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  1. Why hasn't my name been called yet? I'd like to meet Tec9 to make my most muscular friend arm a baseball bat and hit him 3quarters to death And same goes with Ezo. And I few others just need time to think who they are
  2. ^ is wrong. < is going like CJ went on the flame-thread (pussy to gangster) v Hates me... (everyone [practically] of the forums does hate me)
  3. Ok enough chatting. I want to know how to mod the font, the font screen is blank white! Help me if you can plz
  4. I dont mean the sites font I mean Vice City's font
  5. I'd like it to be based after GTA2 (2013) But if it were 2007 we wont be able to play as Cluade But if it were the future, not much of the futuristic shit, that would ruin the game.
  6. Only if theres a Kurama in Gta 3 which I don't hink there is. Of course there is a Kuruma in GTA3. Plus its kuruma not kurama. VC, the Kuruma was replaced by the washington
  8. I would want the death of my mother for christmas. I hate her soooooooooo bad
  9. Wow, we have a person here who is having trouble reading.
  10. Say yes WWYDI you called your teacher a bitch? And IJustShotabear, you can do something if TGTAP was deleted
  11. Delete it or rename it. Then add the new one
  12. Thank him. WWYDI when you woke up, the hottest girl alive stands RIGHT infront of you and asks you for marriage?
  13. My first Halloween costume (this halloween) sucked HARD OUT I went as a hobo. Then I went as a goth-like beaten-down thug. I borrowed my friend's baseball bat.
  14. I get that error. But it just stops loading, it dosen't close up and say ERROR. It stops like 3/4 way there.
  15. Well, I think we'll have to decide whos going to be the future GTA's protagonist. If it's based in year 2007... well Cant be Claude : Still Frozen Cant be Tommy : Too old Cant be Carl : Might be dead by now Cant be Toni : Too fat Cant be Victor : Dead, of course. But it can be Mike,(GTA Advance [if he's young enough] protagonist) since that was based in 2000
  16. Well, It SEEMS like that way. And no, not all the races are balanced. Some have to do this to do that, some with others
  17. Matrix soundtrack - Don davis vs Juno reactor Bon Jovi - It's my life
  18. ^ Wrong. I drink coffee more then my parents do. < going to MacDonalds for lunch today. v dosen't hate me
  19. ^ Is wrong, I don't exercise much. < Has played MP @ University v Dosen't live in America either
  20. LOL SAS!!! I'd think the main character would be Ryder, maybe?
  21. Claude, Tommy and CJ all armed with baseball bats. Claude will win. Claude swings his bat the fastest. but maybe they should be armed with Chainguns and lets see who will win? Claude, Tommy and CJ all armed with baseball bats. Claude will win. Claude swings his bat the fastest. but maybe they should be armed with Chainguns and lets see who will win?
  22. If i was Tommy maybe something like this. In the middle of a haitian shootout. Me - MMM donuts.... aaauuuuughhh. Me - I wanna pause for some donuts Haitian - Ok I use the roof access and shoot the shit of the haitians.
  23. Well I'd like, Kung fu moves (Mod for Max Payne) This are the controls Quick punches - shoot button (very weak) Shift + forward - Kick forward (one hit kill, most of the time) Shift + forward + left - Jump and kick with both legs (one hit kill, takes some time though) Shift + forward + right - Spin around and kick at the same time(one hit kill) Shift + backward + Right - right cartwheel in the air, kicking. (hard to aim Shift + backward + left - left cartwheel in the air, kicking (hard to aim) Dual different weapons for example Desert eagle and katana. When ranged, the desert eagle will attack. When close the katana will attack. Auto on weapons. They fire rapidly when you hold the shoot button. Being able to take the flight to what ever island. Some islands are only accesible from Plane or boat.
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