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  1. It's so with every new game.
  2. Anti game activists should be hanged, really... Well, they go into court, but R* wins and gets some $$$.
  3. Fail topic. Bad topic name. Bad question, answered 1000 times: Nobody knows. But you are a newbie, so...
  4. Yeah, it would be cool to order clothes from internet. They should include pop-ups and spyware.
  5. Well I don't care much which businesses come back. But its good to see that much are returning.
  6. Nice find. I don't like the idea of aim lock but the aim showing hp like in gta sa is pretty nice.
  7. Look how much WW2 games there are, but these insult nobody?
  8. I don't care about ratings. I played 18+ games whole life and that done no harm to me. And in Estonia you can buy 18+ game when your a little kid, nobody cares.
  9. Malibu club. Mansion. And all the shops what you can rob.
  10. I voted Emotion- Has good songs. Flash FM is smexy too.
  11. I born in Estonia and lived here too. My family is Estonian too. So I guess I'm Estonian.
  12. I hope no one will invent time machine. But, yeah I think that too there will be some terrorist attacks.
  13. New year began har 2 hours ago. I'm waiting for 2 games too. GTA4 and Spore.
  14. Not yet new year here, 17.38. But Happy New Year can be said before new year also . Happy new year.
  15. Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2008 will be better than this year(Though this was good year too).
  16. Maybe the moose ran because he saw kid having level 30 skills . WoW sucks, but seems like it saved 1 life but killed alot another lives.
  17. Estonia, Tartu I love this town Most of my family lives in Tartu or near it also .
  18. Setting people on fire like in Postal 2. That would be fun .
  19. A:Taco Bell maybe? Q:Where is The Well Stacked Pizza what isn't on (mini)map.
  20. DeAtH


    I fear high places only if they are unsafe, but i love last floors at houses. Also I fear dark sometimes though I know that ghosts don't exist.
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