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  1. I just saw that in the GFX & Writers Pad and I was like lol. Anyways, moved to Computer + Tech forum.
  2. It looks nice. I suggest you give us some sort of blank template to see where such is being positioned (Content, navbar etc.). Layout is pretty unique too, never seen anything like this made for a website.
  3. In Leicester?! I hope you said Leicester in the UK, cause I live there! If it's true, that's gonna be so wicked. And Leicester Square isn't far from where I live (For me, it only takes around 15-20 mins to get into town center). EDIT: Just realized it's in London. Shame. :\ Well it seems like the hype is starting to grow now that the the release date is near. Seems like it's going to do well.
  4. Well if you're after free online play, the PS3 is pretty much top for that, but if you want to get quality online gaming, then Xbox it is too, but you have to pay for the online, ofcourse. And it will also depend on the games you like playing, most games are pretty much multi-platform (Call Of Duty, GTA 4 etc.). For me, personally I prefer the PS3, because I've had a PS1, PS2 and a PSP. I'm also use to the pad now (Before I wasn't use to it since I never played games alot on it). And because the online's free on the PS3, I don't need to worry about paying for it. But mainly, there are alot of exclusives coming for the PS3, some which look very promising from where I stand. But if price does matter, Xbox is cheap, PS3 is quite expensive. If your willing to buy a PS3, go for it, but if you're on the cheap side of things, get the Xbox 360.
  5. I don't really play it on the PC, so it doesn't really affect me. Either deal with it or act like moaners. Simple as that. And they probably will make more money anyways from it. But you never know, they could possibly bring Dedicated servers back. For now though, I can see it being a bad thing, but I guess everybody's going to have to get use to it whether they like it or not.
  6. I got bullied when I was young, but it was by a girl, heh. Obviously there can be ways on how the bullying starts. Firstly, you either were picked on because you were picky, or if that person had problems of their own. For me, it was the second, cause she really just wanted to fit into a crowd of her type (Usually people who just didn't give a fuck). I haven't seen her in years, she left and went to another school, I believe. And for those of you who thought the first bit I wrote was meant to be funny, it isn't. It just shows that even girls can be bullies, too. I just believe as long as you stay strong, discipline yourself and keep mostly away from those types of people, then your good enough not to get bullied. I eventually avoided her until she left, and then I felt more strong about myself, that if someone did come in my way, I'd take a more mature approach. That's how I learnt it. Fighting is never the way to resolve problems, it only makes it worse. Suffering really is bullying, but then again, if you can stand up to them, then there is no suffering, not in the outside, probably in the inside, but that can be overcome in time.
  7. Since you brought Metal Gear solid in, I'm wondering if MGS1 is on PSN, cause I really want to play it again, I heard it's on the PSN Store in Japan, but not here. Do any of you know when it may come out here?
  8. I watched this quite a while ago, and damn does Spec Ops look amazing. From what I know, you get normal enemies, ghillie suit enemies and a cool new enemy called "Juggernaut". Damn, this mode is gonna take me over by storm.
  9. Don't know if it's good or not, but for gaming like CoD:Waw and CoD4 it's always 4 bars, but when my sister or brother uses their PCs at the same time, it's either 2 or 1 lol.
  10. YES! You can mute players whilst in the game lobby! Fuck yeah, about time! I really find most of the people in the lobby annoying as fuck, most of which just make random sounds, glad that this is now fixed. So Spec-Ops mode is longer? Well that's pretty cool, but there are different types of modes available? (Defence type being similar to the Nazi Zombie mode which CoD:WaW has).
  11. Hah, don't worry, you guys are cool. Even so, it's really my job to make sure you guys do have a good time on this part of the forum.
  12. Hey guys, Well first off, I'm very happy to announce that I am now the forum boss for the Graphics and Writers Pad. What's a forum boss? You'll probably be wondering what is a forum boss. Well I suggest you look at this topic for additional information. But to break it down for you guys: A forum boss is a respective individual on the forum. Not only is this boss respective, but is active and has been selected to lead the forum they've chosen (For me, I'm leading the Graphics & Writers Pad). I will help to: Lead discussions Manage pinned topics Close dead or counter-productive topics Moderate other users' posts (as per the Forum Rules) Help users to overcome their differences and stop arguing I'm also responsible for the quality of the content in this forum, so please, if you do have suggestions/feedback on the forum in particular, please do let me know. This will make me improve on the way I manage this subforum and make it a better environment for you guys. So what should I do on this forum? So what would I like to do on this part of the forum? Well, if you're the type of person who like graphics design (Creating signatures, website designs or anything related within creative areas), or even writing fan fictions (Stories) then this is the place to do it. For me, I would like to support those who need help on their graphics, or writing. It does not matter if you aren't amazing at graphics or writing, that's not the point. You have rights to make topics in the forum, so if you do have something in mind, share it with us. It is also fine to leave feedback (Positive or negative) in any members topic, remember, they are trying to improve on their work, so the feedback is essential if they wish to proceed into getting better. Having your own opinion is fine. Remember though, that if it does end up turning into an argument, I will have to help users overcome their differences and stop the arguing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but just make sure that it doesn't turn nasty in the middle of it. How do I start off on this forum? Well, the first thing you can do is comment on others work, whether it's a signature, avatar, or a fan fiction. If you feel inspired or motivated to make something of which other members have made, then have a go at it. If you need some help within your direction, then simply make a topic up for help. We have many members on here who can help out, so don't be afraid of making topics up about it, make sure what you want is appropriate and will help you out later on. To represent yourself, There will topics made specifically on how to make yourself stand out in front of others, and how to get the most out of your time on this part of the forum. How do I leave feedback? If you have feedback for me, relating mainly on how to improve on this forum, or any topic created by me, A topic relating to this matter will be created specifically for that purpose. Stay tuned for more information relating this matter. This topic will be updated with links on this matter as well. _____________________ Well, that's all for now folks. And to clarify for those who don't know, I am NOT a staff member. I am not always right with my answers and I'm not perfect. I'm also not in charge of members here, and I do not order people around. I am here to manage this forum and make sure those who use it have a good time. So for now, enjoy your time on here and wish me good luck, TM™
  13. Your current sig? It looks great. It's got alot of creativity which I lack in. Haha. Well, if you can keep making more stuff like that, your surely are going to win those end of year awards.
