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  1. 9500GT is a decent card (I have it on my PC), ain't the best card you get, but then again, you can only play games (e.g. Crysis, Far Cry 2) at around medium/high settings (Some my be very high). From what I heard though it's not really a gaming graphics card, you'd be better off getting your hands on a 9600GT, at least it will make a better difference.
  2. I just woke up right now and it feels good to return. The skin is feeling good, soon it's gonna be even better once the blue is gone. Well, it's going to take some getting use to, but wasn't that the same when 2.3.x came out? Shouldn't be a problem at all.
  3. I have Vuze, it's okay. Prefer uTorrents more.
  4. I would use both. When you're going out, would you want to get a pen out of your pocket? I mean some are actually just integrated within the phone so that's not a problem. I would use my fingers mainly, but the pen also seems fine at this point too. I would prefer to use both, and if my flavour doesn't actually reach to one, I can easily just change from one to the next. Simple really. And yeah, I wouldn't exactly like smudging the screen, but hey, that's why there's a cloth, isn't there?
  5. I read that and I laughed. I mean having a phone explode in your pocket is just odd, never would happen to me. But from reading the article and looking at further sources, it doesn't seem the iPhone was the problem, something else was. Wasn't the kid wearing on Spandex/Nylon underwear? A static charge caused by rubbing the iPod touch glass on nylon shorting the battery out, I guess there's a reason why they have cover cases for the iPhone. And from what I heard from the comments within the article the Spandex/Nylon underwear was the culprit. And from what I heard it seems of course the battery is also lithium polymer, so it does pose a fire risk. But when it's turned OFF, how the hell can it still have some current in it? Unless it was charging (Which it wasn't), it doesn't make sense. And apparently, it seems the kid was had mental scars from then on, I mean, If I had my pants on fire I would immediately take the fire off (By myself) and everything would be okay, if I had physical scares, yes I'd get compensation, but mental scars? You got the be kidding me, I wouldn't let my friend help me, unless the severity was worse. But it wouldn't affect me mentally, I would just use the compensation to buy me a new iPhone. The story in the end sounds bullshit and fishy.
  6. CoD and MGS are different games. Never compare MGS with CoD, it's been here longer than CoD, and both games have great strengths, only within different areas. And to be honest, I'm not gonna pre-order. All I can say is I'm gonna see what it's like first before I buy it. I may order online (Cause it's gonna be hella' expensive in shops), seen some good prices.
  7. TM™


    Nextgen?BULLSHIT. iPhone is not a worthy opponent of Nokia and SE. SE outperforms the iPhone and N97 with the Xperia, which is way better than the iPhone.What do you use iPhone for, the apps?Idiots. I think you're the idiot around here. Seriously, why can't you just accept other peoples opinion little kid? I mean, yeah it may be expensive, it may look next gen, but obviously you sir haven't seen it's full features. If you have your iPhone and you're going out (Say in the bus heading to town or wherever), you can use the internet from your phone and go onto Facebook, like me, I use Facebook alot, so it would benefit me, even if I can't get full access to a PC. I don't know about TGTAP, but if I can get into it, then it's even better. And if you leave it in a boiling car (Like Chris said it can get stolen), then you're even much of an idiot than you think you are. I used it before and I think it's a cool gagdet, yes it's hellishly expensive but if you earn alot of money either from work or wherever, then you can easily buy it, but then again, yes it may have those drawbacks, but really, it's a developing phone, in a few years time it could be even better. The iPhone is still young. Plus you're young, I don't know what a 12 year old would do with it, I mean for me I have so much mates who I'd prefer to spend time with and chatting with, so I'd use the iPhone for calling them, texting them. And if I feel really interested in to it, I may even make some of my own apps, which I may have to get the grasp of learning. So really, it will keep you occupied, you need to try it out if you haven't used most of the good features. If you still think it's shit, fair enough. I can't argue with that, but at the end of the day, there are people who like it, and telling them it's shit isn't going to really make them think it's a rubbish phone.
  8. TM™


    I tried it out myself, I think it's pretty cool, the apps on it are odd (Well some are), but some of them are quite useful.
  9. Just played FC2 on my PS3, alright game, but hard when playing on a analogue controller. I'm gonna play Crysis later, enjoy the storyline and modding the weapons and stuff, pretty good game.
  10. Lol @ Futurama reference. Might watch some Futurama later today, heh. Anyways, that's pretty cool. After looking at the beta skin, I can see this skin is going to make a huge impact (Literally), but I think this is going to be for the good, cause from the time I've been on TGTAP, I just see this skin most of the time. I guess now it's time for a new, refreshing look. Also, will there other skins as well other than the new upcoming default? Just wondering.
