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  1. Hey Jace, it's been very long. Umm, well I have no plans for this Christmas, pretty boring. But I do have 2 weeks off, a PS3, a PC... So I have quite alot of things to do. :D

  2. Chris, did you get stabbed? Cause from what I know, the infected challenge only occurs if someone is infected. And the only way to spread it is by stabbing someone else. Possibly that's how you got the second one.
  3. TM™

    New Staff

    "Proudly destroying the community since March '07." Still love that title. Haha. Anyways, good to hear Matt is a staff member. You do deserve it, considering your hard work on the general gaming forum. Good work mate.
  4. I guess many of you haven't realized that it's only been a month or so since the game was out, right? Even so, it's eventually going to get fixed. I think COD4 and WaW were in the exact same position MW2 was. Plus, this game has a huge fanbase, someone will eventually have stumbled upon these glitches and bugs. At least IW are doing something about it which is a relief. Sooner or later this game will be fixed. I enjoy this more than CoD4 to be honest, I usually kept dying in CoD4, but in MW2 I'm doing great, possibly since I'm now adapted into the maps, which is pretty great. I'm still keeping this dream alive since I'm not falling for the prestige hack (Pointless thing, makes you think you can get to the top easily). Hopefully when I reach my 10th prestige, I'll feel like I achieved something, rather than see it not. And it's better to keep this dream alive much longer since the value at the end of it makes you feel good inside.
  5. I read somewhere that Crytek didn't add in Ragdoll physics to Crysis since it was against the German law. Even so, if it does get banned, Cevat Yerli even said himself that he'd move to a different country if it did happen (I don't have the source on what he said since this was a while back).
  6. To let you know, making money out of GTA Mods is against not only the forum rules, but against the law as well. If you do this, you will most likely be banned (Not sure about being banned, but this is a serious offence).
  7. Graphics & Writer's Pad Index (To be updated) _______________ Here is the index page for the Graphics & Writers Pad. Use this to fly through important topics and other topics which have been added to the index: Pages available: The Epic Photoshop Help Thread - A nice thread for those either stuck, want to learn new techniques, or want to learn the program itself. Feedback Topic - This topic is for feedback based on this sub-forum only (Graphics & Writers Pad). Notice About Sig/Avatars - A notice on how to upload images you've created. Pretty helpful. Sig/Avatar/Graphic Request Rules - Rules you have to follow if you are using your signature/avatar. Image Hosting Websites: ImageLodge.net - A great image/video hosting website. Use it to upload your signatures/avatars or anything else. Imageshack - Another Image hosting website. Pretty Decent too. Tinypic - Another image hosting website. Good one too. _______________ That's all for now. Do you think anything needs adding? If so, please PM me!
  8. Unless you'd like to make the topic get cluttered up (An example). Now I'm not going against what you said there. I can see that placing all of it in one topic will do, but if you look at the downside of it, it's WAY too much. If you're organised, then making separate topics will not only make it easier, but at least you won't need to scroll down alot. I just think taking this action will make things alot more easier to go through, rather than go through one long page, it's pointless. The PS Help Thread is there for those who want help, considering that is the point in the topic. But the topics I'm creating are only for contributing resources, not asking for help on it. At this point, if you need help with it, the PS Help Thread comes into play. The tutorials will most likely come into a different topic as well. It makes less complications arise, and is more friendlier. If you're ICT literate, then sometimes it's essential that you make things organised, rather than chuck it into one topic. This sort of system is what you do with files and folders on Windows XP/Vista/7. Without this, it just makes things harder for me, and harder for those wanting to learn. Hopefully you realise what I'm trying to make out. If you don't fully understand, just tell me.
  9. TM™


    You just did (I can see it). If you can't, that sucks bit time. Obviously like Mr. Phillips said, being a Dickhead = Less Privileges. I Like the new idea, hopefully it will become more effective than banning members straight away.
  10. TM™


    I assume you get this group only if you hit a certain boundary. So looking at your rep in your profile, it says "Bad". I think the only way you can get this is if you give a to a certain post, that will then effect the poster. But don't trust me on this. Husky, I suggest you contact the admins since they know more than I do.
  11. What? Hope that was sarcasm. I know there are similarities, but I thought it would be better to split up some of the resources so that the topic in particular doesn't get cluttered up with too much stuff. I thought of it like this: The topic I'm creating won't be supporting everything like Epic PS Help Thread. Mine will only be storing certain bits, such as brushes, techniques, useful tutorials etc. Hopefully If I can think a little further, I may be able to expand the topic itself. Of course, here I'm suggesting, not applying, yet.
  12. This stuff is amazing guys. Don't give up, keep going. I'm sure to hell you guys will do an excellent job on making it. I'll be reinstalling SA just to play this, such fine modding guys.
  13. TM™

