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  1. Um, well, you just always take cover and shoot with the Mac 10 that you get with the mission. When you get outside, you do the same and be sure to help Smoke. When it gets to the drive-by part, it's self-explanatory. Just shoot the oncoming cars and bikes.
  2. Well, I'm not sure where you're getting the numbers from since I'm looking at a different map.
  3. There is no way in hell my computer stacks up to those requirements.
  4. The Sharks especially with three guys doing drive-bys on you gets annoying.
  5. I'm not sure which percent you get when you get to From Zero To Hero plainly doing the missions but all I know is it's the 30th mission in the storyline. Really, you'll be there before you know it.
  6. By wagon, I'm thinking you mean Walton. That and the Boxville are commonly found in Viceport. The Oceanic spawns in Washington Beach near the Minigun Rampage.
  7. I've got the same thoughts. We know that GTAF isn't really known for the quality of respect from the moderators but it's not really worth it to bring your story over here.
  8. I'm burnin' up for you now. For you, baby.
  9. I'm gonna wonder what CJ has anything to do with Vice City.
  10. Man, the Atlantic Ocean is being raped. Gustav just made landfall, Hanna is being stupid, and Ike and Josephine are brewing in the eastern Atlantic.
  11. If you live in Louisiana. Leave the area. Now. I mean it. It's for your safety. Hurricane Gustav is gonna follow in Hurricane Katrina's same landfall path.
  12. 100% agree. Plus, who knows some students might be out of their mind as to try to take it from a teacher. It's an outside chance but some students do go into teacher's desks.
  13. Down the garbage, sadly. This is the second generation.
  14. Yeah, that's really stupid. Becky Hammon didn't have an opportunity to make the USA women's basketball team so she went to play for Russia but yet you've got a Japanese diver who was on the American team and several Chinese table tennis players from China on the American team. Also, there was an American basketball player who played for Russia, only on the Men's side and no one made a deal out of that. The whole thing sounds dumb. About the Phelps/Cavic issue, I'll just say that the touch pads don't lie.
  15. You Brits are so lucky not to catch a glimpse of a tropical cyclone hitting your area. If you lived in the southern United States (which I don't, btw), you'd get raped.
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