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  1. Kitsune Inferno

    A game Inside a Game

    I guess I was thiking about Xbox Live Arcade there. I like my minigames either really small or not that mini.
  2. Kitsune Inferno

    The Rise and Decline of Western Civilization

    Hey, wait a minute. I'M A HALF BREED. Anyway, the US definitely won't change its currency. I've heard that the US dollar is the most popular currency in the world. Everyone always wants sweet American tender in other countries, from what I've heard.
  3. Kitsune Inferno

    Will you work for Love fist again

    Yeah, it would be fun if Love Fist were drunker and more outta-control! Like in the mission where you have to drive them to their concert while they try to defuse the bomb on the limo.
  4. Kitsune Inferno

    Full Metal Alchemist

    By the way, in the movie, Al will copy Ed's jackets. Then again, by the end of the series, Al has no memory of Ed ever wearing them.
  5. Kitsune Inferno

    What one is the best?

    My older brother introduced me to it and I became hooked. Especially when you play the demo where you blow up after eating a bad pizza. I sinced moved up to the full version.
  6. Kitsune Inferno

    Did Vic Really Die?

    Vic COULD have died in that drug deal. Then again, Vic could have survived the shootout, went into hiding, moved to Los Santos, and became a cop under the name, "Frank Tenpenny". Or not.
  7. Kitsune Inferno

    What GTA game got you into GTA?

    GTA 2. I was first introduced to the demo from my older brother when I was nine. I loved it so much, I got the full game as a gift. Retail, not the free version off of R* Classics. (DAMN)
  8. Kitsune Inferno

    Rock and Roll is on life support

    NO!!!! Say it ain't so! Rock's my second favorite genre of music. I always thought country music would die soon.
  9. Kitsune Inferno

    What one is the best?

    I like GTA2 a hell of a lot, mainly because that was the first GTA I ever played.
  10. Kitsune Inferno

    any rap fans? if so.....

    My favorite genre is rap, and I mainly prefer Eminem, TI, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Ludacris, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Ice Cube, and DMX.
  11. Kitsune Inferno

    What are you eating/drinking right now?

    Coca-cola, Shake and Bake porkchops, and a heaping helping of these forums!
  12. Kitsune Inferno

    Big Community Thread

    My life is okay. All I have to do is balance high school, lawn care, Xbox 360, and these forums and I'm good.
  13. Kitsune Inferno

    How big is your T.V?

    The largest TV in my house is a 52-inch HD RCA rear-projection set. But the largest TV in my room is a 27-inch Zenith CRT.
  14. Kitsune Inferno

    Last Mission

    And don't mind the molotov cocktails being thrown by the Ballas and Vagos. They're basically just a scare tactic. The Feltzer is probably fireproof. At least that's how I see it. I go through the flames and nothing happens.
  15. Kitsune Inferno

    What is your favourite outfit?

    I voted for the Mr. Vercetti oufit. I loved going around North Point Mall with the suit and a sweet car acting like a reporter for VCN covering all the gunfights in that area.
  16. Kitsune Inferno

    Claude, Tommy, CJ or Toni?

    Personally, I'd like to see Tommy and CJ to come back. Tommy had a real awesome attitude about him. CJ was just an amazing transformation from his former self.
  17. Kitsune Inferno

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    -Ragdoll Physics -Every car/weapon from GTA3 to GTA:VCS -Carcer City as a locale -Full on Xbox Live/PS3 Online multiplayer
  18. Kitsune Inferno

    A game Inside a Game

    I'm thinking something similar to GTA2, but with online multiplayer, mission editor, etc.
  19. Kitsune Inferno

    Introduce Yourself..

    Yeah, I'm new here. Don't piss me off and we'll be fine.