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  1. SA-MP has more servers and more game modes. MTA servers don't lag as much as ones in SA-MP.
  2. DeAtH

    Your Race

    I'm proud to be white.
  3. I'm sure PCs can run it(I'm not so sure about mine, because I have old Radeon 9600). But I don't think it will come for PC anymore, there has been no news from R* lately.
  4. I would love to have Eastern Europe location. It would be even better if it would be in Soviet time too, now that would be cool. And GTA in Europe would be cool. Maybe GTA: Paris
  5. I have dislikes but not phobias. I fear high places only if land under my feet isn't safe like cliffs and so on, but in houses i really don't care. Also I don't like being in darkness alone. But I don't really fear these so much that I get shock or something.
  6. So that means you can mod GTA for consoles now?
  7. Dang mass effect needs shader model 3. I'll need to replace my ATI card with Nvidia one soon. I'm thinking of getting Nvidia Geforce 9600, cheap and good.
  8. Depends which detail level of Crysis you mean.
  9. There are no kids because there is too much people who don't like children in games.
  10. Yeah, and they can't leave PC users without new generation of GTA. They never did before at least.
  11. I'm sure that R* makes it for PC. And I don't care if it has worser graphics. All I hope it doesn't need shader model 3 if it comes.
  12. More like 500, but yeah, here people get paid less, but prices are very high.
  13. Well there are cures for everything but they just aren't discovered yet. Also if we would find a way to renew organism all the time, nobody would die of old age.
  14. Well I am pirate. What do you feel when you buy a game and it turns out to be SH*T? I felt bad. That doesn't mean i don't buy games, I still do sometimes. Also most pirates wouldn't buy game anyway.
  15. It's some serious error or something, I guess. Sometimes it can be fixed and sometimes it can't. Just like PCs.
  16. Let's see what happens when we microwave these girls for 5 seconds also.
  17. I hope it doesn't need shader model 3...
  18. Lol at the sizes. S M L XL XXL Ladies Too bad its for US only.
  19. Nice. And Niko can wear glasses.
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