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  1. Wait for PC release. PC will have alot of mods and so. But if you can't wait get Xbox, I haven't used it though but I like it more.
  2. But I would like to know can only people in US and UK take part of it or you'll ship prizes to anywhere in the world?
  3. DeAtH

    the GAME

    Use Fun&Off Topic.
  4. It should be optional, because sometimes I want realism but sometimes I want just speed through the city.
  5. Also did his boyfriend use bushes outside or what?
  6. But the weapons still come out of nowhere. I prefer that, you put guns in trunk/bag. And smaller ones like pistols or even SMG you could hide under your coat.
  7. All I want in MP are NPCs. I wouldn't mind LAN if it would come to PC. So I could play it with friends through Hamachi.
  8. has this been confirmed because i dont remember hearing anything about this GTA isn't GTA without prostitutes.
  9. What the hell? Does that mean you would go out and kill a random child or something? Maybe you shouldn't have said that. Why should I go and kill random child outside? PC game and life are 2 different things to me. I hope you understood now...
  10. Yeah. I wouldn't mind killing kids though.
  11. 2,3,4,5,7 First would be fight with someone. Then I'd take a car and go exploring the city.
  12. I play Blockland Retail, Blockland v0002. I have more games but they are just boring.
  13. This is Siren. This is firetruck siren though.
  14. I think something like killing some important character. So i voted Death.
  15. These profiles are made by Rockstar. EDIT: Btw i think thats the website where Niko will find girlfriends ingame.
  16. Oh okay then. For me GTA4 site wont load. Maybe cause i use FF? Close this please.
  17. http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/grandth...umballs;title;2 Didn't notice these in another topic. Wasn't on lately much also. BTW in video 4 the vlad says something about kartoska and kapustoi(potatoes and cabbages)
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