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  1. I will tell you a secret: I NEVER played this games.They are ancient now,I think.
  2. Probably VC Phil.Looked far more attractive than GTAIII Phil
  3. The Driver.That fat F*** drives really fast!
  4. FBI Rancher is my favourite law enforcement car
  5. @first video:LOL!That guy is dumbass! Yeah,I think thats the same guy,too
  6. Maybe peoples just dont know what to post. And I also disagree with you.Maybe if you 24/7 online you dont see any changes
  7. Good work!Gooooooogle videos will be usefull in stunning forum.
  8. My Favourite is AT 400.Big,Fast,Cool.
  9. So I get one Excess in mission Taking the House Down and saved in my garage
  10. I like Forelli Excess very much too. Anyways I have noticed that Forelli Excesses didnt appear after you completed The Sicilian Gambit.(Atleast in my game)
  11. Shoreside Vale,Because you have a mansion there.
  12. I dont care about Malibu club.The fact is that the game is good.And for me it wasnt easy.Though I played only 3 missions.
  13. I think that Forelli Excess is always blue-colored.
  14. Forelli Excess is very Kuruma-like. I waited 10 minutes and it doesnt appear.
  15. Where I can find this vehicles?I cant find them anywhere!
  16. Well,You know, a week ago I came to TGTAP and saw weird errors. There were errors in MySQL.Also site looked like...well wrecked! And still my IBStore is not working
  17. When I am trying to open shop categories I have this error: IPS Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here
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