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  1. I got all excited all my nigras were posting, then I figured out it was from last year, also, sup kokane? Anyway, I agree with you^ I think its the challenge of wanting to be the 'only one' or the adrenaline/rush/excitement of being with a guy who breaks all the rules. Just sayin, I would go with a fiesty ballbuster girl over a 'nice girl', hence why I married my long-term girlfriend. She's nuts, but I love her.
  2. Guys, I bought a bible similar to this signed by Jesus. He has the signature of a God.
  3. This conversion is cool as fuck. Makes me want a PC
  4. Yeah, exactly why I don't want to get it, even though I really like it. When I decide on what I want, I want to have no doubt, ya know? And the pain thing is good.. although I wouldn't think it hurts on the shoulder. For awhile I was thinking of putting something on the insides of my upper arm (Y'know, that really sensitive part on the inside of your biceps. Saying "Pursue Happiness" One word per arm.
  5. Very cool, props to you for designing your own tattoo. I wish I could do the same We're not really artists though. I kind of want the eye, ya know. From the Tool album. But at the same time, I really don't. I want something of my own.
  6. 360. Unfortunately my internet connection is measly and doesn't allow me to play online :/ 360. Unfortunately my internet connection is measly and doesn't allow me to play online :/
  7. Playing on Borderlands a bit, trying to get my PS2 fixed so I can play my older ps/ps2 games Just ordered Midnight club 3. My favorite racing game of all time.
  8. I like it. It's a refreshing layout from the previous. Good choice guys.
  9. Weird. I'd go back, uninstalling mods one by one (most recent) and check back after each one.
  10. Very, very long time Silb. Good to know you're doing good, and don't worry. I was 16 for my first kiss haha. I barely remember making that sig for you, pretty much forever ago. Anyway, seeya later!
  11. Sherman

    GTA 5 Screens?

    Good try, but I don't think so. Plus the guy has the same exact stance as Niko
  12. Yeah, go primer then paint. I would try to get all the laminate stuff off first and smooth it out real nice. There are a billion 'do-it yourself' websites for little projects like this. Google it and good luck! Btw, it's not going to be worth the time/effort to go somewhere further. $13 is a pretty minuscule amount.
  13. Ryder and big smoke. Who is the kinky girl that has/had the old gimp?
  14. Hola Llama and nate And yeah, transmission. I have no idea what happened to it this time. Just started slipping and went out.
  15. I don't have a functioning car anymore. Blew the trans out, again.
  16. LOL I love you guys. I moved out West to be with my girlfriend Jocelyn. Yes vajjin is amazing and cooking skills are great. I'm actually at her workplace right now, haha. I'm working as a bell person temporarily. I make really good money for it to be such a shitty job though It's a great job if you're single, for sure. Thanks for all the good wishes as well, guys. I hope to start up an internet connection soon at my apartment. BTW, kitsune, I couldn't stand the bucktooth white trash any longer
  17. I'm just dropping in. I've got a job (finally) so we'll definitely have internet soon. I'm out in Albuquerque, New Mexico now. I know that puts me a LOT closer to Nate and UrbanOutlaw. Other than that, not much has gone on. Trip out was crazy, 1600 miles long. Took 26 hours, two days. What's been going on with everyone else?
  18. Hey guys. I'm moving very soon, and I don't know when I'll have internet available for me to use anytime soon. So I'm going to be posting less than I already do. I don't want to leave for good, I will be back But when I'm bringing enough money in to support it. So really, til.. sometime. Adios.
  19. I would hope the people at R* would come up with a better name than "Vice city 2" :/ I'm not buying it..
  20. Hows the progress coming along? Haven't heard anything about this in a while.
  21. Always loved what he says in one of the beginning missions "Hmm. Nice bike" I always took the bike
  23. I've played like 10 minutes of Oblivion, how could I forget about that? It seemed of really good quality. I'll look into Heavy Rain, I'm surprised you remembered I liked Indigo Prophecy! lol I still have my Ps2, my laser has been failing though :[ So far, so good, though. Japanese RPG? Sounds interesting, like nothing I've played before, that's for sure. I'll look into your suggestions though :] thanks.
  24. So, basically I love playing Fable 2. Unfortunately, it was super short and didn't last me very long. I loved the storyline and RPG elements. I need something that is going to be super fun offline (As I'm not going to be online for much longer) Instead of asking message boards at GFAQs, I thought I'd come here and see if anyone had suggestions. I don't know exactly what either are about, so a little background with your suggestion would be excellent. Even another suggestion of a game would be great. I don't care if it's new or old, honestly. I'm wanting something good and fresh.
  25. I want connections. Like Ken Rosenburg in San Andreas and Vice City, etc.
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