  14. Yeah, it's no problem, it's just this game has such promising multiplayer, so it's bound to reveal so much stuff about it. And yes, single player information is non existent, for the time being at least. But even so, still looking forward to it. Only a few months now...
  15. Too much information. This makes me feel like this games really worth it now. If there's more info, I'm not reading it, infact, I just completely ignored all that info there because it's pretty much a big spoiler with the new perks and all. But yes, looking forward to it.
  16. Ah, I remember that lol. He's a real douchebag, can't do anything about it now. But yes, it was funny what he did. And I can't believe he got called a jackass by President Obama.
  17. I like what you've done. Makes me feel like I need to get back to doing all of this. (Luckily I'm returning back to the scene again now). Anyways, your first sig is remarkable. I love the effects you've used on it. Everything on it seems fine if you ask me. Your second sig is decent, Don't like it that much, but it looks really nice. I suggest you keep doing more signatures like this, I like the outcome of it.
  18. I don't mind being a forum boss on the graphics & writers pad. I'm starting to get back into that scene again, so I feel that I could be helpful at that area especially.
  19. Damn, that guy doesn't cheat at all? He still looks to be on top from where I'm looking at. I think on Service Report he's top there, or is it score... I wouldn't know. But yeah, alot of hackers just start ruining the game. There's no point in playing if they just want to get a high score, what's so good about that? Nothing. Well CoD4 is still in my PS3, might play it later, or might play CoD:WaW.
  20. Remote, I'm working on the layout, but it may take me until next Saturday to get it complete. Sorry if it's taking long. I have college coming up so I have to get prepped for that. Anyways I'll let you know of anything else. :)

  21. @ Jace: Too right mate, that's really the reason most people join Facebook, only for the hotness of young women. I think anyone here who has Facebook joined it for that reason (I didn't really, but I do look often at alot of friends I added which are female). But in turn of all of it, Facebook doesn't suck, it's a way to communicate with others, besides texting and phoning your mate, Facebook allows you to do alot more than that. Steam and Maco, you guys need to rethink about what you said there. First of all, Steam. When you're 19-20 years old, you will most likely use websites like this to keep contact with your mates, if they don't ever get a chance to talk to you on Phone, or on MSN, then Facebook is the best alternative to keeping in touch with them. Maco, that's also one point. Most people do random adding for one reason, just to build up their profile. Nothings wrong with that, I've added people I never talked with, but if you have that certain connection (e.g. you went to the same school as them), then there's a point to add them. I actually see loads of people comment on each others profile, nothings wrong with that either, but then again, that's the whole point on Facebook, to "SOCIALISE". Many of you have forgotten what Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and all those other Social Networking websites are about. Obviously if you guys don't like what you see (Those pictures were funny, but this is what some people upload to those sorts of sites), then you shouldn't really make fun of it. I've had a few pictures of me looking like a real idiot, but it's all about having a laugh and remembering those good times, which is really the point. You can make fun all you can, but at the end of the day, those people are having fun, and enjoying themselves. You guys have no life so you have to make fun out of them. Great excuse for taking the mickey' out of them.
  22. Having a cab driver that hates you like him is completely hilarious. Obviously he ain't getting paid so he has a right to insult you in any ways possible, which makes the cab ride interesting, in a funny way.
  23. Nice stuff there mate. Keep it going and you should soon be producing even better stuff. I recommend adding borders to your work, makes your work feel a whole lot better, and makes it feel clean, if you know what I mean. Other than that, keep up with the fine work!
  24. I'm awesome at Photoshop, and if it's website layouts, I'm perfect for it. Just tell us here or if you want, or just PM me, then I can be somewhat of an assistant. Also, for previous works in the past, check out this part of the section, or check my topics I created, all of it is mainly based within this area of the forum.
  25. From what I know you can use the PS3 internet and go on sites like that. I went on TGTAP through my PS3 once and it wasn't a problem. Facebook is okay, layout gets fucked up and stuff, but I can use it.
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