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  1. Granted, but I kick you in the balls and become the most powerful person in the world I wish someone would make a database with all the GTA IV cars in it!!!! FFS
  2. I found the driving better in this game. It's realistic so it challenges you. Maybe you just suck at driving...
  3. Granted but you cut your fingers off on th estrings and I kick you and laugh @ you I wish I had a huge pen which I named Sidney...?
  5. Put it in a airing cupboard, where the water boiler thing is. Or just break something on the inside.
  6. When do you get the camera phone?
  7. What cars have you got saved? I've got the airport car, and the thing that looks like a maybach. Can't remember the name, but it begins with a C
  8. ya rly and Cat Licker.... I might join ya on that one
  9. Lol, Sky, stop watching Team America... I'm sitting on a char from Argos! Remember kids: DON'T SHOP FOR IT, ARGOS IT!
  10. I bet JT will have a field day with this one. And why did the guy shoot into a kid's bedroom?!?
  11. Isn't it marked on the GPS like in Brucie's cars?
  12. Niko: Only in this country do they let blind people drive. Has anyone else heard a guy say "cheesey vagina's" on GTA IV?
  13. Does the strategy guide have the cars and weapons in it aswell?
  14. isn't it illegal to mod console games?
  15. It's L2 on the "classic" controler setup. Sorry, forgot to mention that...
  16. How do you save cars? Do you park them in the yellow box outside your safehouse
  17. I keep getting run over by taxi's lol!
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