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  1. Anyways, returning back to topic. I have to agree with Ivan, you all are being harsh, even if he's trying to catch your attention (I wouldn't know if he's doing that or if he's trying to improve). If he leaves, it proves we can't handle people like him. If most of you were back in 2007 some people use to get flamed for making topics like this and even so, they'd get banned. That was a pretty dark time for TGTAP if you ask me. And the reason was because members didn't like a certain person, they'd flame him. A bad thing was that the warzone existed back then, which was a bad thing (It was a good thing for TEC heh). I feel that someone really wants to stay here, and he means it. Please don't go back to what things were like back then. It goes to show that members on a forum can completely destroy a forums good image. And for those who think I'm standing up for Raybob; I'm not. I'm trying to show you that there are some nice community members here who cares for the forums in general (Members, the forums etc.). You don't get many people like this on other GTA forums. Be glad that things have changed for the better, because if it didn't, I doubt we'd be here right now. TEC9 (Or Kitsune Inferno, whichever you like to be called?), although your post makes full sense of the situation, banning him won't do any good. Like I said before, it goes to show that some people on this forum aren't nice people. Yes, Raybob has lost his chances to improve, but he's not exactly the perfect person, is he? Are we not the same? I feel that most of you think you're prestigious and stuff like that. I doubt you all are. Gaining this prestige means you help someone out, even if he's annoying. That's what I'm trying to do. Make some annoying person into a better person, most likely this can be a life changing experience for him, too. Sorry for wall of text thing. I wanted to let out my opinion on the situation. It's a bit of a shame that some of you weren't here back when I and some of us were newbs, you'd have seen the people like Raybob would of disappeared easily without consent.
  2. Sorry mate, but since you're website was easily created for free, it's not worthy to affiliate with you. If you wish to affiliate with us, you might want to get your hands on a better domain (co.nr domains are free), and it seems like a newbie has made the site up. All I can say is you have a long way to go if you wish to be affiliated with TGTAP (Due to it's professionalism). Hopefully you'll understand that sites which were created using freewebs etc. are most unlikely to get accepted by professional fan sites. Check this link out for more information: http://www.thegtaplace.com/affiliates.php Should help you out.
  3. TM™


    Raybob, there's no good reason to take a break, it's good to clear your mind for a while, but this isn't going to help you. I'd recommend you to learn from others (Staff are good role models, but there are others on here that are as well). I was exactly like you when I was a newbie, Raybob. Maybe you should look at some of my past posts and see how I was. I was pretty much worse compared to you back 4 years ago. I even got the "Most Annoying Member" award when Chris started up the awards back then (2006 was the precise time). Some of us members back then remember. If not, you should check out the forum awards archive, and you can see how much people didn't enjoy my presence on the forum. Through the course of 2007 I improved quite a bit, and I got the "Most Improved Member" award at the end. This can prove something, that if you were once an annoyance, there's always a path for improvement. Like you, Gerard was there telling me what was wrong. I took his advice. If I was able to take is advice, you can too. So don't be mad at Gerard, he's giving you a second chance for redemption, take this opportunity before you do get banned. But at the end of the day, it's your choice. @Steam: I wasn't directing my sentence to you about the language side of it. Most of you don't have English as a second language. I respect that.
  4. You've got a great idea, but you haven't executed it very well. The plasma TV screen looks horribly cut off, and it's not straight either. You should add another image which can be possibly faded in, and using the colour green on it would make sense (Since the sig is about colour). But like I said before, you haven't executed the entire idea, but you've just got replace that Plasma TV with something else, and then you're done.
  5. TM™


    Now Raybob, I don't usually tend to visit the forums as much as I would, but here's what I have to say: If you were here back during 2007-2008 you would most likely have been banned, without no thought. You're lucky you're still around and given a chance (Restricted group), because if you were here during that time, and acted the way you were, you'd be banned. Rather than make very idiotic posts, try to refine them, rather than swearing, try to speak properly. One thing you lack completely on is being nice to those on the forum, and your recent post against WRX wasn't nice. I think he knows how to spell and write properly in English, he's just lazy like some of us are. You're on the brink of being banned, and sooner, you will be gone from here. If you want to stay, follow the rules, or at least be nice to other members, rather than be cocky like you are. Heed our advice, it's going to not help you, but other members in the restricted group. You probably won't be able to take the advice we give you easily, but in time you will see that your presence on this forum has really given you a bad name.
  6. I suggest getting Crysis, it's a great game, stunning graphics, and enjoyably, having some fun with the Nanosuit against some North Korean soldiers. Far Cry 2 has some great visuals, but I don't see much differences between DX9 and DX10 (Other than some texture changes).
  7. It seemed that the news you posted in the IV forums was true, thus allowing any news poster to make it a official post. Better for it to be in the News section of the forum as it will look more "Official". Which it is. And you can't start a new topic here because only staff can, unfortunately. Hope this clears things up.
