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  1. Avatar 9/10 He has a kickass avatar Sig 3/10 Pretty lame (no offense) Person:Like that Noah guy from Yu-gi-oh
  2. Edit:Eat some Moro Golds from it WWYDI a big fat tubby guy enters your room and says "best friends forever. BIG HUG!!" and is about to give you a bear hug? I got that idea off my friend...
  3. Ok I dont smoke weed. TEC9 don't answer this one WWYDI you had the power to revive, but it will only for good, so you don't be evil?
  4. ^ You're kidding (tec9) < Bored V Has GTA2
  5. Wonder why he dosen't hate me anymore? WWYDI TEC 9 Was an undercover CIA spy?
  6. Do what I said earlier. I'm not afraid of giving up. WWYDI Tec9 was banned and wasn't allowed to make another account.
  7. ^Your avatar kicks shitballs. (thats a bad thing <Bored vYou are Nate
  8. Run you over with it WWYDI You had to be imprisoned for life because the cops thought you upset the feelings of a 9-year-old, and they heavily guarded it, so no chance of escape.
  9. ^I dont suck, you only think i do <WILL KILL TEC9 vHas GTA:Vice City like I do
  10. ^make a new account WWYDI TEC9 turned against you
  11. ^is wrong <is smarter than you think v knows that i play GTA
  12. celebrate WWYDI i could kill anyone i wanted?
  13. Wonder who Samian2 is (I am Samiam2) WWYDI All your friends (internet, real life and yadayada) died of cancer?
  14. Choke you with a coin WWYDI, wait Tec9 already does steal my ideas. WWYDI I cornered you with fully-loaded Ingrams?
  15. ^ is wrong < Hates his life so bad v Is also a f***ed-up flamer who hates me
  16. Wonder who they are WWYDI Hey wait a minute, Tec9 already dosen't know anything WWYDI America was destroyed?
  17. But some people want to meat members so they can beat them up. No one hates me that bad then.
  18. Wonder how he got here. WWYDI someone was repeatly hitting you in the head with the bottom of his skateboard?
  19. Trip him over because cartman is one fifth of my size. WWYDI Tec9 died instantly?
  20. ^Is wrong completely <I am not a flamer vShut the f*** up you flamers
  21. I don't know either OffTopic;You americans are so lucky, get SA for PC. it's gonna be like year 2010 when SA releases for PC in NZ. And CCE just released a few days ago for NZ.
  22. Kill him. WWYDI Asain terrorists invaded your university? (MaxPayne @ university reference)
  23. ^Maybe.... <Its 8:30 in the morning vDosen't hate me
  24. Get out a bat and crack his skull, then ive the bat to my neighbor and blame him. WWYDI you met a girl at a bar that reasembles Kokane?
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