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  1. Okay. So get out. I'm getting ready to get on soon. I haven't been on in daysssss. Been playing Fable 2
  2. I didn't even know you could get on the Subs on subbase? Which ones? That's funny though I hate when they land somewhere I can't get them. It always makes for good bait though
  3. I've been loving Search and Destroy lately. HC richochet and normal. Most of the time I get on a team with decent people. I can't stand people who are all 'I'M PRO' and such. It's too funny when they die a lot and ragequit.
  4. Me and rockstarrem run trains all day. Just me.. and him.
  5. For as young as Scott is (and maybe you, Ivan..) there aren't many great jobs out there. Go for the job, dude. If you really dislike it, still do it until you find better. I've been at a local grocery store for 2 and a half years now, I've been trained to do nearly everything in there. Basically, like Gerard was saying, skills learned will be universal and transferable to future jobs/careers.
  6. O noez. i so skured. As long as you aren't with some nasty bitch that's been with everyone, most likely you'll be okay. /endtheory
  7. IW should have had a public beta for the game period, imo I don't think I'll be getting it. I don't like the mixed game mode stuff. So eh. I'll probably just save my money.
  8. Not everyone on this board plays JUST grand theft auto I wish I could help man. I loved the Driver series.
  9. I kind of like getting ammo in care packages. It makes good bait I miss playing though. My xbl ran out at the end of February and I haven't renewed it. Debating whether it's worth it.. I'm going to be at home less than 3 months now.
  10. I thought you'd disappeared long ago. Happy birthday
  11. I don't know what much of that is to be honest. 220 shared ram - is that the amount of RAM the computer has as a whole? If you could list the specs of the computer. CPU speed, actual ram, possibly even HDD space. From the sound of it right now, you may be able to decently run GTA3. But that's as far as I would assume.
  12. Like someone said earlier, if there was no profitability in the PS3 market (hardware, software, controllers, etc.) then none of it would even be manufactured. I'm sure their financial dept. knows exactly what they're doing.
  13. No, you have a choice. Technically it's when you hit level 71. I kind of do, kind of don't.
  14. I'm just trying to get to level 70 right now, I dunno if I'm going to prestige or not. The want of playing is kind of wearing off :/
  15. Stuffed animals count though, duh and lol @ Chris. That sucks. You should have offered the comfort.
  16. I'm going to stay home and probably play the BF:BC2 demo or something. Valentine's day is kind of unthoughtful, to me. A day out of the year that everyone does? Yeah, no. I'll do things when I want to do them. :] But it is funny thinking about the pagan holiday it is based on
  17. I expect me to have the only answer in one choice lawlz. Slyde has teh cooch
  18. ^ That was hilarious. I ran into that building in Favela and missed you (somehow..) and I saw your GT. Second time that happened, haha. Small online world.
  19. The only gun I use silencers on anymore is the UMP45. I usually end up roaming (and dominating) a certain part of the map so I tend to draw people in and mow them down in close quarter combat. I've started using a marathon/lightweight/commando (and ninja.. 2 seperate classes) and it's really fun. I don't have the patience to get 75 kills with a pistol so I run around with my UMP (Akimbo Rangers if I'm indoors) and dominate. Hanging back and sniping people from one area is funny as well. I do set up my tent with a sniper rifle but I can't help it. People come back for revenge and its so easy to get them with a claymore.
  20. Agreed. If you're treated bad and take care of yourself, return when they're old. If they treat you great, then well, treat them great.
  21. It's where people glitch to use a care package (or Sentry / EAD) marker over and over again. So you will be able to have constant air support and such in the sky. It's kind of hard to take them all down to save teammates and stay alive without someone picking you off. Even though it is funny finding a group of 2 or 3 trying to shoot something down on a map like scrapyard. Free headshots ftw
  22. I experienced the care package exploit for the first night tonight :/ Sucked. I got on the team of the abuser (reported) and the other one I was on the opposite team, lost it by a decent amount. Campers ftl. I tried out the FAL for the 2nd time today after wanting something new, I completely love it. Not a huge fan of the sights but they do the job The grenade launcher underneath is amazing for campers, still adjusting to aiming it though. Been liking Favela better and Estate wayyyy less. I haven't seen a game winning kill there in a long time.
  23. I've been taking a mini break since I've been sick, I'm going to prestige once as well. I suppose if I seriously play it long enough I'll do mastery for everything, but I don't know about that. I've been thinking about going back to a super silent class and going CB pro/Ninja pro and UMP Silenced. I miss not showing up on the radar, but 2 shots with my AUG or RPD is nice with SP. http://denkirson.xanga.com/715966769/modern-warfare-2/ If you want to look at gun damages and stuff, that site has so far been legit and accurate. There are some weapons that SP doesn't help at all, pretty nice to see.
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