them pretty quickly.
  11. Patty-T

    Do you have a classic?

    I just got the special edition pack that includes GTA 1, GTA London 1969, and GTA 2, for my birthday (it also came with an awesome Rockstar Games sticker). I was surprised that it was brand new, still in it's plastic wrap. I thought that the only way to get those games would be to buy them used.
  12. Patty-T

    GTAIV on South Park

    I have been wanting a GTA South Park for a LONG time. They could make the whole episode like a GTA game. It's all about Stan (or somebody) and he has to do missions for Cartmen and people. I also have a picture in my head of Stan going up to Butters, who is on a big wheel, and pulling him off of it and riding away.
  13. Patty-T

    GTA IV Box Art Unveiled, Trailer 3 Announced

    Has anyone noticed how the lisence plate on Niko's car is backwards/reversed? But the cop car's isn't. The cop cars lisence plate is also very differant from Niko's. Are cop car's lisence plates always differant from normal cars?
  14. Patty-T

    GTA IV Box Art Unveiled, Trailer 3 Announced

    Boxart lookin' SAWEET! I hope the new trailer is a special christmas one that shows winter (If there is winter) in Liberty City.
  15. It's ridiculous that there's this much controversy over this. No one was hurt. Let's just move on!
  16. Patty-T

    My LCS Firetruck Discovery

    Ha. At first when I clicked on this topic I thought "the discovery" was that the truck can spray water.
  17. I saw Jack Thompson and now I wanna go protest video games. He's a bad influence. We should ban Jack Thompson!
  18. It should have some old songs from the 30's. One of my favourite things to do is listen to old music and do stunts in GTA. It just fits. Somehow. I also want to see some original music like the songs in GTA3 and Love Fist in VC. But not too many. EDIT: Sorry for posting in this topic. I didn't see how old it was.
  19. Patty-T

    GTA4 music

    I'd like to see some more original music like in GTA3 and Love Fists songs in VC. Not too many, just a few.
  20. Patty-T

    New GTA IV Graffiti Ad In NY

    Have any of the other GTAs had bilboards like this one?
  21. Patty-T

    New GTA IV Graffiti Ad In NY

    Hey, there's a Bobcat and a Rumpo in that first pic. Oh no, wait. I'm confusing real life with GTA again. Anyway, it's cool to see some advertising up. Is this the first bilboard? I think I remember seeing something about another bilboard awhile ago.
  22. Patty-T

    Grand theft tendo

    Ya I heard about this awhile ago. I think there's a wikipedia page about it.
  23. Patty-T

    GTA IV At Leipzig Games Convention?

    Bully's coming out on Wii and 360? Cool. Hopefully we'll get some BIG info about the characters or the story line (In GTA IV I mean).
  24. Patty-T

    celebrate the GTA IV delay

    If I'm gonna get that game I want it right when it comes out. No matter when that may be.
  25. Patty-T

    celebrate the GTA IV delay

    The delay just gives me more time to save up for a PS3, and it gives more time for the PS3s price to go down.