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Status Updates posted by Earthbound

  1. I am indeed! Hoorah for the internetz.

  2. Yes indeed. I've been flat out with the usual "real life shit". I'm still busy but I wouldn't mind getting a bit more active here.

  3. Hey Tox. I'm doing good mate. Just winding down after a long week. What about you?

  4. You seem like you might be one of the better new members here. Welcome to TGTAP. :)

  5. By having sex I guess?

  6. You'll be pleased to know I upgraded from a Sprite bottle to a Powerade bottle today. Oh yeah.

  7. Thanks mate. I'm loving your new one too.. Nice and simple, with a bit of grunge and also a lot of awesome all crammed into 350×140 pixels. ;-)

  8. Hah, indeed. Thanks mate. It's all from Aqua Teen Hunger Force the series. YouTube it. ;)

  9. Thanks mate. Created it in a moment of boredom. Yay ATHF! :)

  10. Umm. Yeah, I guess so. I am a bloke, afterall.

  11. G'day Nate. I'm good cheers. Pretty tired though.. been busy with work and such. And you?

  12. Well that's just dandy. :)

  13. Yeah, pretty good mate. Just cruising along on a nice Sunday morning. How about yourself?

  14. lol I can't believe I didn't think of that. :P

  15. How could you do such a thing Husky? That's just mean. :(


  16. When? When you had your back turned. We didn't want you to see. Hehe.

  17. Haha, thanks for the 5 stars mate. :)

  18. Thanks Lonewolf. Yep. I'll be moderating the gang forums, so watch your tail mate. ;)

  19. Haha, thanks mate. I certainly am. :)

  20. lol. I used to smoke a fair bit, but I haven't done for a good year and a half so my tolerance is probably down a fair bit, but meh. It's all in good fun ey.

  21. Haha. Bloody oath mate.. Imagine taking a full piece with that thing haha. Best use for a lamp shade yet. :P

  22. Haha, thanks mate. Surprised you don't. I gave you a 5 though, just 'cos I love you. ;)

  23. Lol I know. Not a lot is happening mate. Just being a lazy shit on Sunday morning. Got MSN?

  24. Sorry sir, I'll be good.

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