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  1. MaxPayne's avatar is a picture of Max in MP 2 And he isn't a burgalar, he undercover cop On topic Make sure his balls really hurt WWYDI I chased you around with an ingram. And the ingram was fully loaded.
  2. Get some pants on and beat the shit out of him/her. But I'm underaged for sex right now. WWYDI Max Payne came into your room.
  3. Wouldn't really give a shit. I dont see playboy, i play PC. WWUDI if you hear someone having sex in the room right next to you
  4. I was a muchkin. My school play was the WOO, and i was in that faggy lollipop guild. It's probably because I'm around a metre tall, thats way too short for a 9 year old. Every one is my syndycate is taller than me. Oh yeah and back on topic. I would use my "special move" i made up and make your chin hurt really badly. So. WWYDI you saw the protagonists of GTA and the games you like in your bedroom when you woke up.
  5. Videotape it and share it wif me friends! I know I'm a bit of a pervert. WWYDI gangsters came in to your house and started dancing really randomly in your living room, and beetboxing really badly.
  6. Creepy levels? You're kidding right? Sure, you heard some werid shit (like the baby crying) but you could just turn down the volume. Umm, I did turn down the volume, once I heard Max's wife scream "Please I didn't mean to do it! Im sorry! Max!!" and I'm like YIKES!!! whipped off my earmuffs immediatly when i heard that. Then it gets hard, when the baby is crying, and Max stepped on him, he dissapears. Then i see Max shoot his Beretta at someone. ANd a few images of him tied to a chair, the background colour goes green then red. I got lost in the first maze, and then I fell down on the bloodtrail maze. Then the 2nd dream, it was too freaky, not even with the earphones ON. Ok, maybe I should explain what the dream was like? Ok, 1st dream. The background colour is green, the camera twirls in on Max. He says "The baby was crying, somewhere, I have to look for her" or something like that. Then when I'm around from the corner I hear Max's wife say "Please! I didn't mean to do it! Im Sorry! Max,please help me!!" or something like that. So I whipped off my earphones and then continued. The look gets jerky. Then i get up to the bloodtrail. The background goes red. I try used the bathroom door, then it gets blocked. bang Bang Bang! Nails & Planks all over it. Then I get to the blood trail. The outside of the blood is black. And it's also raining blood. The gravity is jerky now too. I beat that. Then I get to the baby's room. I look at her, then she dissapears. Then her blocks "magically" move around. Then I get to Max's wife's bedroom. Max whips out his pistol and shoots at someone. Then he's next to a boiler, in the basement of Lupino's hotel, tied to a chair, and a junkie boss infront of him armed with a baseball bat. The 2nd dream was too scary. Not even whitout my earphones.
  7. I'll continue the story, shall I? Edited Hey wait a minute, WHAT THE f***!!! Claude cant die, hes still in a body preserving capsule, at least thats what Slayer knows. He said that Claude was frozen 2002 to 2015. Oh what the hell. CJ says to Johnny, "Can you help me out here?" "f*** no, you backstabbing bastard" replies Johnny. Johnny hangs up. Cj repeatedly says "hello?". Meanwhile, Johnny walks out of the motel, only to be ambushed by Claude, who seemed to have faked his death. Johnny yells "Shit!" and gets in his car and gets the hell outta there. Claude runs into Johnny's room. Plus he takes his sawed-off shotgun he's been saving for a "rainy" day. And he is mad enough to destroy Johnny's room with a baseball bat. By the time Johnny gets back to the hotel, he finds out that his room has been destroyed and his shotgun has been taked. And then some japanese guy from the Yakuza ambushes him, attacking him with a katana. Johnny cautiosly avoids the blows and jumps out of the window. Fortunately, in his fall his foot was up, so he kicked a guy off his PCJ and got the hell outta there. He is ambushed again by Claude, which Claude is armed with his M16, blows up his bike and runs outta there. He spots a plane and runs to it. In the engine Claude is still chasing him. While he's on takeoff, CJ notices he's gonna get hit by the wing and screams "no!" and gets cracked by the wing. Johnny flies to safety, but the left wing on his plane has been shot repeatedly by Claude's M16. He's still flying and he is seeing bullet trails flying into the distance, missing him. Unfortunately Claude spots a tank nearby. As soon as he's in it, it's a tack on Johnny. He uses the tank's lock-on system to target the plane. The rockets from the tanks miss. But one hits the plane. Johnny goes spinning into a little island. He jumps out of the plane and hurts his back really badly. He knows he has to get out of state, or he will die trying to fight Claude.
  8. I like (sorry to bump) Regular cars -Mini Cooper -Mazda Damieo -Mercedes A -Honda Civic -Nissan Bluebird -Mitsubuschi Galant -Aston Martin (any version) SUVs -Mitsubuschi Delica -Mitsubuschi Padgero Bikes -Road bike -Harley Davidson -Mountain bike -Scooter Helicopter -Black Hawk -Apache -Commanche Special -Rescue helicopter (ambulance) -SUV taxis
  9. Some rap,rap parodies, and rock would be fine for me.
  10. Mafia, because they are stronger. And is a bigger and better gang.
  11. Tec9s. Why i hate them. -Look pretty lame. -The ingram firing rate is better -Pretty unpopular. Now Victor -The way he walked, like he had a broken back -The way he dressed -The way died really unrealisticaly, like he died in the middle of chearleading.
  12. Im nine. Anyways, I would like Tommy to return as long as he dosen't act like a prick and/or have a beard. Beards are ugly.
  13. Offtopic: Can we please stop talking about what the controls will be in GTA4 for PS3? Ontopic: SA's ones back, those were good ones
  14. How can they both be expansion packs? I don't think you get expansions for PS.
  15. I played VC and I liked "Eww, your swetty" Where was Get in the back. AHHH! from? I have both Gta3 and VC
  16. No. Cuz I wanted GTA in the first place They had NO idea that you run around killing people. They just knew it had violence in it
  17. Sorry to bump. But I'd like to whack people with something like. -Laptop -PS2 -Xbox -Breifcase Or something like that
  18. I just didn't like the way he dressed. And TEC9, the reason I wanted them to die is because. (Talking about the gun Tec9) They are weak and have a crappy fire rate.
  19. Ok, Wikipedia said that they are 2 GTA Londons. One is Gta London 1961 and the other Gta London 1964. I'm thinking that Gta London 1961 is the expansion because I've played Gta London 1964 on PS and on PS you dont get expansions. Am I wrong? Are they 2 Gta Londons, even?
  20. So what do you like about Toni? I got this idea from What do you like about Claude,Tommy and CJ
  21. No it's not you noob. Gordon wears an orange suit, you'd know because of the suit. And TVG wat you said is true. Citizens and Rebels are different. Citizens -No weapons, except for the one at the end of Chapter 3 -Bossed around by the combine -Wears a blue suit Rebels -Some are medics -They have weapons -Kill combine INSTEAD of getting bossed around -Wear better clothes
  22. And I found more annoying people. Aussie woman from GTA VC Every leone f***er from GTA 3 Every forelli from both GTA3 and VC Phil Cassidy Catalina (from GTA3) Victor Vance (GTAVC)
  23. I find rampages fun. Police runouts are cool aswell!!!
  24. Mine was Rub Out... I liked much though like Trojan Voodoo Keep your friends close... Naval Engagement
  25. Rifle - M4 Heavy - M60 Ok mine Fist - Fists Melee - Baseball bat Pistol - M1911 Shotgun - Sawn-off shotgun SMG - Mp5 Rifle - M4 Thrown - Molotov coctails Heavy - Chaingun
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