  11. I don't see how some of you don't like Mac's. I mean, if you're a design student or what not, then it's probably a perfect package to use. It is expensive, yes, but obviously you don't use the Mac for the right things, some Mac's aren't really gaming machines (Unless you buy the Mac Pro). I used OSX on it and for somebody who's new to it, I don't see how it's that bad. I'm not much of a design student, but I still think it's good.
  12. Lol, you do realize that the dark BG is part of the table codes right? It's originally transparent, which I think looks good with the cell table and without. You've out-done yourself again Toxic!
  13. Wow, Gerard really works for MS? That's an awesome job you got there mate. And for the ads, well usually before I added the ad-block program Firefox has I just got the UGO ads and Insurance ads mainly. And another thing was some pop ups about a survey use to come every so often, but that seems to be gone now.
  14. Ballad of Gay Tony isn't even released yet on the 360, it's still exclusive to 360, if we wait for a few months, they may release it, but right now, when it's not even released, they should just focus on the release of Ballad of Gay Tony for the 360. Lost and Damned has been out for a while, so making a PC version of it seems like perfect timing for it.
  15. I don't think I'm the retard here... I agree though, you can say there are problems, but for me, NOTHING has happened. I have no problems at all, obviously you may have, so obviously you're the one who hates Vista. I haven't had nothing happen, ever since the day I brought my new PC, it ran like a charm. Obviously like I said before, it's really your opinion to what you like. To me, Vista seems fine, because it works for me without no problems (Only those minor problems are in it, but I can just simply get my system updated). If I do move to 7, which is probably in the near future, then it may be better than Vista. If I was able to run Vista without problems, then 7 will probably be the same for me as well, no problems, or anything. I might as well stick to Vista, until the time is right for me. But if it's somewhat going to replace XP, then I can see that being a good thing. Plus, from what I heard, DX11 is going to be on that, so I probably might upgrade to 7 for that reason (). But you guys do have good points on 7.
  16. I don't think you need a really good PC to run CoD:MW, so the same should apply for MW2. I'm not technically sure though. It might have a slight increase though when it comes to graphics, but we'll have to see.
  17. The FAMAS is in there. Like I said before, I thought that gun wasn't real, only existed within Metal Gear Solid. Can't wait to use that weapon. Desert Eagle returns.
  18. Vista runs like a charm on my PC. It does have some minor problems, but after all, this is someone's preference to what OS they use. I like the design of Vista, it has this professional look, and like I said in the other topic, I thought Windows 7's theme was shit, obviously I'm gonna test it out myself soon, so personal opinion for me should change. My mates tell me it's had a performance increase? I dunno, haven't exactly tested it myself. I just think you need a good PC to run Vista on and you're complete. So then problems shouldn't occur. This is all just my opinion.
  19. From what I know, isn't Chris skinning the forums up again on a IPB 3.0.1? I mean he showed the BETA forum with the skin, so he should have something made soon.
  20. The AC130 looks awesome. Although it may take a while to get use to, it seems awesome still. The ending was funny as hell, stuck semtex onto the enemy. Revenge is sweet lol.
  21. I have money to buy it, but why do they have to put the price up? Yes it's a cool and wicked game, could win game of the year again possibly, but £50? You know what that is? It's greed. Corporate greed. Only after the money. I feel seriously let down by them, if the gameplay is amazing (As seen in the video, looks promising and amazing) then I guess the price tag must be worth it.
  22. That's some discovery there mate, I really wanted to know what the fonts name was, really looks clean and simple. I would use it for my website work, but assuming it's used by Rockstar Games, and the fact that you have to pay £20 for it, I guess it would be a bit of a problem, for me at least. Well thanks for showing it. Helped me out a little.
  23. Bored as hell. I thought there's alot to do this summer, guess there isn't. I've been stuck at home, pretty much on the PS3, watching TV or on the PC. I might meet up with some mates, but other than that, summers gone pretty quick for me. Around September, college starts for me and now, it's going to be a tough year. Well other than that, nothing has happened.
  24. Because I'm not someone who adds other websites as the homepage. Don't forget my parents unfortunately use this PC. My dad isn't a ICT literate, so he's not a keen person when it comes to computers, or the internet, I make it easy for him to use it, so google is the homepage. Plus, I just place the websites I go often to as favourites. And yes, I use the search bar which is next to the address bar, but only sometimes.
  25. The first page I see is the Mozilla Firefox Google start page. I usually then check my emails and go onto TGTAP.
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