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  1. An old lady couldn't do almost all of that stuff. Why? Because... *Walking-stick walkings *Shot by the police too much *Couldn't carry almost any of the weapons *Must try EXTREMELY hard to jack a car *Low as health *Memory loss *False teeth *Easy preys for enemy gangs *Almost impossible to make money I'd prefer a cheat for one. But not the actual protagonist for one.
  2. That would be pathetic. No joke. Old people would easily fail.
  3. I'd like something like, black/white person at the age of 31. NO humour at all, like a regular person, and has a personality of something rough. Then I would pre-order it!
  4. Are you sure you're allowed to post that?
  5. Mine is Max Payne and Max Payne 2... For it's creepy levels. Like when Max vists his house 3 times, (one real, two in a dream), he sees the same damn people. His wife and baby... DEAD!!!
  6. Why are you the only person posting here?
  7. One helicopter you missed... The VCN maverrick. Thats on top of the VCN building. And the VCN building is next to the Prawn-to-Mainland bridge
  8. To be fair.. I was driving the coastgaurd around and I saw a shark and I'm like... Hmm interesting. Then when I got control of my boat (shark onscreen) I fell off! One minute I'm holding the wheel, next minute I'm in the water.
  9. Yup zModeler ain't free... It said its shareware and cost 27 euros! And I don't live anywhere near England/London or whatever
  10. Is there a free 3D model maker? I can't afford one as it is american and I live in NZ, that tiny little country next to Australia. So, if there is any... Could you let me know? I can only make TXDs.
  11. Yu-gi-oh for it's death animations too bad they pop into a million pieces instead of blood and gore.
  12. Your the people that don't know what I'm talking about!
  13. What?! It helps you to do stunts! Hydrolics are fun and shouldn't be taken away no matter what! And I don't think cars with hydrolics is gonna break the law. Get a trainer that makes your car dentproof/solid granet.
  14. 1st bold : That would piss people off BIG TIME. I had a mod and it made gas for VC, it makes me go insane so i deleted the mod 2nd bold : That would require too much memory 3rd bold : That would majorally suck play driving game and it dosen't damage your health 4th bold : That's one of the most important things that make GTA GTA The one I bolded at the top, thats my LAST bold, play a driving game that you can damage your car, the pyshics are EXACTLY the same.
  15. KIDS!? I've changed my mind! f*** YOU ASSHOLE!!! My wish for now is bullettime, health measured by a man (like in Max Payne) and shootdodging (from Max Payne too) And also all of SA's features and the clothing from SA too
  16. Infact... most of that BS you guys think I find quite interesting. Fat, muscle, driving skill etc seem cool to me So my favourite is SA because of all its features and weapons etc etc. Gta3's storyline is pretty cheesy. Because Claude kills ALL of those people just to kill Catalina?! (the bank robbery she was armed with a pistol and him a shotgun!?) see the trailer
  17. If this is regular CJ Tommy would be alot stronger but like TVG said, what if Tommy was pushed into a puddle Lets see what happens then
  18. Ok I'm gonna tell you things that REALLY worked 1st go. Some thing like It's MY birthday YOU have to give me this damn thing!!! damnit!!! Worked with me for VC 2nd go. something like Keep begging on and on and on until they get pissed off then they buy it or get it off a friend or some thing. Worked with me for GTA3 3rd go. something like Steal their credit card and use that. That worked for my friend for SA. k, sorry if my first post here was a joke. I have a serious sense of humour
  19. Stop saying that it sounds nooby now that everyone uses it. I PERSONALLY think CJ cuz he can do way more thi-- hang on. WHICH CJ ARE WE TALKING ABOUT??!! Fat CJ, regular CJ muscluar CJ wtf??
  20. Stfu man this is MY forum. People can post whatever posts they want if it's related. Either come up with some moves or get out!
  21. My point is... either grap a REALLY dangerous potential weapon, them intimidating them. OR Force them "If you don't give me the game I'll smash your laptop or something."
  22. Heres my full list. People should die. Og Loc (He looks like a dipshit, sounds like one too) Haitians LC Triads Catalina Golfers Tec 9's (even though they don't live) The Security guards The fat woman in a yellow shirt in GTA3 Diablos GTA3 The construction workers Taxi drivers (GTAVC Only) Black prostitute with an afro from GTA3 Tommy (f***ing show-off prick)
  23. To Tec9, those are pretty good moves, why didn't I think of them. To Shifty, Those are pretty much some moves that I used, but I didn't think of headbutting! Yes, it does belong here, it's fighting moves for GTAIV that you can do without any weapons except your body parts.
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