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  1. Oh is that what it does. Thanks for clearing it up for me Artur.
  2. I laughed at the end. You can throw knives lol. That is just amazing, literally. I mean you could throw it to an enemy from far away and most likely he could get hit. Also, I don't know much about the host migration ingame thing. What does that do?
  3. I use the fixed width skin cause it seems better than the IP. Board skin which is a 100% width skin. This looks more sexy, refreshed, clean cut and has a style which has made TGTAP have a forward step in design. If a homepage has a similar design to it, why can't a forum have it too? Doesn't make sense.
  4. Links don't work. Really wanted to see that.
  5. Website design looks modern, and is probably the most common style used on almost any other Game Developers website. But I think it's a step forward for them at least. Good improvement to the flash work which, although gave appeal, doesn't suit nowadays in representing games. But yeah, good stuff I may add.
  6. You do realize this was originally created for DS right? DS doesn't have the same capabilities that PSP does, so those lights will look alot more better on the PSP.
  7. You guys did good. For what I know, last year, me and Red Devil were the only ones who took GCSE in TGTAP. Well, now that schools officially finished for you, I guess you guys should be looking forward to College life (Unless you're doing Sixth Form). I got to re-enrol tomorrow for college, busy day I guess. But it's still got the same tension like last year when I got my results. Happy and surprised. Well have a good year most of you!
  8. Basically this new rep system is not fair - At all. I mean the older rep system seemed fair, at least staff could give it, rather than members. And with this, anyone can vote positive or negative, which if you sometimes write something which is informative, reasonable and has a positive stance to it, you may just get bad rep out of it, which SV and Steam are fighting about. There fight just seems pointless, and the system already has got flaws from the start. The older rep system had something to it, if you did something good (Making a informative topic about GTA or whatnot) then you'd get rep. With this, someone can just post something like this: And then they get like 5+ rep from their friends. I don't see how this can even work. So basically you're not pushing yourself to work hard, as long as your friends are there rating you positive. Completely unfair. My opinion on it. Also, I try to center table in my signature, but it doesn't center itself.
  9. Not yet. I probably won't have time to start the forum again, probably next summer, but I'm not sure.

  10. 3 months is not even that long. He's been stuck in Prison for some years and hasn't seen his family. I think 3 months of spending with his family is what he's going to be doing. He isn't that much of an idiot to do something like that again. What you said there sounds stupid. But the truth is that the whole system is flawed. No way they can make perfect decisions at all. I can see what Gerard was saying, if terrorists kill so many people but yet they get released after a few years, the system doesn't make sense at all.
  11. I already own a PS3 (Duh lol) and I think even though this is good, I prefer to stick with my normal PS3. I mean, I don't care if it's heavy. After all, it's going to be staying in the same place. Not going to be moved in years. But think of it like this, a slim PS3 = Less power to pick it up, it's cheaper than the original PS3 AND a bigger HDD. I say you get alot for just paying a little less than what the original PS3 has.
  12. Now that is a pretty good improvement. Love the navigation fade just under the banner (Where it shows TheGTAPlace, Forums, Members etc.). The skin so far is getting somewhere now. And it has a good feel to it. Good work again Chris.
  13. Everything in the poll, except for porn.
  14. Yeah that's another suggestion, but if you ask me, the forum BG already gives enough appeal, adding that would be like more over-appeal.
  15. ^ What Llama said. It seems more suitable for this type of skin. Add a darker tone towards the bottom, and a lighter towards the top, just like the previous skin had. I think then it's reasonable to say it fits with the skin.
  16. I see that alot of Americans don't want this man to be released. I mean, yes this man may have been charged for killing 200+ people. But think about this; He wouldn't technically be the only one to be charged right? There are probably still others who participated in this bombing, of which could still be at large. I think releasing him under compassionate grounds is fair. This man is slowly dying everyday (The man's got prostate cancer). But on the other side, they killed so many people. It's somewhat also unfair on that side too. I think the decision they took after all is going to be fair, I mean he's not going to exactly be living for long, he may not even be fit to fight, so he's not really worth arguing about. There's really not another option for him, it's really just a slow death for him.
  17. I'm fine mate, how is things with you? It has been a while, had a long holiday, but in about 2 weeks college starts for me. : oh well, I guess this summer was good.

  18. I think everything is alright except the colour of the body. I mean I know you just upgraded this and stuff, but the colour blue doesn't exactly fit in with the whole layout. The fixed width is nice. But some prefer it to be like the older skin. If the colours are changed, I see no reason afterwards to change anything.
  19. Crysis 2. Nanosuit 2. Can't wait to try this game out.
  20. Well to answer that question, it entirely depends on if your card supports the game. Secondly, think of it like this, if the game is graphically intense, then you know yourself it's not going to max it out, probably on low/medium settings. If you're lucky, some at high or very high. I have the 9500GT (512MB) and I get around 20-25 FPS when playing Far Cry 2 (Only on DX9, If it's DX10 it lags really bad). Crysis gets around 15-25 FPS if I've set everything on High Settings. If I put the Shader Quality and Particles effect to medium settings, it gives me a performance boost (30 FPS and around 25 FPS when in fights). GTA4, well I dunno, haven't tested it, but from what I seen, it doesn't seem to good to handle IV. The ATi card seems equivalent to the nVidia card, but like Steam said, go for ATi, cheap.
  21. Copy this code: [img=http://www.imagelodge.net/imgs/bernardo/2jbmxc653y.png] It will show the pic in it's original size. Assuming you must of used the image thumbnail code.
  22. Well, I don't know much about Persona 3, so I decided to look up some info to see if some of the characters were the ones within Persona 3. So here it is: I used motion blur on the sides (It looks awesome with the two faces facing each other). It's not easy to tell but it looks alot more radiant. I chose the colour blue cause it suits these characters, looks peaceful and happy. Hope you like it Ivan.
  23. Hey guys, sorry for not getting back to you. The design I did create has sort of been scrapped. I'm now back up for making graphics again (It's been a while) and hopefully all of you guys will enjoy the stuff I create once again. And for those who want to see something I recently created, check this out: The fonts rubbish, changing that to something different in a while. Other new works should be coming soon. Need anything created, just post here, I'm up for hire again so feel free to ask what you need done. I should get it done soon.
  24. Damn man, that profile image looks like the shit. You are still top if you ask me. But yeah, the edge needs cutting off, it goes off the forum.

  25. Chris is a pretty busy person now, what with the huge overhaul of the forum. Obviously now that he's doing some work, he may be able to get it done, but to be honest, at this time, he's got alot more stuff to do. Hope this gives you some insight of what's going on.
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