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  1. Does anyone know how to hail a cab? I've done it once, but I don't know what I pressed lol! I've got the PS3 version
  2. It's not about prostitutes. I've visited about 12 and it still says $0.00.
  3. Dear Jack Thompson, I am writing to inform you to GO THE FUCK AWAY, AND STOP PISSING OFF THE ENTIRE WORLD. Thank you for your time, even though you appear to have plenty of it. Love From The World
  4. 2nd one!!! Would you rather Get killed by This Or Get killed by a rampaging lion
  5. 2nd one.... Would you rather: Be murdered Or Die in a warzone
  6. ^O RLY? I don't mind cheats, if you're mucking around. Using them for missions is kinda gay
  7. I'm just exploring really. I like the physics, but I'm getting a feel first.
  8. O RLY? 0 RLY? 6 RLY? 'Fro RLY Quite RLY O RRY Sy Wut?
  9. Your pretty buggered for now.... But there is a "how to fix RRoD" on youtube. It kinda works but it can make the problem worse. But this is the main reason I chose the PS3. Because it's more durable, and it looks better IMO (and it's a good blu ray player)
  10. Will the PS3 version have online and no downloadable content, OR no online content at all
  11. wow! I can't wait to see the physics. It's going to be so realistic. Especially that every individual muscle or bodypart can be moved.
  12. But the PS3 version may be so good it may not need downloadable content But I don't mind. My bros getting the 360 version and I'm getting the PS3 version. So if the 360 version is better I'll hide it so he can't play it....
  13. Granted but they taste like shit on toast. I wish I had a giant freind called fred who shared a giant cake with me
  14. I've got a PS3 and I find online gameplay more interesting. I think it depends what you're planning on doing with it.... If you just want a fun machine to play campaigns or split screens get a 360. If you want to have a laugh with freinds on 8 player and online get a PS3. I have both so I'm good lol!
  15. HEEEEEELOOOOOO!!!!! How are you?

  16. I've registered on their site.... I've even got a smosh hoodie!

  17. Just enter the health cheat and you're tires will go back to new ones
  18. We've only got to wait 6 more days!! Yyou had to spoil it Chris you big meany!! lol Was it as good as you thought though?
  19. eqilp Elmo qualified in last place
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