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  1. Well it was up in a town near countryside and here the roads are windy and bumpy so they need rally cars to keep up in chases, it's pretty insane, I think to drive one of those you need to pass a test where you need to average 90mph from one side of the country to the other (obviously with lights and sirens) at night. And I would love to see a firetruck with hydraulics, or its own custom paint-job down the side lol
  2. I think two things (about this topic, not just in general): 1. There should be more people about the subway 2. There should be masses of security and police, just like in real NYC subways, given all this terrorist stuff
  3. Driving through a town in the countryside yesterday (in real life) I saw a Subaru Impreza police car with spoilers (seriously), so I love the idea of modding ANY vehicle, because if you pay someone to do it, they'll do it. If you think it's stupid, don't do it, but may as well put it in the game.
  4. What moron (no offense) voted for "other"?!?! I'll probably get an X360 to play it on when it's released, then get the PC version, but Rockstar should really take note of how many more people want it for PC than rip-off consoles.
  5. I've been thinking about this, and I reckon part of the reason why they've gone for realism and for example "you won't feel good running over peds" is to help keep it's ratings down. Previous GTAs, when you ran someone down you'd just get a comical "splat" noise which makes it look like they don't take lives seriously, so with the addition of more realism, not rewarding you for killing innocents and cops, and in fact making it hard to get away with doing so, will probably help the game to not get an AO rating in that way.
  6. Here is a typical light pole, also know as street lighting:
  7. No, it will have been that screenshot from the first trailer if you remember where that sign says "fly to vice city $..." - but no, there is only one city as mentioned and there aren't planes. and you can't "fly" to another game on a console, only way would be add-on packs for the PC version of it......so no, but maybe the next GTA installment will have it, who knows, but that's years off yet.
  8. And then eventually your cars blows up? I like it.
  9. Spaz, okay, you just try invading a mob warehouse or casino with like 5 weapons strapped to your back and see how far you get! I was gonna say you can use cheats if you wanna "go rambo" but I mean not even rambo had that many guns with him!! Anyway let's stop this bickering, we'll just see what rockstar decide to put in the game... Oh and I've no idea how to use the quotation marks, I tried but it never worked. Isn't there like a tutorial or something explaining how to use them?? tilly, breakable weapons would be pretty good - might be a bit too complicated for guns tho, but certainly melee weapons are going to need replacing after a while, can't say it'd make that much of a difference to gameplay tho.
  10. Urbanoutlaw, oh right, thanks! I wish the UK had "fun" gun laws like the US
  11. I can't believe they don't license/sell AO then!! In the UK all GTA games are 18, which means you have to be 18+ to buy them (stores selling to under 18s are in big big trouble) but we all still buy them and every shop with sense stocks them!!
  12. For the benefit of those of us not in the USA, what's AO? And how is it different from an 18?
  13. Dudes, seriously off-topic. tilly, "i also think after a while he should get a connection with the ammunation and then start working for a guy who owns/works at one, and once you finish his missions you get a bunch of new guns and maybe upgrades/customizations (if included)" Nice idea man! Very GTAish Fone_bone, piss off, if you want to increase your post count go do it somewhere else or you'll get banned for that kind of idiocy UrbanOutlaw, nice ideas! Spaz_the_Great, "Um, FOUR bouncers for a nightclub? MAYBE a couple more at a CASINO? Dude, casinos are loaded with bouncers and shit. If you ran a high-class well-known casino in Vegas and had like 10 guards I'd call you a dumbass." - Well it's not vegas it's new york isn't it, and i'm talking about the bouncers actually packing heat. "Watch it, buddy, there are females here. One of which I know personally carries "emergency" things like that. Don't knock it, I've seen it in action and it's a smart idea. Just because chicks end up being smarter than us doesn't mean it's "pussy-assed"." hahaha, do you carry round a handbag as well? "i'm hard-assed cos i've got lipstick" i don't think so, women aren't trying to be tough when they go round with a bag, if they were trying to be tough (remember sarah connor from terminator2?) they do exactly the same as a guy would - they carry a couple guns, ammo, and go to work "And how are you going to use a MOVIE to judge realism? If anything, that's proof it's NOT realistic...." Because I've never actually been to the states so I can't scope out places myself for armed gang members, not that I would even if I lived there, but you can make an educated guess - gang wars on the GTA scale only happen in places like africa or columbia, not in the USA (if you look at the news ever).
  14. About the busting doors down, yeah I know it full-well could be a cut-scene, but what I was trying to show was look at the detail of the door latch and hook, and how the wood around the latch is broken away as he kicks it down - it could all just be cutscene stuff, but to me it kinda strikes me as something they've programmed the player to be able to do, I don't know obviously, but it's a possibility.......I want to kick doors down!!!
