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  1. It's a nice game engine, doubt it would do any good on my rig. But I prefer Cry Engine, looks more nicer, and of course, it's based on a modern theme, this engine is based within a unrealistic theme, but I think this engine has done a pretty good job, visually.
  2. Buy it online, don't buy it and download it online. Atleast that way, you get a legitimate working copy in a hard case with a disc.
  3. I've been vectoring for some time, ain't the easiest task to do, but it is simply easy if you know Photoshop. I've done a car once, never turned into the way I wanted, but I tried. And yes, you can make a vector style picture hi-def (Like a 320x240 to a 1650x1050). I don't know how to do it, but I think Llama did something like this a while back, something to do with the .eps format... Don't know how to do it exactly. I've seen people even vector actual people (Takes a while to do it), and they even show how they do it in PS. Good stuff nonetheless.
  4. That's a bit strict. It seems that doing that will just draw them away, rather than make them join. Someone said this before, no way getting them to join that way will work. I can't blame the layout of the forum, nothing is bad, at all. I think now that GTA4 is out on both PC, PS3 and 360 everybody is playing, or have other things to do. Eventually when more news comes relating to a new GTA or whatnot, then activity will grow.
  5. What console are you playing it on? Does this happen to other games as well?
  6. Well, to answer your question Chris, both. Some of the intel is hidden very well, some of it is right in front of you. You might of not even have seen it. Sometimes, it's blended into the scenery, so you can't tell unless you have a snoop around, or just focus on that part of the area. I currently have about 25/45 pieces of intel, got a trophy as well for collecting half of it. There's one hidden in the Cliffhanger level, only way you get it is on the snowmobile, you have to ride through the area's which has more trees, but is pretty much empty so you can go straight through it. I never knew it was there until I banged into the tree. haha. I assume there's no cheats for MW2 after collecting intel? I mean, I collected all the intel from MW1, enjoyed the "Bad Year" cheat alot.
  7. I do visit almost every day, I don't post since there's not much going on really. Plus, I have college now and being stuck in the middle of it, it's hard to make the most on here. Also, another reason is MW2. Been playing that as well, just to kill the time. I can't promise I'll be on here all the time though, this is like the start of the academic year, for me atleast. Whenever I'm on college internet, I may do the odd 1-2 posts. I don't think the new IPB forum was the problem either. There's no real difference in terms of how you post, I don't see much people struggle using it. The design is far more better than the other dull skin on the previous board. Unless that's your style, you need to check your eyes.
  8. I technically rescue buddies out of fire, so I guess that's really stealing kills, heh. Also, I steal air drops, mainly air drops from the enemy, and sometimes, when I'm playing with an American or my mate, I steal there's too. Dunno why, they just go and say "POP SMOKE" and throw it at random places. Then later they go boasting at me for taking their package, haha. But yeah, it's the only way you can win matches though. Also, how many of you have died from your air drops? I died once without realizing, but it was pretty funny. Anyways, I found a really funny video for those who want to see the air drop in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxn2Zjp7vHk&feature=related (Click the link) Never let this happen to you, maybe your enemies, but not you.
  9. That's what I sort of meant when I first saw the Multiplayer trailer, quoted from before: Although it was a random toss, judging by the way he threw the knife, it can be possible to throw it a further distance, meaning it is possible, which is great. But ofcourse it's hard using the knife sometimes. I've seen it ricochet off the wall like a grenade, so I guess it's a matter of having good accuracy while aiming. Well, at the moment, my K/D ratio is 1.55 and is good considering I usually get a low 1.24, hopefully I'll be able to keep going up. I also saw Bateman's ratio, 2.xx, fucking amazing. I use the SCAR as well, that's my favourite weapon on whole, including the ACR (Used it for one match, liked it alot), but the SCAR is purely powerful. I got Stopping Power Pro on it, along with Steady Aim Pro, I'm also a sleight of hand pro since that'd be the first perk I used in almost all my classes. The future is bright for me.
