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  1. Hes mute, he cant talk. Ever heard of brain transplants?
  2. When those guys come run after you and say "Haha! Come here! haha! Come to daddy!"
  3. I can't beat Kingdom Come, I get up to the part where there's another one of Catalina's death traps. Those madmen keep blowing up my car! They keep running for it. It's impossible to pass it. Any hints? any useful weapons I could use? Thank you help wil be appeciated. Thanks.
  4. Claude... If it's set before 2001 or after 2013. Plus Tommy, so I could easily waste him...
  5. ok here goes... (I'm being a dickhead)
  6. The best way to break those windows is to get a rifle or an SMG such as the MP5
  7. If it's impossible, try getting a trainer (like Lithjoe's) and put on Solid Granet and you will never have to worry about crashing into other cars.
  8. I now heard Get in the back. AAAAAAAGHHH!!!!! The weirdest would have to be "I'm gonna eat ya" WTF
  9. lol I can't complete GTA3 cuz the madman mission is hard. The Donald Love misson is hard too.
  10. Maybe this topic should be like a What glitches do you want on GTAIV?
  11. Yell LOOK OUT!!! then trip him over. WWYDI you started killin' all the cops?
  12. ^Umm... .WTF? <Is 9.21PM now vHas a wife
  13. it just disables them. no worries But you can reenable them, by doing them again
  14. Well on the way back, it is advised to take the trashmaster. If you take the sentinel they'll beat it up no problemo. But the trashmaster, is slow but steady. And about x4 stronger than the sentinel
  15. What the hell? Good at GTA?? It took me around a month to complete Vice City without trainers!!
  16. ^ No, is not called tec9 <Come to think of it, I do like ATHF VHas played MOH:PA, and will ANSWER this question this time
  17. It fried? I dunno... WWYDI Your best friend had Xbox 360's GTAIV because he's a beta tester and you have Xbox 360?
  18. Install DirectX and try again
  19. I have no reason for typing in text language. As I am a faster typer than my parents. (and they are fast typers too) But it's ok to me if they go hi dude, i am from gtaforums. like not using capitals. I'm ok with that.
  20. Maybe it's because... If you were captured wouldn't you want a best friend to come to the rescue? nails are only important for girls. But I'd say, you would of her a scream if she was fully shot.
  21. LIAR!!! An Old friend was the easiest.... All you had to do was drive to the hotel.... I can't believe you found that hard...
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