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  1. THIS IS PUNCH AND KICK!!!!!Rifle butts and knife throwing ain't punch & kick! Anyway here is my full list Neck snap (strength of like 50%) If SA features return Crouch kick Eye socket breaker (Stun enemy/victim) Bodyslam Round house. Karate... chop? Face-kick Trip over (Vulerable to ground kicks and can't attack) Block (loses most of the melee your opponent used. Strangle (Stun move aswell) Ear pull Eye poke Head butt Shin kick Elbow to face Nudgie! (Player gets the oppenents head and rubs his hair) Knee to crouch or stomach Punch to stomach
  2. Maybe they will put a list in and you click/select (click for PC, select for PS2) which (combination is optional) move you want to use. I have a good idea Pick them up by the feet, then slam them against the ground.
  3. Since SA put some moves in, which type of moves would you like to have in the future GTA. I'd personally want a bodyslam move, but I'm not posting my full list without at least 2 people answering
  4. All of em except Tommy He would be like 61, because VC took place in 1986 and GTA3 in 2001 All of em except Tommy He would be like 61, because VC took place in 1986 and GTA3 in 2001
  5. I'd like someone like, a Claue that speaks. Not a prick (Tommy) Not a crying little pussy (CJ)
  6. Umm, graphic? Tommy was the best character in Vice City. I liked Tommy more then any of the other people in VC, but I hate him the most. I wanted Lance to die like that because I'm evil!
  7. Bloody hell mate, download the f***ing save game! I can't submit B files, so I put in a zip. I dont like racing so screw Hot wheels. And I have one friend that has played SA on PS2 SA dosen't sell in NZ for PC How about, as soon as this space is 2G, I'll submit VC for you then. BUT! I agree on Lance He probably lied about his brother,backstabbed Tommy! this is how he should die Beaten all his teeth out, smash his shins with a hammer, bodyslammed at least twice, put in the back of a Barracks OL or a walton, beaten half the crap out off by a golf club (I want a golf club, not baseball bat) then shot a couble of times by an M4, sawen his arms off by a chain saw, attached to a bomb, then drowned and then blow up.Then his Lance Vance Dance quote taken to someone random like Mercedes or Ken.
  8. I haven't been to high school and I know how to type! I can give you my save game right here My_save_game.zip
  9. I agree! I'm south African, well almost I lived in a country right next to it! (not madacasgar)
  10. How about preaching on like this your parent (I'm gonna use P):You cant have it You:But i want it P:It's too violent You:My friend has it P:How old is he? You:9 P:Well, that hims and this is you You:I have played SA at his place before... You:I'll be right back P:whoa, what are you doing with that spade? You:I'm goona smash it in your face if you don't give me the damn game! P:riiight Swing the spade at his/her leg P:owww!!!! You:Gimme it! it's only 50 dollars (or less) P:Ok ok Hope that helps
  11. Can someone tell me what hud was used in Tony Resta's fake GTAIV screenshot?
  12. Tommy V... I hated him all the way through Micking tommy would be like this "Ohh,,, I'm on the bees knees cuz I've got a hot suit and loads of chicks like me...Ohh, i have a mansion I'm better than you!!!" He acted and sounded like a total prick he has to be beaten bad by a bat. knocked off a building nailed down by a pistol cut his cuts out with a chainsaw and kiss his ass goodbye with a rocker launcher I liked Claude LEAVE HIM ALONE reason why hes an empty shell, is because he is a mercanary
  13. i think: At the end it was a shot to kill Maria for pissing off Claude How old was Claude anyway...
  14. oops ahh crap... forgot that the censored version isn't in the internet
  15. I just curious... Download them if yo dont have em games mine is VCS right now
  16. I hate school dead Our uniforms Shirts and Skivvies:Navy/light blue with Chelsea school sign on it Pants,shorts or skirts:Dark Blue with Chelsea school sign on it Hat:looks like a Dark blue inside out pirate hat with the Chelsea school sign on it Shoes:black Socks:White (wtf) We looked like retarded goons And the teachers get freechoice??!!!! I got told I was a smartass by the principal and i heard that 2 girls were being bitchy to eachother by the Deputy principal (in class) I am in Year 4 (Kiwi/New Zealand) Year 4 is 9 years old
  17. I hate dogs, i pretend to not know them cuz when I go near one i'm like "Oh my god, I'm gonna die, I'm finished, that's it for me" When ever a run around when a dogs around it starts chasing me... Luckily I'm bike-riding most of the time instead of walking. Anyway on topic, i want at least 5 tigers, (trained ones that don't attack humans on sight, tigers that are like cats, pet cats) Then I'd become a celebrity for keeping one of the most vicious animals in the world.
  18. I wish Tommy didn't duck and stand there for 2 seconds... Then Tommy would die and I'd party till i get a sore throat
  19. Whats the difference between the LC and SF traids? I like to return Vercetti Gang-I want my revenge on Tommy Triads-I want my revenge on China (I liked the LC triads clothes) Russian Mafia-I want my revenge on Russia!!!! Street Wannabes-I want some explosion rubble and fire ashes. Haitians-Screw these nooby thugs I just want those gangs to return so I can show people whos the boss!!
  20. Ok I've changed my mind about the japanese guy I like Japanese people now because I hated Japan because it threatend Korea and China, (some of my friends were chinese and korean)... Then i figured out what China had done to my poor country (home country, thats Africa) So the japs taught China a valuble lesson (extremely early, before China did such a sin) The sin China did was give Ak-47's to people who wanted to waste Africa... Oh and I dont want it to be Russian protagonist or Chinese protagonist Russia did the sin China did
  21. First of all, Miguel DIDN'T help in Claude's heist. Hilary wasn't completely useless, he weakened the SWAT member and gave you the taxi, so it does count. 2=4 I'm not GONNA leave this thread that easily... You spelt Claude wrong and i'm 9 and I type better than you I don't CARE if I lost. GTA3 was the first 3D GTA so your the newb... I'm on Claude's side no matter what... And Tommy NEVER shot down a Dodo, there wasn't any Dodo's in VC you newb Claude Dosen't give a shit about anyone, hes worse then Tommy. More violent. He saved some leone gang members from the Cartel and the Police. Hit the cartel guy... EDIT: you haven't looked at the opening scenes What Claude did : WHoop the guys ass before he got shot, hes brave. What Tommy did : Even though the robbers ran out of ammo, and the 3 other guys died, he got the hell outta there as fast as f***... He wasn't brave enough to kill those guys.The robbers didn't fire after 2 seconds, that's how long it takes to reload Claude is younger, but if they came into a fight, Claude would win, Tommy would be an old crap... cuz VC took place in 1986, GTA3 took place in 2001
  22. I agree. And the prostitutes should have a unique skin... because in VC they're were so much women that it was almost impossible to see whos a prostitute and whos a beacher. In gta3 it was easy, cuz they're was a beach but noone whent there, so the prostitutes are really easy to get
  23. My first PS2 game was Some racing game It came with the PS2 My first PS1 game was Frenzy My first PC game was Solitare... LOL
  24. Mine was GTA VC Ever since I first saw a guy play it when I was 5 i saw a guy in a hawwain shrt then i saw some VC screenshots and the guy had a hawain shirt again
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