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    Ok first of all, you need to stop making topics about the same PC over and over. You've already got the "My New Computer" topic not to mention 10 other ones that you could of posted in the same topic. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817159072 Try that.
  2. C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER.....no? Woot, looks like i'm a winnar too. Man + Picnic Table = Success.
  3. Llama's one win with ALVASI's and TM's tied second for me. Spaz's one appealed to me until the dodgy master chief helmet came in. Only chose Llama because out of the 3, he's one was the only one were the colour shit wasn't mixed in with the combine.
  4. Watch reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Makes me feel better.
  5. I would of ripped off my pants and started jacking off at the screen if it was me. Questions : What was the shittest part about the whole thing? (If there were any)
  6. Haha. 8800GT worse than the 9400? LOL.
  7. Lol.. you guys aren't forced to listen to it. See how they go.
  8. That is very closed minded. No offense personally but this shows how ignorant someone is. You aren't confused because you never thought about it. Not thinking = dumb = You've been successfully brainwashed! And you have actual facts that it's real? I bought a Wii, it made me happy and i was physically healthier. I'm going to worship Nintendo now. If you think what i just said was stupid, you should read yours and tell me how they are different. Now this is going to turn into the "Is God Real?" topic but I have to say what is needed.
  9. lol why? I've already been in groups and i had mates around, i had the materials that can make a "modern" person happy, but the simplicity of that place and its people made me a quite better person. And living in a place that can help me physically and mentally doesn't help me escape death, because it is understandable that everyone will die no matter how healthy you are. I'm not afraid of death anyway. You must of misunderstood my point. I mean if praying and doing churchy stuff really improve your well being, I'd be doing it right now as well as the poor people in Africa. There would be no diseases and disabilities. No answer?
  10. Maybe you should just go out and spend more time in groups and with friends? If praying and spending time in Church camp can help you physically and mentally, nobody would die anymore. Ok i won't argue logic in this topic. Are you not confused about how there are so many religions in this world but you choose (insert religion here) but it is still 100% correct and makes complete sense.
  11. I've got no clue and i doubt we'll ever know. It sucks not knowing, which is part of how religion was created. You are right to doubt religion. Yes the bible is sort of crazy but if it helps you fill that void of not knowing what will happen to you after you die and help you live a happy life i say go for it. The rest you can forget about. Or you can just live your life. Scaring yourself isn't going to help.
  12. Just realized how secksy the homepage was.
  13. Cool but i can't seem to see my avatar.
  14. Slyde

    Dell Comp

    ^ Funny you should say that. I just checked out a hp comp. http://www.shopping.hp.com/product/desktop...GM339AA%2523ABA SLI 9800GS. Guess what, 350w PSU. Wtf is going on. Btw my friend found a friend that could do everything for him.
  15. Everywhere is either extra cold or hot these days. Some retarted earth patterns i say.
  16. Slyde

    Dell Comp

    Nvm the retarted price of i7 mobos must of been why. But the 360w still seems pretty fucked. What actually happens when you don't have enough power?
  17. My friend wants to get a new pc but is too noob to build it himself. He decides to order it from the dell website. Now i got two questions here. I added up the price if i were to get it manually and found the dell was quite a bit cheaper. Now i thought it was going to be way overpriced. Second question is, the set up is an i7 + 4850 and it has a 360w PSU. It might be a typo (which i doubt) but can the thing actually run? http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/products/p...=dhs&~ck=mn
  18. Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen. Fuck yes, loved the first one and this one looks great too. G.I Joe : Rise of Cobra. I dunno, sounds gay but trailer looks alright. The Year One. Looks funny and great premise IMO. Up. Pixar film. I don't think many of you are interested. Trailer doesn't say much either. Land of the Lost. Looks crap and i hate Will Ferrel movies now. I know there's more but i think the trailers for them have already been out for a while now.
  19. Yes, it did have to come from somewhere. That place is, the same place 'god' came from. See, you don't know where he came from, only he's allowed to know because he's superior to you. Apparently. Personally I refuse to be belittled by that, I'm a man of science, because science doesn't think I'm stupid and have to make up stories about Samaritans and fish to get it's point across. I says 'Hi Neil, guess what i found out today, yeah, we descended from apes, cool, huh? Look, how our advanced DNA analysis backs this up, look how similar our body structures are, and how they use tools, just the way we do.' Christianity says: 'Love your neighbour as yourself' - Well, that only works if your neighbour isn't an ass. God's neighbour is Satan (oh yeah, everyone's our neighbour too) and I'm pretty sure they didn't meet up for muffins and coffee every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Oh, and science kind of knows it doesn't know where that shit came from. I doesn't say 'uhh yeah, we do know.. but... we're not telling ' I LOL'D. There are too many flaws in every religion to show that their God managed to creat every single bacteria, gas and all the science mumble jumble. When i say flaws i mean Adam and Eve with the talking snake, Jonah and the whale, Noah's ark ark that must of been the size of Africa, Dinosaurs were apparently created along with man, "God" loves us but chooses to terrorizes earth with diseases/disasters and retarted babies and the list goes on. I believe that a God might exist, I don't really know. BUT I'm certain that he did not create a zombie son or throw a giant enchanted rock on earth. Raybob come tell me that this is somehow wrong.
  20. Your budget will only allow you to get the 8600M GT/9500GS (same card). Which btw won't be very good running GTA IV.
  21. Are they NVIDIA? Because I don't want anything over 512 MB or above the GeForce line. I'm accepting other brands if they seem better for the price, but nothing above the NVIDIA GeForce. If I get NVIDIA, the 9800GT will be the one I get. Wtf is the Geforce line? Why are you getting such a low ended graphics card with such a budget? 12g of ram is crazy, not like 8g won't already make you cry. You might as well spend more on the GPU. At least go with the 512mb 4850/4870 (Radeon). 9800GT is falling behind now. Does your budget include the moniter and other accessories?
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