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  1. Bitch its a Dollar here :D

  2. Well thats a tough question to ask after somebody said like that to you, but, why do you love me this time?

  3. Is mad abt Katrina Kaif

  4. Just take a look in the GFX shop if you haven't.... Good day =]

  5. I guess you remember the good ol' Subuzian times.

    Hi there. ;]

  6. I first prefer the gentle way of asking somebody to do something. :)

  7. TOXIC

    Remember, remember; the fifth of November...

  8. TOXIC

    Summer's over ma nigga Dre. Now the monsoon is upon us...

    around the corner. And yeah, my college has already started. No chics ftl


  9. Nothing much, been sitting at home due to the plaster on my right foot. dissuxbigtym

    What about you?

  10. Howdy Sir. My regards. And thats hell load of a hilarious sig LMAO

  11. WTF? She's 68 year old ?!?!?!

  12. Yeah I'm glad you like it ...after seeing all the people turn their personal photos like that.....it was about time to do something about it ;D

  13. Yeah it struck me only yesterday. Kinda Innovative these days :P

  14. Joey! Man how are you these days?

  15. Dad ain't gonna let me buy a gaming console =[

  16. Hey, I told you hows CS3 now you tell me hows PS3?

  17. yeah u answered right, i wanted her full name. :]

  18. In out In out In out In out....OMFG In out...... OMFG In out.. OMFG In out....OMFG.... oh shit....In out ahhh... yeah OMFG aha yeah..

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