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  1. But still, it is impressive to see China blow everyone else out of the water in the Gold Medal count.
  2. Lucky you just happened to get back before Tropical Storm Fay makes landfall on Florida. Welcum back, biotch.
  3. McCain is an old man. Obama is a guy with a funny name, but hey, I like him better. McCain is a Bush clone. No one wants that. Yeah, as you can see, I hate politics. That's all what my mother watches these days and I'm sick of it. Edit: BBQ, you left out Ralph Nader but I can see why.
  4. The downside is that they won't drive-by. Other than the Coach and Bus (Rarely seen), the Camper can hold more than 3 members, also.
  5. I'm gonna wonder what's with the most useless topics but I really don't think any bike is useless. They're all great in some aspect.
  6. TNF - I'ms good.

    S-V- I dunno.

  7. James Blake beats Roger Federer. Pwn.
  8. Yeah, bump. I think Favre should've stayed retired or don't retire at all. If he never chose to retire, he'd obviously still be the starter in Green Bay but since he retired and came back, the Packers never wanted him and I think it's heavily awkward that he's go to the Jets. The Jets, I mean come on. That's like one of the least likely teams he'd go to. I think it would've been interesting if he went to the Vikings.
  9. I say, I wish I had a dad like yours. If my parents really cared about it, they'd say GTA is stupid but they hardly watch what I'm doing so it's all good.
  10. Well, first welcome to the forums. Since your new, I'll let you off but make a new topic for these sort of things and the reason for that is obviously because you didn't buy the game... Buy it and the radio station will work, plus you won't have lag.
  11. If that's true, that's sure a dumb reason.
  12. Wonder who would get more votes. Her or Ralph Nader.
  13. Man, and you never hear these things about other violent games.
  14. In the same position. I always complain on how my computer sucks and no one will do a darn thing about it.
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