  8. You sir have a good imagination, this is what gives away your little game. Secondly your email address sounds like a little 10 year old made it, not professional, and I wouldn't think they'd like an email of that sort. I suggest you stop now before you get warned, impersonating a R* employee is against our rules. Read the rest of them if you don't believe me. If you really want us to believe you, prove it. And saying your fired and can't give information isn't going to cut it mate. Another thing is R* don't have a studio in Australia. Get your facts straight kid.
  9. That's great work there Eazy. I don't know about the picture, to me, it doesn't really show anything about Firefox, but has some hidden meaning behind it. But again, great work!
  10. A portable version of TGTAP would be amazing. I prefer to show only 3 things, the home page (News), the forums and downloads. The downloads can be used for downloading only stuff for portables (Mobile Phones, Ipod Touch etc.), so it would be good. At least it will attract the attention of us mobile users, which means we will make fairly great use of it.
  11. That's why the Javelin is sometimes a pretty dangerous weapon. But you can't avoid this, it generally locks on to target, but from what I know, sometimes it just doesn't hit your target, the same thing happens to the stinger.
  12. Alright well, I got the ACR with HBS and Silencer, and all I got to do is get the Cold Blooded and Ninja at Pro status. Shouldn't take long. Cheers RaDi0N.
  13. I'm sort of glad I didn't buy a PS3 whilst I was at school, or I wouldn't have passed all of my exams. Also, I was wondering how many of you have got Assassins Creed 2, and what you think of it. I think this sequel is amazing, better than AC1, but somehow I miss playing as Altair, since his robes were more better than Ezio's.
  14. I was wondering what's a best class for stealth, I'm thinking it's about time I start being stealthy since I haven't done it yet. I need a good primary weapon, so yeah.
  15. Haha. Ah I saw this a while back. Funny really, but that can happen to anyone, I use the Javelin when I'm far away, that way, it won't do this to me.
  16. He probably kept it in good condition. Remember, take care of your things. That way, at least, you can play 10 years later and it will still work, that is if you package it properly.
  17. Yeah, I saw quite alot of MW2 "Myths". If you knife a mirror in Favela's barber shop you die. If you blow the fire hydrants in Skidrow you die. Haha. This video explains it more than I can.
  18. People say it does, but you should place it in a cool area where there's enough space. Assuming if you leave it in the hot summer sun, it will most likely heat up the components. I've also heard people say it doesn't get YLoD. So I suggest you take care of your PS3 slim and place it in a good area. I've done so with my 80GB PS3, and nothing has even happened to it.
  19. There's too many good games back years ago I would give Game of all time. Games like MGS1, MGS2, GTA3, GTA VC, GTA SA. All these games are top games on my list. CoD4 and MW2 are too. But really, it's hard to decide, so much great games, just really hard to decide which ones the best since most of them have been praised great games.
  20. Happy new year everybody at TGTAP! Hopefully this new year will be good for all of us, especially this site!
  21. The very first I remember was the Sega Mega Drive. Oh... Those were the days. From there I played on both NES and SNES (I never owned it but had a cousin brother who use to play it). Then I got my hands on a Gameboy, and mainly started playing on that. Afterwards I got the Playstation and that's when I really got stuck into gaming.
  22. I've done the first set of Spec-Ops missions with my cousin on Veteran, but afterwards he started playing MP, so I have nobody to help me out on it. But I'm planning on getting it done shortly. Right now I'm only still on level 49, I haven't played lately, only since I got Assassins Creed 2, I've been playing that more.
  23. Ah, I remember that game, my cousin brother use to own a Dreamcast and play it. It was quite fun, probably the best 3D Sonic game. But really, after that, it failed miserably. I guess you could say the reason Sonic games aren't as fun as they use to be is because back then Sonic was pretty big and well known. Even my big brother use to play Sonic when we use to have the Sega Mega Drive. Those were the good old days... But I guess nowadays it's all about the graphics and not the gameplay. I think that's what's made Sonic a very poor game in this generation of computer games.
  24. GTA Awards Most Knowledgeable (GTA Portables): Most Knowledgeable (Classic GTAs): Most Knowledgeable (GTA 3 Era): Spider-Vice Most Knowledgeable (GTA IV Era): Noru Most Knowledgeable (Modifications): Deju Best Member Awards Most Respected Member: Noru Most Respected Staff Member: Gerard Best Forum Boss: Noru Most Helpful Member: Huckleberry Pie Most Intelligent Member: Gerard Best Debater: Spaz The Great Highest Quality Posts: Thomas Most Improved Member: Spider Vice Best New Member of 2009: Random Awards Funniest Member: Chris Biggest Geek: WRX Most Original Username: Most Missed Member: Dark Lord Member You'd Most Want to Meet: Matt (Mpilk901) Creative Awards Best Avatar: Best Signature: Best Graphics Designer: Best Creative Writing: To be updated soon.
  25. Is this the actual endorphin engine? Or is it animation that you exported from it, into San Andreas? If so, there needs to be alot of tweaking, but for a first attempt it's pretty good. Hopefully it will look alot realistic once you've gotten yourself in a good position. Good work.
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