  15. But if you're from Switzerland, why are those pictures taken in USA?
  16. Well I mean look at movies - take for example The Usual Suspects - they do a bank raid, take the bags for the cash, and just take an assault rifle each, that does them well enough. Otherwise bringing a whole array I mean it's like a woman (not to sexist ) who needs to bring her handbag with tons of makeup "just in case" its pussy-assed, you just bring the weapons you know you'll need because you're supposed to be a professional, and from there go ahead and kick arse.
  17. Lol I was only joking Silberio!
  18. I think the best compromise would be in your safe houses, having like a large arsenal or weaponry, like a hidden weapons room, where you have masses of every type of gun you've bought, you can load up your trunk with them and take them to missions. But in real life, noone carries round that much weaponry!
  19. I would feel seriously ripped off if they made the same Vice City, no way dude, but the atmosphere of Liberty City in GTA3 has never been beaten - that dark feel with the tall buildings, and let's face it, Chatterbox gave the city LIFE man, never got that with Vice. I just don't want them to do exactly the same thing over again, it's dull - Maybe if they did all of florida, or of the south and include like New Orleans as well.
  20. Hahaha, "Bern" "Zurich" what funny made up names....."europe" ha! Very funny
  21. Wolfman, nobody is offended. In my opinion, Rockstar have always wanted realism, so that's why they'll always work to more realistic games, rather than arcade-style games. I agree that taking out the ridiculous number of guys in current GTA games requires a hell of a lot of weaponry, but that in itself is stupid. I've never tried taking out a gang personally, but I seriously doubt the numbers of people involved are as high as in GTA - if you are raiding a warehouse, maybe there'll be 10-20 guys at most that actually fight, most without weapons - and that's the most you'd ever encounter - a gang in back alley, you kill maybe 5-10 of em and the rest will run off and not return, and nightclubs there'd be 4 armed guards at most, a casino maybe a couple more - it's just crazy to think you're going to have to kill 20-50 people a mission - I mean if that actually happened it'd be like civil war declared and you'd definelty be killed by the cops lol. I think GTAIV is going to be realistic on that front as well, so you can carry only what you can in life, and you only have to kill a few dudes, not cause a mini-holocaust. InevitableGoat, lol, thanks!
  22. Wolfman, well I think they've made GTAIV as big as it is not because of filesize limitations but because it's just so much work to do, I would actually be surprised if the game were that near to 8GB, but who knows, Rockstar game developers might be trying to do more as you say and be frustrated by the 8GB limit.
  23. You made the right choice Chris. I'll never forgot the ATI card I bought a couple years back, it was top of the range, expensive as hell, and after a couple months of running it (NOT overclocked) the bastard burnt itself out because they put inadequate heating on the board (well to put it simply, the heatsink broke itself off of the card), totally idiocy and I'll never trust ATI ever again. My laptop uses an ATI but it's always running too hot, NVIDIA and Intel just feel, I dunno, like the safe decent option, and I've never had troubles with them, but always had ATI and AMD troubles.
  24. No, nobody is from switzerland, it's a made-up country. .. .... anyway: I used to have a .22 calibre air rifle, which was about 50 times weaker than a standard american pistol lol, but that was shockingly powerfull so i can only imagine how powerful a real pistol is!!! Gerard, nice, but the SA-80 isn't really a gun unless it works Dude with the AK47, nice Dude with the Druganov, NICE! And have you seen that beard??? Chris, well I'm also a Brit, and I'd bloody well buy a gun if they sold them here! But it would be chaos if they did obviously. Silberio, do you only have to be 12 to own a gun over there? Also, can you really buy AK47s in USA?!?! I thought they were banned! Can you buy rocket launchers? Can you import guns from any country to the USA?
  25. Dude, have you ever picked up an assault rifle? My freakin air rifle was hard enough to carry, let alone an AK, an M16, an Uzi, a beretta, 30 grenades, 1000 ammo for each, a bazooka, I mean are you kidding me? If they introduce the idea of carrying weapons they may as well make it realistic! You have to carry weapons AND ammo, and there's only so much you can carry - maybe going to the gym can increase the amount of weaponry you can carry? I'd also love to have to carry money, and like in scarface deposit it in bank accounts! And just think of how it'll effect how you plan a mission - you choose what to bring, how to bring it, whether to bring one weapon and loads of ammo or a few weapons with little ammo, it'd blow open a whole range of possibilities. Of course cheats should exist to spawn weapons and infinite ammo but that's a different matter.
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