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  1. Chavs think they're awesome when they're actually the biggest fags in the world. Remind me now, who did I poke fun at in my stories?
  2. ^ Rong! < Drawing things v Drew Pickles, the sexiest gayest man in all of Drewland, who will rise up to become the leader of LWLTMG (Losers Who Likes To Molest Girls) and will run to the Kokiri Forest and rape all the Kokiri Kids there, including the great fag Mido, then he will kidnap Saria and rape her while riding the wagons to Oregon, he will then fight against the Sioux tribe and win and then he will go to Mexico and have his way with Zoe Avez.
  3. ^ ? < Angry Gorilla v Wants to molest Dora the Sexplorer
  4. Lol, this is some disturbing shit...
  5. ^ Fag < Fag v Shags a dog every night
  6. Tomorrow if I can be bothered will be the story with xt0ny and his sex slave Saria from Zelda; Orcaina of Time. B0red!
  7. The mod I'm refering to, it's very similar to the effects mod you have. As of right now I have no pictures, I'll take some moar soon.
  8. ^ Nope, but I do have a cheezburger. < Will make you rock 'n' roll v Is a disgusting pedophile who wants to shag Frida, Zoe, Girlycard and now Saria who will appear in the fanfic against the next noob who gets out of line
  9. In the Kokiri Forest where the children are cruel and vicious :'(
  10. Finally, Thompson's faggotry has been put to an end, thank you God!
  11. As I wondered into the Kokiri Forest where the folk live I couldn't help but notice some guy that looked like Gary Glitter nearby.
  12. Okay I guess I'll finish the fanfic tomorrow night.
  13. The person below me will win a fanfic written about their worst enemy!?
  14. ^ Is a dude. < Smells like Teen Spirit. v Smells like a massive pile of shit.
  15. Ronald McDonald and some girl went to the Forest of Faggotry and had wild sex, it was perverted so Drew Pickles and Barney decided to join in. Avert your eyes!
  16. ^ No < Who is brave enough to enter the Forest of Faggotry? v A dirty pervert who has tasteless fantasies about shagging Dora the Explorer.
  17. Avi - 7/10 Sig - 9/10 Person - What can I say? He's the unnamed noodle
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