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  1. ^ I just made a new GT and did the 30 day trial. Requires a 'payment method' but it's 30 days and you can always cancel it before it charges, if you wanted to.
  2. They're going to announce it on the R* newswire when they're going to do the 2 $250,000 deposits
  3. Sherman

    Celebrate ROCKTOBER!

    That's pretty cool. There's also the Voodoo fest in New Orleans that sounds pretty awesome. I can't remember the lineup at all
  4. Sherman

    MIA; Missing in Action

    I just ran into some out in the country side near the military fort. I tried to steal a Barracks (the big 6 wheeled people hauler, I guess that's what it is still called) and they brought out the strips on me.
  5. Sherman

    Fire Fights

    Yeah, it's pretty hard. I try not to get into them too much.. although, cars are no longer as safe as they used to be. Especially with the ability to drain out the gas tank
  6. Looks like I need to get online That's awesome they are doing that for the hardship, though.
  7. Sherman

    Did Somebody Say Yoga? (spoilers)

    That was a messed up. I wasn't too sure what to do on the last part.. so I just went into the..
  8. Sherman

    When meeting Trevor..

    I'm wondering this as well, because I don't recall anyone named Wade being in GTA: SA. Maybe he's being confused with Dwaine of Jethro and Dwaine fame? Pronunciation of their names is somewhat similar. As far as Johnny K goes, I was certainly surprised by his demise. I didn't really like him at first, but having played TLAD through several times, he grew on me. I was fearing for Luis going through the rest of the game... Now that I think about it.. maybe I am thinking of Dwaine.. woops Haha.
  9. Sherman

    When meeting Trevor..

    My inbox was full Woops. Good to see you're back! And I don't know.. Wade seems older to me, like 40's.
  10. I took out a Grouppe sechs (sp?) armored van, unaware of the stocks etc as I was so new into the game. A little later, stocks opened and their stocks were WAY down. I bought into them since they were at a near all-time low. I waited a few days, it went lower. a few days later.. profit. I didn't make a ton of money, but I made a profit of about.. 1500. Hope this helps someone out a little!
  11. Just trying to get a general idea of what system everyone will be getting the game for. We'll see how many members are on which systems for the crews and what not. List your name and what system (as well as the poll!) I'll update the list as time goes on and everything. Xbox 360 1. Sherman 2. MrLlamaLlama 3. KyleIce45 4. Rockstarrem 5. MishoM 6. BlackListedB 7. Chris PS3 1. NotYouHaha 2. Bustago 3. Spartan 198 4. Blur 5. blnk182fan18 6. Chris 7. RmdVlad PC 1. MrLlamaLlama 2. Spider-vice 3. Blur 4. Rockstarrem 5. Chris
  12. Sherman

    Big Community Thread

    No worries. Give me a heads up when the gold is up and running. Hey Huck. It's going well. Cool to see you Will do! And Huck, UO doesn't have an operating computer at the moment.
  13. Sherman

    Big Community Thread

    Good to see you came around, Nate. I knew we'd see you soon And I can't.. I'm not going to have xbl until at least Oct 1. Sorry bro!
  14. Sherman

    Will GTA 5 be the best Rockstar's game?

  15. Sherman

    LifeInvader.com Launches

    Oh man, this is great. First 'random' page I got was "Herr Cutz Barber" It looks like it may integrate.. this page has a coupon.. and it says 'stalk' to receive it (it's a free haircut) could be handy. It'd be friggen' cool if it does!
  16. Sherman

    Big Community Thread

    Right now I'm on Assassin's Creed Revelations and GTA4 on occasion. I'm not going to go gold til GTAO though.. and after I've moved homes, soon! You? I kind of wanted to pick up a newer CoD title.. but I know I'd get sucked into it again like I did with modern warfare 2.
  17. Sherman

    Big Community Thread

    Well, I suppose there is no better place to post this. I have located UrbanOutlaw! I just spoke to him briefly on xbl. He's got a broken computer and what not, but he'll be around for GTAO
  18. Sherman

    Syria under the Gun

    I like his idea.. Syria giving up the chemicals to international law and having them properly destroyed. But really, who knows if it's a time ploy or the real deal.
  19. Hahah, that's true. I thought of that right after I posted.
  20. That's a sweet deal. I'm disappointed it's UK only
  21. Sherman

    Join the ONE1 crew

    As we tell everyone... you might have a better chance recruiting if you'd actually post and be active around the forums. Posting an ad every semi-active gta fansite isn't going to do much.
  22. Sherman

    IGN: GTAV's Conflicting Points of View

    Damn them and the spoilers.. edit: The very first few paragraphs and the last one or two paragraphs don't contain spoilers. It's just the in between
  23. Sherman

    GTA Rank Changer real?

    It's not real. Don't cheat yourself out of hard work, either way
  24. Sherman

    IGN's Hands-on with GTA Online

    Looking even better! I don't care for the hanging out in the apartment/house/mansion etc but everything else looks good.