  10. If you ask me, the story mode seemed longer than MW1. In terms of the acts, they are pretty much at the right lengths, but the gameplay itself was great, I actually enjoyed this story mode more than MW1, had fun. Spec Ops mode is literally fun, it's challenging, even on Regular (I was getting into grips with the game mode first, didn't know what do it exactly), realizing alot of it was mainly based around stealth, reaching for intel, racing etc. Pretty much fun and enjoyable. Mulitplayer is great, I love the fact they've added callsigns, People know you either as the F.N.G or any others (I'm still a F.N.G although I'm now at level 7). Multiplayer is great, Spec Ops mode is great, Story mode is great. IW I think did themselves good, and if you finish the game off (SPOILER ALERT) So yeah, I love this game, Multiplayer is my next aim to get use to, was not that use to MW1 multiplayer since I got it around the time when the UFO hack came in.
  11. This game is fucking... AMAZING! The story mode is pure fucking amazing, not only that, Spec Ops is just as great too. Started playing online and I like the new system, still on level 6 but should get up very soon. Going to be a fun November.
  12. I haven't got my pre-order yet. Hopefully it should be here tomorrow, if it's not, then I'm really pissed.
  13. Well it seems that some of the old levels may return in MW2, check this video out, looks amazing. (Don't watch it if you don't want the game spoilt): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BeOdp7Ct9I Seems like at certain points the AC-130 can be helpful.
  14. Well I should receive my pre-order really soon, got a email from Play.com that they posted it, so that's really good. Looking forward.
  15. I'm gonna get my hands on Ninja Gaiden Sigma, play that for a bit, then hopefully by the time I've got it, I will have MW2 also, so yeah. Right now though I'm playing FC2, got 51% of all trophies except for online.
  16. Yeah, just wait for a week, it won't kill you, unless you get Swine Flu just 1 day before it's release, then that's purely unfortunate as you won't be able to play the game.
  17. I found the video: http://www.gametrailers.com/user-movie/modern-warfare-2-leaked-footage/333509#comments_top It's pretty much amateur quality, but you can see what's happening either way.
  18. I was watching one leaked video of the Russian Perspective, seems that this is a interactive cutscene, where you This game is gonna rule, considering it has that emotional attachment to it. But its caused alot of controversy. Either way, this game is probably going to be yet again the game of the year, I believe. Also, I see no point in the prestige edition. I mean, the NV goggles are pretty good stuff if you know how to use it right, but what are you gonna do with it? Go into a warehouse, act like Sam Fisher and try to stealth kill someone? Now that I'd like to see.
  19. You guys really have some great proof to back you up, but we can't even be sure yet if it's those places. But you guys have got some great stuff there.
  20. Yeah I would of pre-ordered earlier, but had no cash at the time. But I'm on EMA, so it kinda came at the wrong time (This week), so I pre-ordered since I had plans before. I also heard about 3rd person from my cousin, thought he was joking about it at first, but it's true. I wonder how it's gonna be like.
  21. Well I'm glad the FAMAS is in there, my favourite weapon really (Even though it looks odd). Anyways, pre-ordered MW2. believed that it be the right thing to do, rather than buy it on the release day.
  22. Well I haven't really thought about doing it lol. Lets see what you created though, If I do create, I don't think neither of us can get the straight effects from it. But it is worth a try.
  23. haha, you caught me out lol. XD

  24. hey Matt, yeah I'll have to make some big changes to my profile lol. I couldn't be arsed to do much on it. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  25. Hello guys, Well this forum hasn't been as active as it was back a while ago. So I was thinking to myself, what do you guys think needs to be improved? To make this part of the forum feel more popular. Your feedback is a pretty important for me, anything you guys have to say, I may look into. The feedback can be based on anything here, whether there needs to be a graphics tournament, or any way to draw those who are new into this part of the forum etc. So yeah, please do respond if you do reply here quite so often. Cheers' TM
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