    Office 2010

    The ribbon interface was a big problem at first. It's all about getting use to, plus, now I love it. It's probably something that takes time to get use to, but really it's such a useful interface, and is more organised. 2010 will most likely end up in my college computer systems in my next academic year, but for now, it's 2007 for me.
  14. Chris is experimenting with the font size, guess that's why it's small. Again, 100% width version of the skin is good, but I prefer sticking to the fixed width version. I'm accustomed to it now ever since the change.
  15. Of course I do visit, and yes your posts are visible, I just didn't even see this topic. Alright, I'll see what I can do, I may make a topic up for those who want valuable resources they could share with us.
  16. I think the list up there seems to be enough.
  17. I guess that's the point in MP, to take your time. And yes, I've seen the Javelin Glitch, as long as you stay far away from them, you won't be entirely affected. I checked IW's forum, seems that they've already addressed the issue about the glitch, it's going to be patched, then will go through Sony and MS for certification purposes. Should be here in no time. PC users should get it immediately. It said on FourZeroTwo's twitter that there's no need for certification for the PC, so that's good news, nonetheless. Anyways, today I had great run, played 5 matches today and got around 30 kills, only a few deaths. Having a good time.
  18. At first, I looked at this topic thinking "Uhh, someone's bumped the old TGTAP birthday topic from last year...", then I see that it's actually November, and past a year since the last topic similar to this was made. Happy birthday TGTAP!
  19. Today I got a quadruple kill. This was in Sub Base. I dunno, these guys are suppose to be more superior than me (They were on their 3-4 prestige), somehow they got grouped (Predator missile strike was onto them lol) and I was on the other side with some other team mates, I got most of them with the SCAR (FMJ attachment), 4 kills in a row, and then I got my last kill when someone was camping, and that's when I got the Predator Missile Strike. Today was a good day, and it was only 1 session. Well, I won't be playing until tonight, so yeah.
  20. Why do you hate it? I love all of Adobe's products. The main ones are Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator (New to it, sort of, but it's a great tool) etc. Assuming Fireworks is your tool you are great at using, maybe that's the reason why you weren't so great at Adobe Products (Specifically pointing to Photoshop)? I mean, Photoshop has so many features, Fireworks has so less (I've only used Fireworks 8, so I don't know if it is different now). But to be honest, learn these tools, you will immediately change your opinion on it, because if you are a web designer, Dreamweaver is like your best bud, if you know how to use it well.
  21. I never camp. That's one reason why I never get kills. I'll most likely end up camping in areas which no one enters. But I run around the map, making sure I do get the kills. I'm now starting to use the M4 Carbine, seems the same, sounds like the mounted machine guns in game, but I'm enjoying it.
  22. Mine in CoD:4 was 1.24. At first it's great, but comparing what I got in MW2 (I got a 1.63) it looks like I did real bad in CoD:4. Sniping isn't really that great. I think CoD:4 you could snipe in any map, if you were flexible in moving about. I think you can be flexible, but it's a pain in the arse, especially when most of the maps are like run n' gun. But to be honest, snipers aren't my favourite anymore, I prefer Assault Rifles and Sub-Machine guns.
  23. That's really coming out nicely. Love how the tones of blue match with the car. Good stuff.
  24. This applying to the PS3 players here, have you guys ever had your friends join the sessions you were currently in? Well just yesterday my friend from college joined me whilst I was playing Team Deathmatch in Scrapyard. I never knew he joined until I started playing, until I threw smoke in an area, I saw him, stabbed him (Friendly sort of thing I do to my mates lol). I dunno, I found it kind of funny since he kept dying so much times. Anyways, if any of you are playing, I may join your session.
  25. Have you ever thought about checking font sites out? I mean, ones that you have to register on. I was looking for the MGS2 font, although I couldn't find it, I eventually found this site (Think it was called FontStruct) and found it, but there was way, way more fonts I could of used, and yeah, alot were good ones. Usually you have pay for fonts, but these sites are free, I mean, there fonts... Also, why not try playing around with the texts properties? Usually it's located near the colour palette for the text (That's on the top-right corner on PS). And as well, try warping your text, make it different from other straight looking text, you never when you'll find the right sort of layout for it.
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