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  1. Anything related to quality of posting should just be handed to Gerard.
  2. It's between L-RiC and Angry Gorilla. Couldn't decide so I flipped a coin. +1 for L-RiC.
  3. I finished the storyline and I'm doing the 5th or 6th Assassin mission.
  4. The girl in Noru's sig's. Oh wait, she's not on the choice list. Voted for guilty.
  5. 1. Tommy (Badass) 2. Niko (Badass and had principles) 3. Toni 4. Victor 5. Carl 6. Claude Other characters I liked were Roman, Packie, and Lance just to say a few.
  6. Anything's better than Bush right now.
  7. Yeah, I'm like a mission away from the and there's no way I'm taking for the reason you said.
  8. I think it only goes up if you go to a safehouse and save so it doesn't include auto saves.
  9. Haha, same Also, one of them was when I had to Yeah, I did that mission yesterday. I was going up on that expressway in Alderney when I hit that dividor in the middle of the road and the Feltzer flipped over and I was like WTF? and failed the mission. Today, I did Pest Control and waited for but I kinda attacked too fast and blew up the first car but never hit the second car and they all drove by on me and wasted all my armor and health. First time I got wasted on a mission on a dumb mistake.
  10. It's between TNF and Earthbound. TNF's been labeled IMO as the smartest GTA player around but Earthbound's already made the gang system take a turn in the right direction. After fighting with myself, I'm going with Earthbound.
  11. Exactly what I was thinking. It stands out from the rest of them. Vote for Llama.
  12. Outlaw's always been there to help people there from the little time I've been there.
  13. Outlaw, you can't beat this guy.
  14. Nominated TNF, and I gotta stick with him.
  15. I liked VCS but the freeroam/gameplay just sucks and it might be the most boring GTA to play after the storyline is done since you can't do much besides Empire Building. Only reason I still play it sometimes is for the kickass radio.
  16. Wonder if Husky's mom sees that. It could get him in more trouble. I'M NOT TRYING TO SUGGEST ANYTHING FOR YOU TO DO, MOM.
  17. Pretty impressive he drove ten miles before crashing.
  18. I've had two near misses by being careless on a couple missions. In Meltdown, I had to chase Luca and his buds then when I went to the park, I had no idea one of his buds were taking cover behind a pole and he shot up my armor. Still had more than enough health to finish the mission though. The other was in Late Checkout where you had to go up to the rooftop to shoot the three guys. I charged up there which was a bad mistake and my remaining armor and half my health was gone. When trying to escape, I thought no more goons had respawned so then I got shot up again and all of a sudden I'm down to my last shot and I'm dead. Good thing you didn't need to lose the wanted level in order to pass the mission. Really the dumbest way I've failed a mission is from Museum Piece where I shot Isaac thinking he was hiding and was an enemy.
  19. I had this bug before. I just had to do the mission again then the arrow appeared.
  20. I've always wondered what's the big deal over the gloves.
  21. I just finished No Way On The Subway for the Ray strand. So far, I've gotta say IV beats San Andreas 5 times over.
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