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  1. He was talking about gang "wars". They're stupid, tedious, and I will rip apart the next game that has enemy gangs attacking your shit. I don't want to be in the middle of a decent road trip across the state when all of the sudden, that friggin' meessage comes up saying, "Your territory is under attack". That's bull, and I want it to stop. We've already had this crap in SA, VCS, hell, even Saint's Row. Turf wars, especially ones you have to defend every five seconds, suck. Ass. lol that sounds f***tarded. Maybe it should be like, your gang members shold take care of it. Or maybe build a wall (?) around it to protect it?
  2. ^Wrong... dont know what collab is. and the bottom of his signature is TOTALLY untrue <Is oh what the hell... vWishes i would die
  3. Well for the main music, try Bon Jovi - It's my life. I used WMM for my videos, but you'll have to change alot of things in the text, and get a good font, like disco duck expanded.
  4. Or it's something like GTA3's theme. Both Gangster and Mafia
  5. Yell Hey the Ballas are comming! The Ballas are comming! WWYDI you woke up with your hair long till your back. (and lol IJSAB for you tabove your neck) Dance in my bedroom till my legs ache. I always wanted long hair, put put half hair or the shoulder and same with the other half, like a goth.
  6. So this forum is only for new games?
  7. Ask one of them if they can be my mother. (I hate my mother dead, she MUST go to hell for eternity) WWYDI CJ was your new class teacher, let me explain what he'll look like. Cesar Haircut No shirt, full muscle Sunglasses Blue jeans Any shoe Dualing Ingrams or Micro Uzis
  8. ^ Is wrong < Is like the only one who can play EO v Hates me
  9. ^ is wrong < is bored out of his mind v will say i'm a noobish 9-year-old
  10. Scream at George Bush, "You are the biggest fag in the whole world!" WWYDI you woke up as the hottest girl alive?
  11. Paris Hilton is scary? Give me proof.
  12. Then try The Exorsist or Doom3. It says contains horror scenes!!
  13. Only the YIKES! frightening on the 1st dream. The 2nd dream was too freaky so I used the level selector from my mod to pass it. It only gave me 1 nightmare EDIT:Ohh and yes games can be scary, what about Doom3?
  14. Just wondering... I played it over my friend's place and it's amazing
  15. Creepy levels? You're kidding right? Sure, you heard some werid shit (like the baby crying) but you could just turn down the volume. Umm, I did turn down the volume, once I heard Max's wife scream "Please I didn't mean to do it! Im sorry! Max!!" and I'm like YIKES!!! whipped off my earmuffs immediatly when i heard that. Then it gets hard, when the baby is crying, and Max stepped on him, he dissapears. Then i see Max shoot his Beretta at someone. ANd a few images of him tied to a chair, the background colour goes green then red. I got lost in the first maze, and then I fell down on the bloodtrail maze. Then the 2nd dream, it was too freaky, not even with the earphones ON. Ok, maybe I should explain what the dream was like? Ok, 1st dream. The background colour is green, the camera twirls in on Max. He says "The baby was crying, somewhere, I have to look for her" or something like that. Then when I'm around from the corner I hear Max's wife say "Please! I didn't mean to do it! Im Sorry! Max,please help me!!" or something like that. So I whipped off my earphones and then continued. The look gets jerky. Then i get up to the bloodtrail. The background goes red. I try used the bathroom door, then it gets blocked. bang Bang Bang! Nails & Planks all over it. Then I get to the blood trail. The outside of the blood is black. And it's also raining blood. The gravity is jerky now too. I beat that. Then I get to the baby's room. I look at her, then she dissapears. Then her blocks "magically" move around. Then I get to Max's wife's bedroom. Max whips out his pistol and shoots at someone. Then he's next to a boiler, in the basement of Lupino's hotel, tied to a chair, and a junkie boss infront of him armed with a baseball bat. The 2nd dream was too scary. Not even whitout my earphones. BIG PUSSY Lol, wtf do you expect I'm 9 ffs
  16. My last game bought was Vice City for PS2. Even though I got more games after that. My last game bought was Vice City for PS2. Even though I got more games after that.
  17. That does work. I think, I have direct x 9.0 and my modded cars aren't white
  18. ^Has that crappy Blackout SA thing <White & Nerdy (really) vHasn't beaten any of the GTA games
  19. Say "oh damn" WWYDI you saw a giant Colt Anaconda in your room when you woke up. An Anaconda is similiar to a Python BTW
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