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  1. Never noticed this post until now and I failed the mission the same way. I hit that barrel in the road but still had an opportunity to get on the ramp, but I actually hit the side of it and went into the water. The mission is long and it makes it longer because of my laggy computer.
  2. The Cheetah, Infernus, and Jester should be found driving around The Strip in Las Venturas. The Euros is parked under The Camel's Toe in Las Venturas but is only available in the Import/Export Car Lists. The Hotknife can be found outside Driving School after getting at least Bronzes in Driving School (I think). About that Farm Trailer... I've never seen that in my life.
  3. Does VCS have anything to do with Tommy Vercetti? Nope, Tommy Vercetti's still in jail in 1984.
  4. He could've gone and got lemonade somewhere else.
  5. For me for some reason, I couldn't take out Kate during the Alderney part of the storyline well before the Deal/Revenge choice came up. I got the same thing as silver was saying. I'd believe that after the Deal storyline, everyone who isn't a friend gets taken off your phone. That would include Kate so she might eventually come off the contact list.
  6. Woo, repeated in the LCS award. If I were actually active the whole year, I could've repeated in VCS too. Cough. But, uh, congrats to all the winners.
  7. Vice City. The storyline was excellent and Tommy's the man. GTA III had a good storyline but was too dark and San Andreas is a great game but I think it's overrated.
  8. The map is almost exactly the same as the regular Vice City only there's a shortcut road to the airport. Not many new cars in this one. There's a Quad, Polaris V8, and a few other new cars. The radio kicks ass in this game, though. The Empire Building feature will keep your hands full for a while, too. Comparing the two, Vice City is better, IMO.
  9. You don't remember the mission for the guy with the one arm, where you had to defend it? After that, you could go there whenever you wanted and buy rocket launchers and machine guns. It wasn't quite an army base as such, it was more a private thing owned by an ex army guy. Yeah. If it were an army base, it would've been bigger, too. Not like some kind of shack off Rockford.
  10. I don't remember GTA III having one.
  11. Yeah, I have the forums bookmarked, too. I would only go to the homepage for mods but rarely.
  12. You have the same chance at finding Ratman in GTA IV as Bigfoot in San Andreas. None. They don't exist.
  13. Country: United States Territory/State: Connecticut City: Hartford No way I'm going over the pond.
  14. Quoted for the truth. That catch by Santonio Holmes was pure win. Pack your bags and go home, Cards.
  15. Screw them both. Sprite FTW.
  16. No one's been giving the Cardinals enough credit in the playoffs (but why would you, they lost by 28 in Week 13 to the Eagles, by 21 in Week 15 to the Vikings, and by 40 in Week 16 to the Patriots) but I still don't buy them to beat the Steelers. Larry Fitzgerald's getting too overhyped right now and the Steelers' defense pwns. Steelers win but close.
  17. Wonder where Dazza's been anyways. Happy birthday to you both.
  18. I've never really tried the WASD for games that much. Always thought it was easier on arrow keys. I only use that for flying a helicopter since there's no num pad on a laptop (forced to play it on one since my own computer sucks),
  19. Vice City Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock San Andreas Faith No More - Midlife Crisis Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day Liberty City Stories Shut 'Em Down - Onyx Vice City Stories Holy Diver - Dio GTA IV The Greenskeepers - Vagabond (Duh) Kanye West - Flashing Lights Madden NFL 2005/NHL 2005 Faith No More - From Out Of Nowhere Madden NFL 2008 The Bravery - Believe Some songs on the list don't fit the game but meh.
  20. Yeah, that was my reason too but I never knew that Francis' ability is disabled after the storyline is done.
  21. Yeah, fail, I forgot Playboy X and Dwayne.
  22. Just noticed that after making the topic.
  23. If you saw the contents of this poll and never got to do half of these choices, then too bad, I told you not to look. This topic's just to see what people did during the storyline of this game. Every decision was easy to make for me except for the one on Darko. Roman says he'd suffer more if left alive and I took his word but immediately after I walked away and Darko ran, I thought I made the wrong choice. Doesn't make sense to send a guy across the world to get killed be let go. Besides Deal and Revenge, the rest are just minor choices. If I forgot one, tell meh.
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