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  1. Last time checking out quizes section i took on first quiz,ignoring "Quizes not working..." notice. And guess what?!Everything was fine-no errors!Why? And I also wanted to ask when quizes will be working
  2. Maybe Rockstar payed Google for mapping IV's locations? And,As Chris said, map is not accurate.
  3. I havent got warn level,but I think it'll be a long time before I can be in "Elite"group.
  4. VCS Cool game,but to many glitches. Anyways I'll give it 8.5/10
  5. Light My Pyre and Smuggling side missions.Smuggling is a little boring and hard too! Light My Pyre...Well Armando burnt me every time.
  6. One Spas 12,please.I sent you 700 points.
  7. I disagree with you.Driver is the mission I still havent passed!
  8. You are 99999999th person to ask that! Congratulations !You've won 2080$! Click here to claim! Sorry,but next time search.
  9. Sorry,what?I didnt understand you.
  10. It took me one day and 1 minute to get to the other side. ^I think somebody splited this topic with other one badly...
  11. Those gangs called "Sharks" attacking my business every 2 minutes,especially in Vice Point. I taken over all their sites,but they still attack me.I am tired of defending my sites,but I have to do it. Do you know any way of 'killing' them forever?
  12. No,I havent.I just played a little.
  13. I decided to buy VCS for PS2 today.I want to ask you:Is this game worth buying?
  14. The best way of money making is to cheat.
  15. Yeah,I have this problem too.
  16. Even blind can do this.And I dont see anything exept of some pictures on your link.
  17. This topic is pointless.Close it,somebody. What do you mean "Mendoza vs Electra"?! Read grammar,I didnt understand anything.
  18. I think Mars should be colonised soon.
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