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  1. Does it sale in the US as well? I'll pick it up if it does I don't go after game magazines anymore. I receive Game Informer because of my powerplay or whatever from gamestop.
  2. Sherman


    Vancouver sounds awesome, but it is all the way on the west side of the country, which I guess I actually don't mind that much, Oregon was/is a thought anyhow. How does Toronto compare as far as the climate? I really need to research for myself Are there any other larger cities other than those? I feel like that's the general view on Canada, very friendly, accepting people. Of course there will be the idiots, as anywhere, but not so much of the bigot/racist type Exactly how I feel. I just want to not have any problems with citizenship (dual if we can) and jobs. Both which are my biggest concern, since we both are going to school. Mostly her, though, I'm sure there are plenty of diesel powered trucks. She's going to be a teacher.. so she'll have no clue about Canadian history :/ Which could be a set back.
  3. Haha, yeah, I'm running on broke so I don't have anything new, and won't unless I get it for Christmas, haha I have never 100%'d any GTA game so I thought it'd be really fun to have one go through of the main ones and officially complete them. By time gta5 comes out, I will barely have enough time for that. School and probably working a solid 40 hrs, or at least close I hope. The amount of nostalgia is amazing though, I'm loving every minute of it. I will probably start really getting some progress starting January when my wife starts going to school, she can study while I play Although the only real side missions I dread are the taxi ones. They aren't THAT bad, but its tedious. First post a (little) updated
  4. Since the game is assumed at being released around this time next year (take a little..) I am going through GTA3, GTAVC, GTASA, GTA4 and LCS/VCS if time permits and finishing them 100% Is anyone else doing something else, maybe similar? I figured I'd keep track of my progress as I get through them in here as well GTA3 as of 12/18/11 Finished Portland (most) hidden packages, everything done but paramedic and off road / missions.
  5. Sherman


    I've had a little thought in my head for the past little while, it's nothing super serious yet, but I do want to discuss it. Is there anyone here that has an education and lives in Canada? I've done little to no research, but I want to start looking into Canada as a living place. Before I do anything, I'd just like to hear some voices/opinions over how well the country/territories are doing overall. Y'know, wouldn't want to try a different country and go through the hassles if it is not much better off than where I'm from. tl;dr: Canadians, opinion of your country.
  6. That looks sick. I really need to get desktop one of these days..
  7. So I was wondering what you guys are most excited about from the information we have so far. Me, I'm extremely happy about the countryside and LS. I loved driving like a madman through the countryside in a 4x4, and Mt. Chiliad. In the pictures, it was HUGE!
  8. Nein. Mods and multiplayer don't mix. When I play CSS or L4D2 I'm lucky if I manage to find a non super-power / warcraft game. He means something like Multi Theft Auto. http://mtasa.com I would love something like MTA. I can do without some of the rediculous mods, but shit like racing around like crazy, dogfights in the planes/heli's, was so fun. I can't remember if I've already posted in this thread (I can't keep up with what day it is..) but it NEEDS gang support. A clan system is so desperately needed, even if the game doesn't exactly revolve around gangs.
  9. Happy birthday, here is to another 9 years going strong BTW Evo always makes awesome cakes. Photoshop delicasy.
  10. Sherman

    the old guy..

    Its possible they're the same people. Same hairline, but half of his face IS covered up. I think that was the point of the mask for the heist or whatever they are doing. So no one would recognize or be able to point him out
  11. Does anyone (ie Chris or Spaz) still keep in contact with Tom? I talked to him years back on MSN, but I wouldn't know his email or anything anymore.
  12. I first started playing GTA games when I was in 3rd grade, so around 7-8 years old. The first GTA to be specific, then 2 a little later. 3 came out when I just started middle school, sixth grade, so still 12. Suppose I was blessed with the ability to tell the difference between fact and fiction. I wouldn't want the same for another kid now, though. 7 years old playing GTA4? No way. There is a HUGE difference between gta1 and 4.
  13. Hola TM, and other guys I haven't seen/talked to in a very, very long time. Good to see you back around. Better stay that way
  14. Sherman


    Thank you I live right near the grassiest part of the city so its not too bad. There aren't really any seasons though :/ Spring and fall are so short. Just summer and winter.
  15. Sherman


    Lets see. Got married three months ago, moved into the desert around a year and a half ago. Working two jobs just to get 40 hrs in a week to pay bills etc. Going to school starting next fall for auto tech. And that's about it. Moved out of the ghetto as well
  16. Oh man, I can't even believe it. I feel like I will still be going back to my PS2 to play all three for the next 10 years, just like I did for this past years. Awesome.
  17. I wish I still did, was so fun. Now I have no time/money/DSL internet to play on.
  18. I did Karate for about a month. I learned a takedown and that is about it. It was fun though, it was my buddys dojo or whatever.
  19. REMMMM. Long time no see. Where did you come from!? I want the claude figure so bad ;_; If only I had $150 to spare, I'd have my "doll" as my wife puts it, hahah. Cool, nonetheless.
  20. That name sounds so familiar.. did he write a few guides as well? Either way, RIP.
  21. Literally everywhere. To the point that people don't even know they own an Apple product.
  22. That game SUCKED. I wanted a relatively cheap racing game so I picked it up and was back at the store a few hours later. I couldn't play it. The way it was set up.. ugh. No words for it. Amen. I've still been meaning to pick these up again. They are a blast to play. I still remember all the late nights online just goofing around with my friends. Why can't they make them like this anymore? I have the new one, Run, on pre order hold. But I don't know if I'll actually get it.
  23. I love that movie. Some of it is so messed up. The last thing I watched was The Lion King 3D It was pretty good. I haven't seen it since I was a small child. It was like I'd never seen it before, good movie though.
  24. Definitely. It's been super long, I need to create another MSN account. I forgot my password, haha. And glad to hear you have a girlfriend. /offtopic
  25. Great point Llama, I went through the 'jerk' stage and being someone I wasn't, not worth it. And thanks man.
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