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  1. When i am trying to get to gang system i recieve this message:Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_gangs_18::my_gang_stats() in /home2/thegtapl/public_html/forums/sources/action_public/gangs.php on line 1084
  2. What is your favourite mod? My favourite mod is Vice city and LC in SA
  3. It is impossible to do this without cheatdevice.Plus guy who recorded video stole it from edisoncarter
  4. PS1 game:Vagrant Story(Favourite game of al time) PS2 game:Spartan:Total Warrior;All FF that is on ps2 exept FF X-2(sucks) PSP game:MK:Unchained
  5. Well i completed game right now.But there is still missions i havent completed
  6. are you sure? if yes than it is good news!-i cant complete one mission!
  7. if you ask me-i want whole planet as a map,but it is *NOT* going to happen, so I wish a map like sa+lc+vc +three times larger
  8. Well no cheats, i am near that f*cking mission again(praying)
  9. nice features, i will be waiting for good forum skin!
  10. in gta i like: flying modding killing people with rocket launcher
  11. i collected horseshoes....f*cking cheats
  12. is there any way to fix that problem?(about maddogg)
  13. here is what i do: before the mission place car near the start on Hillary's way and when the mission will start hillary will bump into that vehicle!
  14. yeah i used that strategy too i think this is worst mission!
  15. he jumps off before i get in truck!
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