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  1. The inability to pick up hookers. That's a staple in the GTA series and should never be taken away.
  2. CJ's probably in his late twenties. On topic: Sweet: Carl, it's Sweet. Carl: Sup, Sweet! What you want? Sweet: It's moms, bro. She's dead. That plays at the end of the Introduction and the beginning of SA, I'm 100% sure of it.
  3. I was inspired by K P's "What do you like about Tommy Vercetti?" thread. -Wears a tank. -Is a REAL gangsta -Became a rap manager -Killed another rap manager -Helped cause the Los Santos riots
  4. If it was 2002-2007, we could also see what happened to the GSF, CJ, everybody from SA. We could also see what happened to Donald Love. Maybe he ate himself.
  5. First game for my PS2 was probably Midnight Club. However, my PS2's dead now, so screw that. The first games I got for my 360 was GRAW and DOA4.
  6. Claude Speed (GTA3), Tommy Vercetti (GTA:VC), Carl Johnson (GTA:SA), Toni Cipriani (GTA:LCS), or Victor Vance (GTA:LCS)? I'd kill Claude, because he has absolutely no personality and got laid by Catalina.
  7. Stauton, only because I couldn't really go to Manhatten and kill Sindaccos. Although I'd still take San Fierro over Staunton Island and Los Santos over San Fierro.
  8. Eh, everyone played Pokemon on their Gameboys. Even me. *shudders at past memories* I hope VCS doesn't get ported to the PS2. What's the point of buying a PSP if the killer apps are on a different system?
  9. Carl, only because he's famous now that he's Madd Dogg's manager. And he helped start the Los Santos riots.
  10. I like the Vercetti Gang because after you complete "Keep Your Friends Close...", they get Mac 10s.
  11. Tennessee for me. Hey Skyline, I'm an hour away from NC. Hmmm?
  12. People said it was a loincloth. They were wrong. It's a damn apron.
  13. f*** yes, I AM seious. That day, I was saying if the bus got into a crash, WE'D ALL DIE. (Overflow problem on the bus) I didn't think a plane would almost kill us!
  14. Don't tell them anything about all of the objectional stuff in SA. If they did their homework and won't believe you, try buying it off of a friend.
  15. Besides, it said on the official Vice City website on that bullitin board that Vic Vance WAS in Vice City. So why would they say that and not have Vic killed in the intro?
  16. My favorite character in GTA3 is sure as hell isn't Claude. Mine is maybe...Toni Ciprini, mainly because he's voiced by Michael Madsen and is a fat ass who lives with his momma.
  17. K P, of course Donald Love won't be in a toilet stall. He'd be in a sewer, for god's sake. R* wouldn't make a boneheaded move like not including ANY characters from the past GTAs.
  18. County: USA Reason: We have EVERYTHING here! Pot, meth, SPANK, and GTA history.
  19. I'd rather GTA4 would be in contemporary times. AKA, present day for the dumbasses. AKA, "now" for the turds. I'd like to drive in a 2007 Patriot other than a 1992 Patriot.
  20. I'd probably like to play as a woman. Just as long as there are no dating missions.
  21. Besides, a Crap Shack would just end up in huge flame wars. Believe me, I've experienced it and it sucks.
  22. Maybe Vic DID die in that shootout, maybe he didn't. This is one of the things we're probably never supposed to know. Kind of like if Claude really killed Maria during the ending because she was nagging. Or if Ryder really died when you blew up his Speeder.
  23. This one actually happened a few hours ago on my bus on its way to the elementary school in the afternoon. (my bus goes to my house, the elementary school, the high school, then back to the elementary school and finally, my house. I swear to god, an friggin' PLANE FLEW like, ten feet, over my bus. I didn't know until the plane landed in a patch of field to our right.
  24. -No turf wars -Recruiting gang mambers unless they learn how to aim/drive -No more '86, '92, '01 Manana @ArturKim21 - Those were tracer rounds - bullets which only purpose is to figure out where/what you're shooting at...and they're illegal in California.
  25. GSF- Instant Classic Streetwannabes- We need cannon fodder Ballas- Let's see how working for the other side pans out in GTA4 SF/LC Triads- Triads rule... Yakuza- ...but not as much as the Yakuza
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